27 Best Amazon Prime Perks You've Probably Never Heard Of

Right now is an amazing time to try Amazon Prime. You probably know about the fast, free shipping and Netflix-style video service, but I bet you haven't heard about allthe perks available to Amazon Prime members. I've had Prime for years, but some of these were news to me! From Alexa's secret deals, to unlimited photo storage, to free (yes, free) books every month, there's a Prime perk sure to delight every single customer.

Best of all, you can try a free trial for 30 days with no strings attached. Seriously, it takes less than a minute to sign up and turn on that sweet, sweet same-day shipping. If you're a student, even better--there's a free student trial that earns Prime benefits for six months, absolutely free. Read on for more secret benefits of Prime and find the one that sings to you!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these Prime perks as useful as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

Splurge in a Free Shipping Spree, No Strings Attached

Holiday season. Throwing a big party. Moving to a new home. Having a baby. Some of life's greatest moments come with a loooong shopping list! If you want to go on a free shipping spree, just sign up for Prime's 30-day risk-free trial. You can always cancel after you finish shopping for that big event.

Students Get 6 Months of Prime for Free (And Then a Super-Discounted Rate)

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Students can save big on an Amazon Prime membership. Sign up with a .edu email address to get a 6-month free trial. After that, the membership is half-price (only $6.49 per month). Students can save even more by paying for a whole year in advance!

Order by Noon, Get It by 9 P.M.! Yep, Amazon Prime Includes Free Same-Day Delivery

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This is one of my favorite Prime perks! Amazon now offers free same-day delivery on over 3 million items. Usually, if you order before noon, you'll get your stuff by 9 p.m. (You'll see your timing options before completing the purchase.) One small catch: You have to spend at least $35 in the order.

Snag Special Deals in the Members-Only Prime Day Sale

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Prime Day is actually two days of epic (and exclusive) deals open only to Prime members. It includes first access to new products as well as special savings, especially on Amazon's signature smart home devices. In fact, in 2018, customers bought more than a million smart home devices on Prime Day!

Earn Bonuses and Discounts When You Opt for No-Rush Shipping

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Sometimes you need it the same day, sometimes you can wait. When you purchase something on Amazon, opt for no-rush shipping to earn a bonus or discount. Amazon likes to change up these rewards, but I've recently been offered both an instant cash discount and a $5 credit toward a future purchase.

Get Free Release-Day Delivery on Hot New Releases

When the seventh Harry Potter book came out, I had friends who lined up at bookstores to get their copy. Not me! I preordered mine on Amazon, which guaranteed release day delivery. They offer this service on most highly anticipated releases of books, video games, and tech gadgets.

Share Your Prime Benefits With Your Nearest and Dearest

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Sharing is caring, especially when it comes to streaming video and free shipping! Amazon Household lets two adults who live together share the benefits of one Prime account. You can also add up to four teens to the same account. (Once the teens hit college age, they can sign up for a student membership to save a bundle.)

If the Walk to the Mailbox Is Too Darned Far, Amazon Will Now Deliver Inside Your Car or Home

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I hadn't heard of this new service, but I'm pretty excited to find out more. In select areas, you can sign up to have your Amazon packages delivered inside your home or car!

Hungry? Get Free 2-Hour Delivery from Whole Foods, Restaurants, and Local Shops

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Prime Now is Amazon's local (fast!) delivery service, offering free 2-hour delivery from select stores, depending on your area. In my zip code, I can get free delivery from Whole Foods and a classy liquor store. Some cities include restaurant delivery, too!

Ask Alexa to Find Out About Secret Deals

If you set up Alexa, Amazon's voice assistant, you can ask her for access to special prices on select products. Just ask, "Alexa, what are your deals?" When it's Prime Day, you can even ask for Prime Day deals to save even more!

Get 5% Cash Back and Other Perks With Amazon's Credit Card

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Amazon credit cards include quite a few nice rewards, starting with a gift card bonus when you open the card. Then, earn 5% cash back on purchases, as well as interest-free financing on certain items.

Save on Groceries with the Whole Foods Discount

Here's one Prime perk you can use out in the real brick-and-mortar world! Download the Whole Foods app to your phone, then pull up your Prime code when shopping to get everyday savings plus special discounts.

