27 Satisfying Products That'll Make You Actually WANT To Clean Your House

Looking for some help to keep your new year's resolution to clean more? You may want to bookmark this page, because the following 27 products are cleaning game-changers. Don't be surprised if you decide to spend your Saturday cleaning your toilets just for fun.

We hope you find these popular products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. 

These DELOMO Pet Grooming Gloves That Gently Reduce Shedding

via: Delomus

Why just pet your pooch when you can prevent clumps of hair getting all over your house WHILE petting your pooch? Find them on Amazon

This Air Purifier That Helps You Breathe Easier

via: Guardian Technologies

The first time you change your air filter and see all the dust you used to breathe into your lungs will make you never want to go without this GermGuardian 3-in-1 Air Purifier again. Find it on Amazon

This Mr. Clean Magic Eraser That Literally Erases Dirt and Grime

via: bp.blogspot.com

They don't call it the Magic Eraser for nothing! You'll want to use this game-changer in every room of your house. Find it on Amazon

These Urnex Keurig K-Cup Machine Cleaning Pods Keep Your Coffee Tasting Fresh

via: Urnex

Never thought you needed to clean your Keurig machine? Think again. It's gross. Find it on Amazon

This TubShroom Drain Protector That Keeps Your Drains Flowing Freely

via: Tub Shroom

Never rinse the equivalent of an entire head of hair down your drains again, thanks to the "Tub Shroom". Find it on Amazon

This Cleaning Stone That Obliterates Stubborn Stains

via: Stain-Removal-101

Give your toilets the spa treatment they deserve. This Powerhouse Pumice Cleaning Stone with Handle is like that thing you rub on your feet to make them silky smooth, except for your entire house. Find it on Amazon

This Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber That's Like A Toothbrush On Steroids

via: Rubbermaid

This handy gadget is oh-so satisfying when you get into every nook and cranny of your bathroom. Gritty grout? Not anymore! Find it on Amazon

This Glisten Dishwasher Magic Cleaner and Disinfectant That Cleans and Disinfects

via: Glisten Cleaners

Shouldn't the thing that cleans the things you eat off of be as clean as possible? Find it on Amazon

This Handheld Vacuum Is Cordless For Easy Clean-up

via: Black and Decker

Warning: this BLACK+DECKER Cordless Lithium Hand Vacuum is known to become pretty addictive. It fits into even the tightest, most overlooked places in your home. Find it on Amazon

This SIMPLE SCRUB Bathtub and Shower Scrubber That Exfoliates Your Tub

via: The Simple Scrub

Get your scrub on with this ergonomically designed, durably made wonder product. Your back and knees will thank you. Find it on Amazon

This Eye-Vac EVPRO Professional Touchless Stationary Vacuum That's Basically Magic

The dirt and hair is literally sucked up into this vacuum along with all of your cares and concerns. You'll be looking for reasons to use this thing. Find it on Amazon

This Cleaning Putty That You'll Never Want To Put Down

via: Cyberclean

Remember that one annoying co-worker who sprays his keyboard with noisy canned air every five minutes? Don't be that guy. Use this Cyber Clean Home & Office Pop-up Cup instead. Find it on Amazon

These G2PLUS Dust Mop Slippers That Combine Fashion and Function

via: G2Plus

Look fly and keep your floors dust-free with these genius mop slippers. Grab a pair for the whole family! Find them on Amazon

This PetSafe ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box Takes Care Of The Dirty Work For You

via: Pet Safe

"I can't wait to clean the litter box!" said no one ever. With this self-cleaning litter box, you wont have to do a thing for WEEKS. Find it on Amazon

This NeverScrub Automatic Toilet Cleaning System Eliminates The Need to Scrub.

via: Never Scrub

This brilliant product installs right inside the toilet and goes to work 100% behind the scenes. "NeverScrub" really means NEVER. SCRUB. Find it on Amazon

This Chilly Mama Baking Soda Fridge And Freezer Odor Absorber & Freshener Holder Is Adorably Effective

via: Ebay

Fill this lil mama with baking soda, stick her in the fridge and let her do her thing. Every time you open your refrigerator you'll be met with a clean, fresh scent...no matter what's in there. Find it on Amazon

This Oh Yuk Jetted Tub Cleaner That Transforms Your Bathroom

via: Horizon Pool Supply

Only 15 minutes to easily clean my disgusting tub? I'm definitely sold. Find it on Amazon

This Magnetic Glass Cleaner That's Seriously Mesmerizing

The Cuisipro Magnetic Spot Scrubber may be the most addictive cleaning tool ever invented. Our glasses have never been so spotless. Find it on Amazon

This Mini Washing Machine That's Perfect For Laundry Emergencies

via: Laundry Alternative

Only have a couple of minutes to get your laundry done? Don't feel like going all the way down to the basement to do a load?

The Laundry Alternative Wonderwash Non-electric Portable Compact Mini Washing Machine has got your back.

Find it on Amazon

This WISPsystem Telescoping Broom and Dustpan That's Straight Out Of The Future

via: The Wisp

Traditional dustpans are SO last year. This innovative design saves your back and knees from all that bending over. Find it on Amazon

This Safer Brand Houseplant Sticky Stakes Insect Trap That's Disgustingly Satisfying

via: Alieexpress

These sticky stakes are small enough to slip into most planters. Catch those critters that buzz around your plants without lifting a finger. Find it on Amazon

This Toilet Sterilizer Uses UV Light to Kill Germs

via: Forpow

This revolutionary Forpow UV Sterilizer Toilet Cleaner has three different settings and automatically turns off after sanitation is complete. The future is here! Find it on Amazon

This LvDD Double-sided Window Cleaner Lets You Scrub Both Sides of Glass at Once

via: Ebays

Get those windows sparkly with one quick step, thanks to the clever magnet design. No more life-threatening window cleaning for you! Find it on Amazon

This BAAM! Drain Blaster Cleaner Blasts Through Drain Gunk

via: Ebay

There's nothing more satisfying than shooting highly pressurized air into your clogged pipes. It's more fun than you can even imagine. Find it on Amazon

This Wine Away Red Wine Stain Remover Lets You Drink Without Fear

via: Wine Away

Things can get a tad messy during wine time. We don't judge. Find it on Amazon

This BISSELL Little Green ProHeat Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner That's The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

via: Bissell

After purchasing this, your new favorite party trick will be to dump a bottle of orange juice on your carpet and watch your guests gasp as you effortlessly clean it up. Find it on Amazon

This Whisk Wiper Multipurpose Kitchen Tool That Makes Licking The Batter A Breeze

We're guessing you just watched this GIF about 300 times. We don't blame you. We have too. Find it on Amazon