27 Awesomely Designed Versions of Everyday Objects

From a pig-shaped can opener to a rainbow-colored knife set to a tiny Loch Ness Monster that steeps your tea for you, these 27 products put a fun, sleek, and whimsical spin on everyday items.

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This Kinps SoundCircular Bluetooth Speaker That's Equal Parts Style and Function

via: Kinpsbuy

The minimalist design and vibrant color combine for a piece you'll be proud to show off in your living room.

This QWER Acrylic Gold Tape Dispenser That Upgrades Your Office Space

via: Ebay

Seriously, have you ever seen a tape dispenser this fancy?

This Creative Scents Hand Soap Dispenser That Adds Vintage Charm To Your Bath

via: Ebay

Because everyone would like their bathroom to look a little bit more like Downton Abbey.

These Slice All-Metal Scissors That Are The Epitome Of Sleek Style

via: Slice Products

These scissors would look right at home in a modern art exhibit.

This Hampton Forge Tomodachi Titanium Cutlery Set That Brings Technicolor To Your Cookware

via: Hampton Forge

Why be drab when you can be fab? That was the mindset of whoever created these trippy multicolored knives.

This Spaghetti Measure That's Ridiculously Cute

via: Qualy Design

Measure out the perfect amount of pasta with this lotus-shaped spaghetti measuring gadget.

This Crystal Clear Mouthwash Bottle That Gives Your Bathroom the Royal Treatment

via: Ebay

You don't have to be a wealthy estate owner to own this crystal mouthwash bottle, but if you own this crystal mouthwash bottle you will look like a wealthy estate owner.

This BirdRock Home Laundry Hamper That's Attractive and Foldable

via: Birdrock Home

Most laundry hampers are so ugly you hide them in your closet so you don't have to look at them. This hamper fills you with an instant and profound sense of peace just by gazing upon its chic yet simple design.

These Qualy Mr. Pepper & Mrs. Salt Shakers That Spice Up Your Dining Room Table

via: Qualy Design

These dapper darlings comes with tiny removable hats. Because your table is definitely not cute enough.

This Mustard Cutting Board That's Cute and Quirky

via: Just Mustard

This fun "melting" cutting board is much more adorable than that time I actually melted my cutting board.

These Fred NESTED Hen & Chick Dry Measuring Cups That Add Sweetness To Your Baked Goods

via: Ebay

Measuring out ingredients is boring. Make the cups you use fun!

This Oink Piggy Manual Can Opener That's A Must For Animal Lovers

via: Joie Shop

Why open your cans with a boring can opener when you can use this charming pig instead?

These Sony Dynamic Foldable Headphones That Are Chic and Portable

via: Ebay

The light pink color is SO in right now, and the foldable design makes it easy to throw them in your purse or carry-on bag,

These Tech Tools Stop Hand Bookends That Double As Home Decor

via: Tech Tools

Make your bookends as interesting as the books they're holding. (Assuming that you have interesting books, which I hope you do).

This Flint Reusable Lint Roller That's Brilliantly Designed

via: Flint

There are few things more annoying in life than leaving the house only to look down and discover you're covered in pet hair and miscellaneous fuzz. This sleek and compact lint roller is brilliantly designed to help you look pulled-together on-the-go.

This mDesign Toilet Paper Roll Holder, Bowl Brush and Wastebasket Set That Brings Luxe Style to Your Bath

via: m.Design

Just because it holds your toilet paper, doesn't mean it can't look great.

This True Fabrications Corkatoo Corkscrew That's Both Fun and Practical

via: True Fabrications

Not only does the "Corkatoo" have a hilariously awesome name, it adds a touch of the tropics to your evening glass of wine.

These Kizmos Flower Tools Plastic Measuring Spoons That Couldn't Be Cuter

via: Ebay

Every day will feel like spring when you use these sweet and colorful measuring spoons.

This Talisman Designs Cherry Pitter That Happily Pits Your Fruit

via: Ebay

It does the nitpicky work for you, and looks really cute doing it.

This Kikkerland Ladybug Contact Lens Case That Adds A Dash of Darling to Your Bedside Table

via: Kikkerland

Not only is this contact case delightfully cute, it's also easy to spot on your bedside table when you don't have your contacts in.

This Betty Silicone Novelty Spoon Rest That Makes Your Spoon Look Fabulous

via: Money Business

Because even your spoons deserve to get dressed up and feel pretty every now and then. This product definitely falls into the category of I-didn't-know-I-needed-this-but-now-I-really-really-need-it.

This Fred BIG BLUE Whale Strainer That Manages to Make Straining Fun

via: Fred

Have a whale of a time in the kitchen with this fun strainer, which takes up much less room than a traditional colander to save you precious dishwasher and cabinet space.

This Stainless Steel Portable Vacuum Coffee Mug That Has Futuristic Style

via: Ebay

This thermos comes in four different color options and features a cute and modern design that'll make you the envy of your coworkers forced to drink out of ho-hum beverage receptacles.

This Baby Nessie Tea Infuser That's Shaped Like The Cutest Monster Ever

via: Ototo Design

It's a lil' dinosaur that makes tea. I mean, come on.

This Witty Novelty Octo-Juicer That Gives You Juice and Makes You Smile

via: Witty Novelty

"From the depths of the sea, this cuteness rises to freshen your mornings," reads the product description. How can you have a bad day when you start it off with juice from this little cutie?

This ESTIE Elephant Ceramic Neti Pot That You Won't Want to Hide in Your Bathroom Cabinet

via: Ebay

It's weird enough that you're pouring water through your nose. At least the pot you're using can be adorable.

This WALLNITURE Foyer Hook Wall Mount That Keeps Your Essentials in One Place

via: Ebay

With simple installation and a darling envelope design, this wall mount keeps you organized and adds major whimsy to your foyer.