Instantly Reorder Your Favorite Products With Dash Buttons

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After experimenting with physical button gadgets, Amazon changed their Dash Button program to virtual only. Now, you can view your own customized set of Dash Buttons on your Amazon home page or an Echo Show. Just click the button to instantly reorder your favorite stuff!

What do Baby Wipes and Vitamins Have in Common? Big Savings!

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This perk is a little random, but still worth sharing. Amazon Elements sells a limited line of everyday essentials--vitamins, supplements, protein powders, and baby wipes--at very good prices, only for Prime members.

Save 15% on Baby Gear With the Baby Registry Discount

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Baby on the way? A Prime account will be more than worth the subscription price if you work all the angles. One little-known perk is the completion discount, which lets you save up to 15% on stuff from your baby registry that nobody else purchased.

Just Say No to Mall Dressing Rooms! Try on Clothes at Home with Prime Wardrobe

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Prime members get a special perk for clothes, shoes, and accessories. Shop for eligible items, then Amazon ships them fast and you get seven days to try them on and ship them back. Then, you're charged only for what you kept.

Prime Video Is Like Netflix, with a Few Key Differences

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Netflix and Amazon Prime cost about the same, and both provide video streaming. That's where the similarities end. Prime also comes with free shipping and all the perks on this page, of course, but it's also the only place you can view Amazon Originals like Fleabag, Good Omens, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Bosch, and other smash hits!

You Can Also Add Premium Channels like HBO to Prime Video

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Here's another advantage Prime has over Netflix. For an extra $5-15 per month, you can add premium channels like HBO, Stars, and Showtime to your account. You don't need cable or a dish, there's no extra apps or logins, and you can cancel anytime.

Listen to Unlimited Music

Amazon Music Unlimited is a music streaming and download service with access to virtually every song you can think of. Prime members can get it for a monthly fee (check if Amazon is currently offering a free trial or special discount--these vary, but there's almost always a way to save).

Get Unlimited, Totally Free Photo Storage

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Every Prime membership includes unlimited, free photo storage! You can even set up your phone to automatically upload and back up all your pictures (freeing up space on your phone). You also get 5GB of storage for videos, documents, and other files. One more bonus? Invite up to five friends or relatives to collect photos together in a Family Vault.

Read Books, Comics, and Magazines from Prime's Free Lending Library

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Another Prime perk that most people don't know about is Prime Reading, which lets you borrow up to 10 books, comics, and magazines at a time. For free! It's not a vast selection, but it's refreshed often enough to keep things interesting. If you like to read big magazines like Vogue, Martha Stewart Living, or Men's Health, this is a great asset.

But Wait, There's More Free Books! Get One Free Book a Month with Amazon First Reads

Unlike Prime Reading, which is all about borrowing, First Reads is more like a gift. Every month, you can pick one book from an editor-curated list of new releases to have for free. You get to keep it forever!

There's Free Audio Books Too

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Prime also includes a small, rotating selection of audio books for free streaming. You can view what’s available within Prime Reading, or from within your Audible app. (When I looked today, there were 230 titles to choose from--not a bad selection.)

Link Up Your Twitch and Prime Accounts for Free Games and Loot

Gamers can link up their Twitch and Prime accounts to get access to free games and loot within popular games. These bonuses refresh monthly, and sometimes include access to special events for Prime-only audiences.

Get a Discount on Amazon's Kids' Subscription Service, FreeTime Unlimited

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Amazon FreeTime Unlimited is a subscription service for kids age 3-12 with curated apps, books, games, TV shows, and movies. Kids can access content on their kindles or Fire tablets. With a Prime membership, you get a nice discount.

Read ALL THE BOOKS with a Free 90-Day Membership to Kindle Unlimited

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Prime members can try Kindle Unlimited free for 90 days to see if it's worth it. If you read a lot, it's actually a pretty great deal, since it gives unlimited reading access to over 1 million books, audio books, and magazines.

Get Free Product Samples Mailed to You

I'm cheating a little with this perk, because it's available to anyone with an Amazon account, not just Prime members. But it's so good I wanted to spread the word! You can sign up at amazon.com/samples to get product samples mailed to you for free. How cool is that?! But you should totally also try the 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime, too. These perks are too good to miss!