27 Brilliantly Handy Products On Amazon You've Probably Never Seen Before

Here are 27 products designed specifically to make your life more convenient. Sounds great, right?

Get ready to get handy!

We hope you find these products just as handy as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Slim Water Bottle Saves Space While Keeping You Hydrated

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Round water bottles are bulky and take up all kinds of room in your bookbag or briefcase. Time to slim down!

This Bath Overflow Drain Cover Lets You Fill Your Tub ALL the Way Up

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Many a bathing attempt has been foiled by the overflow drain. But using the power of the suction cup, this drain cover means deeper, more relaxing baths for all!

The GlowBowl Will Basically Turn Your Bathroom Visits into a Party

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Does your toilet need to glow in the dark? Probably not. But you have to admit this is kind of awesome and way more fun than a regular ol' night light.

The Savel Keeps Your Leftover Food Fresh

This clever little product is perfect for days that you only feel like eating half an avocado. The flexible cover forms an airtight seal and keeps foods fresh for much longer.

The Citrus Sprayer Is Way More Fun Than Just Squeezing Lemons onto Your Salad

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Sometimes all you need is a spritz of lemon juice (or lime, or grapefruit...you get the idea). Why not spray directly from the source?

Easily Remove Corn Kernals from the Cob with the HaloVa Cob Corn Stripper

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Eating corn is great. What's not so great is ending up with pieces of corn stuck in your teeth. Luckily, that's not a problem with this corn stripper. A simple twisting motion and you're ready to chow down!

Easily Peel and Slice Your Kiwis with This Kiwi Peeler Slicer

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Kiwis are delicious but are also one of the most inconvenient fruits to prepare. You could peel the entire thing and then slice it...or you can do both in one swift movement. Your choice.

Don't Know What to Do with Your Leftover Avocado Pits? Plant Them Using the AvoSeedo!

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It doesn't get much easier for the aspiring green thumb. Just place an avocado pit in the AvoSeedo, put the whole thing in water, and wait. In 3–6 weeks, you'll have your very own sprout!

The Garden Genie Gloves Basically Turn You into a Gardening Dinosaur

Life is easier when you have claws. Well, gardening is, anyway. The Garden Genie Gloves have built-in high-density plastic claws to make digging, spreading, and raking way more fun and efficient.

This Window Blind Brush Easily Cleans Multiple Blinds at Once

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Why dust one blind when you can dust all the blinds? Bonus: You can also use is to wipe your car vents.

Cleaning Odd-Shaped Bottles Is Way Easier with a Long Bottle Brush Cleaner Like This One

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Not all cleaning utensils are created equal. Some have absolutely zero chance of cleaning your tall vases, odd-shaped bottles, and wine decanters. Not this one, though. This one can tackle containers of any shape, no problem.

Keep Hair out of Your Drain with the TubShroom

The TubShroom catches any hair that would otherwise clog your drain — short hair, long hair, pet hair — it does it all. Best of all, it hides the hair within the drain hole so you only see it when you take the Shroom out for cleaning.

Easily Scrub Makeup Brushes with the KEDSUM Silicone Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat

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This makeup brush cleaning mat comes with suction cups on the bottom, so all you have to do is stick it in your bathroom sink and scrub away. Is it just me or does actually look pretty fun to use?

As it Turns out, a Chainmail Scrubber Is the Perfect Tool for Keeping Your Cast Iron Skillet Clean and Seasoned

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If you're a cast iron owner, you know you're not supposed to use soap. But you can use chainmail. A scrubber like this one will eliminate any baked-on mess without damaging that seasoning you've worked so hard to maintain.

The Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner Is Easy to Use and Fun to Watch

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All you have to do is add vinegar and water to this tiny lady, and she'll steam clean your microwave for you. Oddly enough, the Angry Mama might actually make your mama happy. (Or anyone else who uses your microwave!)

Keep Your Charging Cables Handy with the ONME Magnetic Cable Organizer

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Bending over to pick up your phone charging cables is one of life's tiny annoyances that, over time, can drive you crazy. You know what solves that problem? Magnets.

This Novelty Zipper Bookmark Is the Perfect Way to Mark Your Place in Your Latest Read

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Unless you're some kind of superhuman speed reader, you probably need a bookmark. Why not use one that brings a smile to your face?

Keep Your Soup Close and Your Crackers Closer with This Soup and Cracker Mug

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Soup is great, but you know what's even better? Soup and crackers. Luckily, this little dish easily contains both (and keeps your crackers from getting too soggy, to boot!).

Or, Gather Your Friends Around These Personal Fondue Mugs and Start Dunkin'

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A personal fondue mug just for me?! Don't mind if I do.

Food Steamed with a Pink Piggy Steamer Just Tastes Better. It's a Fact.

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This adorable steamer lets the steam out but keeps the splatters in, thereby keeping your microwave clean. That'll do, pig. That'll do.

Measuring Things Is Boring...Unless You're Using a Digital Laser Measure

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Why use measure tape when you can use LASERS?! This particular model can measure anything up to 197 feet long.

The Mpow Projection Clock Is Perfect When You Need to Know What Time it Is but Don't Feel Like Moving

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You can set it to project the time on either the ceiling or a wall. The clock also includes a USB port for charging your phone.

Not Enough Tub Shelf Space? Try the Maytex Mesh Pocket Shower Curtain Liner.

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You know how exciting it is when you discover that your dress has pockets? This is like that times 10.

A Beard Catcher Apron Keeps All Those Tiny Hairs Away from Your Drain

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There's nothing more annoying than trying to wipe up beard hairs from your bathroom counter. Except wiping up someone else's beard hairs from your bathroom counter. And there's probably nothing more entertaining than watching this beard apron in action.

You Can Fix Basically Anything With This Rubbery Glue Called Sugru

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It's like Silly Putty's younger, better-looking, and actually useful little brother. It starts as a firm putty, and it turns into solid rubber overnight.

Clean Both Sides of Your Lenses at Once with the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner

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The less time you spend cleaning your glasses, the more time you can spend seeing the world around you! Do the math.

This Pill Reminder Will Give You Peace of Mind When it Comes to Medications

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Did you remember to take your pill this morning? Are you sure? Remove all doubt with this handy tracker.

Get Every Last Bit of Mayo out of the Jar with the Compac Mayo Knife

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This mayo knife is specifically designed to get all of the mayo out of the jar. Not some of the mayo. Not most of the mayo. All of the mayo.