27 Brilliantly Handy Gadgets That Solve Problems You Didn't Know You Had

Figuring out how to make life easier can be hard.

But don't worry, these 27 brilliantly handy gadgets will make your life easier and buying them won't break the bank. You can thank us later.

We think that all of these products are awesome. We either already use them or have them on our gadget wish list, but FYI: 22 Words is a participant in the Amazon Affiliate Program and may receive a share from purchases made via links from this page.

Knowledge is power with this cheeky bar of soap.

via: Westminster

Never wash your face again with the wrong side of the soap bar. Westminster Butt Face Soap is your cheek-to-cheek cleaning solution.

Yolkpig is the cute way to keep your omelets healthy.

via: Peleg Design

Separating yolks from egg whites is a breeze for the Yolkpig. Whether you want a healthy breakfast or some creamy homemade ice cream, the Yolkpig is the perfect tool for you.

Nerdwax keeps your glasses from falling off of your face.

Nerdwax keeps your glasses from sliding down your nose. It's also good for your skin because it's made from organic Cosmetic Grade beeswax.

Tablift Tablet Holder helps you watch your favorite shows in bed.

via: nbryte

With the Tablift, you can finally watch your tablet from the comfort of your bed.

Clocky will force you to get out of bed.

via: Nanda Home

When this alarm clock goes off, it goes on the run and you'll have to catch it before you can turn it off.

Stoppers Heel Protectors will save your high heels.

via: GoGo Heel

Stoppers Heel Protectors keep your heels from sinking into grass and gravel or getting stuck in grates. These are great for outdoor weddings.

This gadget is a great natural way to clean your teeth.

via: Miswak Club

With Miswak Club's miswak brushes you can clean and whiten your teeth without toothpaste or chemicals. It's great for travel and if you don't like it, there is 100% money-back guarantee.

The One-Click Butter Cutter cuts butter better than a hot knife.

via: Inventions for Market

This gadget lets you cut perfect butter pats with just one hand. It even works great on hard butter right out of the refrigerator.

This gadget will help you sleep better.

via: ResMed

The S+ monitors how you sleep as well as environmental factors in your room. It analyzes this data and lets you know how you can get a better night's sleep.

Cyber Clean is the goo that'll clean your electronics.

via: Cyber Clean

Cyber Clean is a non-toxic goo that gets the dirt out of the nooks and crannies of your electronics without leaving any residue.

Make great espresso on the go with this awesome gadget.

With the Minipresso, you can make tasty authentic espresso without electricity. It's great for taking with you to work or on the hiking trail.

Vastar Drain Snakes clean those hard to reach places.

Vastar Drain Snakes make the dirty job of cleaning gunk out of your sink and shower easier and without having to use harmful chemicals.

Poop better with this simple gadget.

The Squatty Potty is comfortable, sturdy, and doctor recommended. It's a better way to poop.

Stay hydrated on the go with the Memobottle.

This flat bottle easily fits into your favorite bag or backpack and is made from recycled BPA free plastic.

The Matador Mini Pocket Blanket will keep you dry and clean whenever you're outside.

via: Matador

The Matador Mini Pocket Blanket keeps you dry during picnics, at the beach, or when you just want to take a nap in the grass. It's so small that it can fit on your keychain or in your pocket.

Cook an entire meal on one pan with ease.

via: Master Pan

The Divided Meal Skillet lets you cook up to 5 foods at once. The middle section is specifically designed for cooking meat and this skillet is dishwasher safe.

These lights will keep you safe while you're riding your bike at night.

via: Copenhagen Parts

Copenhagen Parts' magnetic lights will help you stay safe on your nighttime bike rides and are super easy to put on and to take off.

The Kikkerland Multi-Tool is the one tool that can fix it all.

via: Kikkerland

The Kikkerland Multi-Tool contains 10 different tools, including wire cutters, screwdrivers, and pliers, to help you finish all of those projects around the house.

These handheld bag sealers helps keep your food fresh for longer.

via: iTouchless

iTouchless Handheld Heat Bag Sealers let you reseal your food in their original bags. Save money and keep your food, especially your snacks, fresh for longer.

This gadget will keep people from stealing your ice cream.

via: Ben & Jerry's

If your roommate keeps sneaking ice cream from your pints of Ben & Jerry's, you need the Ben & Jerry's Euphori-Lock Ice Cream Pint Combination Lock. It'll protect your ice cream a lot better than a Post-it with your name on it.

These nail clippers make it easy for you to clip your nails.

via: Harperton

Harperton Nail Clippers are durable, precise, and easy to use.

With this gadget great corn will never go to waste again.

via: Chef'n

With the Chef'n Corn Cob Stripper you wont ever miss a bite of delicious corn. It's perfect for when you want to add fresh corn kernels to your best game-day salsa.

Listen to your favorite music with your friends with this headphone splitter.

via: Elago

Listen to your favorite songs and podcasts at the same time as your best friends with the Elago Headphone Splitter.

Bear Paws are the best way to shred your BBQ feasts.

via: Bear Paw Products

This gadget shreds meat better than a knife, are easy to clean, and fun to use.

eAlarm+ is personal safety in a small package.

via: BASU

This tiny portable device packs a 130 decibel punch. This super loud alarm lets people know that you need help. It'll even scare bears.

Protect your valuables with the Oscaurt Travel Anti-theft Backpack.

via: Oscaurt

This backpack has hidden pockets, a battery pack compartment for charging your devices, and is made from water repellent fabric.

With Grocery Gripps, you'll be able to carry more than you ever thought that you could.

via: Grocery Gripps

Grocery Gripps make it easy to carry all of your heavy grocery bags in just one trip without using your hands.