27 Brilliantly Handy Sub-$20 Gadgets That Are Wildly Popular On Amazon

From a pocket-sized Bluetooth speaker to a lid that fits any sized cup, these 27 genius gadgets have earned some serious attention on Amazon.

We hope you find these gadgets as brilliantly handy as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Weighted Travel Mug Is Almost Impossible To Tip Over

I really could've used these two computers ago. Find it on Amazon

The Tweexy Nail Polish Holder Makes At-Home Manicures Easy

via: Tweexy

They work beautifully for bottles of nail polish, and equally as well for storing finger-mounted snacks (don't ask me how I know). Find it on Amazon

These Universal Lids Will Cover Almost Any Sized Cup

via: Greenpaxx

Honestly, this just seems like magic to me. Magic, or kitchen-centric witchcraft. Find it on Amazon

This Rite In The Rain Notebook Can Last Through Anything

via: RainWriter

Reviewers tout the insane built quality of these notebooks above even their waterproof construction. And yes, you can write on these underwater, if that's something you're needing to do. Find it on Amazon

With These Lock Laces You'll Never Have To Tie Your Shoes Again

via: LockLaces

We've all been tying our shoes for too long! Down with the tyranny of the knot! Find them on Amazon

This Popular Kitchen Gadget Makes Perfect Pancakes Possible

via: KP Kitchen

With over 1200 happy reviewers, these dispensers are the most popular way dispense perfect pancakes on Amazon. Find it on Amazon

These Non-Scratch Fiskars Shears Will Cut Anything From Chicken To Pizza

via: Fiskars

They even disassemble for dishwasher-safe cleansing. Find them on Amazon

These Flat Water Bottles Make So Much Storage Sense

via: Memo Bottle

Time to move past inefficient round water storage. Fortunately, the Memo Bottle is a very economical solution. Find it on Amazon

This Inexpensive Microwave Steamer Makes Healthy Meal Prep So Easy

via: Progressive

Microwave meals don't have to be Hot Pockets. At least, not all the time. Find it on Amazon

This Cheap Gadget Will Make You A Sushi Chef In Minutes

via: The Telegraph

Finally, sushi addicts can feed their addiction at home and on the cheap. Find it on Amazon

This Minuscule Bluetooth Speaker Has A Surprisingly Big Sound

via: Anker

Now you can pack a dance party in your pocket. It charges up in a fairly quick 3 hours, from which you get a full 12 hours of pocket-rocking music. Find it on Amazon

This Travel Case Actively Disinfects Your Toothbrush With UV Rays

via: Violife

Yes, you CAN harness the germ-killing power of UV rays in a toothbrush case that costs less than $20. Find it on Amazon

This Tiny Leather Gadget Saves You From Tangled Headphones

via: eBay

Just think: you'll never have to untangle your white earbuds again. Find it on Amazon

This Tiny Stick Humidifier Will Keep Your Sinuses In Perfect Shape

via: Deneve

Your sinuses will thank you come those dry winter months. Find it on Amazon

This Simple Switch Cover Holds Your Keys With The Power Of Magnets

via: Chickadee Solutions

This makes an incredible amount of sense. It's about time our outlet and switch covers started DOING something. Find it on Amazon

These Lay-N-Go Cosmetic Bags Make Storage And Clean-Up So Easy

via: Lay-n-Go

Just unfurl the Lay-N-Go and your entire toiletry bag is at your disposal. Find it on Amazon

These Genius Bowls Guarantee You'll Never Have Soggy Cereal Again

via: OBol

Sure, it's designed for cereal. But it's equally great for ice cream and toppings, cookies and milk, or even yoghurt and granola (which will never go soggy). Man, I'm getting hungry as I write this. Find it on Amazon

The Mighty Handle Solves Some Mighty Big Problems

via: Amazon

Just imagine the quantity of groceries you could carry with these babies. Find it on Amazon

This Handy Device Adds A Footrest To Your Shower

via: Safe-er-Grip

Showers should already come with footrests, right? And cupholders. And entertainment systems. Find it on Amazon

These Silicone Water Bottles Collapse To Fit Basically Anywhere

via: eBay

There's nothing more annoying than hauling around a bulky bottle after you've consumed all the water. With this roll-up silicone solution, you can just toss the empty receptacle in your pocket. Find it on Amazon

This Travel Mug Packs An Ultra-Compact French Press Inside

via: Zyliss

It's like a portable, non-electric Keurig. Find it on Amazon

The Bump It Off Is Packed With Versatility

via: Goddess of Gadgets

Silicone is incredible. This gadget works as a fur remover, a skin exfoliator, a pot scrubber and a stain lifter. Find it on Amazon

These Anker Battery Packs Are The Best Ones On The Market

via: Anker

Seriously. There is no other brand that combines build quality, battery life, and bargain prices as well as Anker.  Find it on Amazon

The Beard Bro Will Help You Perfect The Lumberjack Look

via: The Beard Bro

Get your lines right. Find it on Amazon

The Blade Buddy Will Make Even The Cheapest Blades Last Months

via: RBS Shaving

Reviewers tout the Blade Buddy's uncanny ability to make disposable razors last for months on end. That's a serious $$-saver. Find it on Amazon

This Little Gadgets Adds Bluetooth Functionality To Your Car

via: TaoTronics

Time to bring that 1999 Camry into the 21st century! Find it on Amazon

The Bondic Lets You Weld Plastic For Cheap

via: Bondic

This brilliant little gadget literally lets you weld plastic. For under $20. I'm in. Find it on Amazon