26 Products You Probably Didn't Know Had A Lifetime Guarantee

Twenty-seven products guaranteed to last a lifetime.

We hope you find these top-quality products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

These Manduka Yoga Mats Are These Last You'll Ever Need To Buy

via: Manduka

They're not cheap, but they'll nama-stay in shape forever. Find it on Amazon

All Calphalon Cookware Is Guaranteed For Life

via: Calphalon

This is about the best set of cookware you can ask for: under $200, with a lifetime guarantee. Find it on Amazon

If You Somehow Break A Craftsman Tool Sears Will Replace It For Free

via: eBay

They may not Snap-On, but for the every day wrencher, Craftsman tools get the job done. Find it on Amazon

Cross Pens Have A No Questions Asked Warranty

via: Cross

Unchanged for decades, the Cross Century is the epitome of understated pen-centric elegance. Find it on Amazon

A Set Of Cutco Steak Knives Will Slice Meat For Decades

via: Cutco

Yes, these are the same knives your friends sold door-to-door during college. And they really are fantastic. Find it on Amazon

These Darn Tough Brand Socks Are Tough Enough To Last A Lifetime

via: Darn Tough

That's right: a pair of socks with a lifetime guarantee. You don't see that every day. Find it on Amazon

The Timeless Quality Of Dr. Martens Boots Is Guaranteed

via: Dr. Martens

They hurt at first, but once you break these classics in, you're in for a lifetime of comfort. Find it on Amazon

The Fisher Space Pen Was Basically Built For Intergalactic Travel

via: Fisher

It'd take concerted effort to destroy one of these solid metal space pens. Find it on Amazon

If These Omnipresent Scissors Ever Break, Fiskars Will Send You A New Pair

via: Fiskars

I bet every mom in the United States had a pair of these. Find it on Amazon

A Gerber Knife Is Good For Life

via: Gerber

Yeah, even without a lifetime guarantee, I wouldn't worry about this thing breaking. Find it on Amazon

That Jansport Backpack Is Guaranteed Against Failure

via: Jansport

he Superbreak's been around for decades, and it's not going anywhere. Find it on Amazon

These Are The Last Nail Clippers You'll Ever Need To Buy

via: Harperton

Buy once, clip forever. Find it on Amazon

Koss Has Been Warrantying Its Classic Porta-Pros Since Their Introduction 30 Years Ago

via: Koss

Unchanged since 1984, the PortaPros are beloved by audiophiles for their warm, live sound, and by penny-pinchers for their lifetime guarantee. Find it on Amazon

You Get What You Pay For With The Legendary Le Creuset Dutch Oven

via: Le Creuset

Sure, they may be expensive, but it doesn't get much better than Le Creuset when it comes to heirloom-quality cookware. Find it on Amazon

If You Somehow Break Your Lodge Cast Iron Skillet They'll Send You A New One

via: Lodge

That's some pride in manufacturing for a sub-$25 skillet. Find it on Amazon

Maglite Flashlights Are Almost Impossible To Destroy

via: Maglite

There's a reason why these are standard-carry for most police departments across the country. They're bulletproof. Find it on Amazon

North Face Products Are Built For A Lifetime Of Use

via: North Face

Perfect cozy warmth for scaling mountains, or sinking into your couch. Find it on Amazon

These Popular Polar Bottles Are Crafted For Years Of Cooling

via: Polar Bottle

Toss it, drop it, smash it. Whatever happens, Polar Bottle's got your back. Find it on Amazon

Rainbows Are The Only Flip Flops With A Warranty

via: Rainbow

Yeah, you're spending $50 on flip flops. But for the comfort (and the warrantee), it's worth it. Find it on Amazon

You Can Hand Your Set Of Snap Circuits Down To Your Kids

via: Snap Circuits

It's never too early to start on STEM. Find it on Amazon

There's A Reason These Classic Stanley Vacuum Thermoses Have Been In Production For Decades

via: Stanley PMI

They're simple, durable, and incredibly effective. A classic with a guarantee to back it up. Find it on Amazon

Stanley Tools Are Guaranteed For Life

via: Stanley

They took the original Stanley tape measure and made it even better. Find it on Amazon

You'll Never Need To Replace A Set Of USA Pans

via: USA Pan

Heavy steel construction + durable no-stick finish = the last set of bakeware you'll ever need. Find it on Amazon

Not That You'll Ever Need It, But Vermont Teddy Bears Have A Lifetime Guarantee

via: Pinterest

If you need a lifetime guarantee on your teddy bear, you're treating him wrong. Find it on Amazon

A Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Will See You Through Decades Of Camping Trips

via: Victorinox

There's no better swiss-army knife out there. Find it on Amazon

Chef-Favorite Wusthof Knives Are Guaranteed For Life

via: Wusthof

Fancy? Yuuuup. Worth the investment? Absolutely. Find it on Amazon