26 Brilliantly Convenient Gadgets To Keep In Your Car

You already spend more time in your car than you'd like. You might as well be comfortable.

We hope you find these gadgets as fantastic as we do.. Just an FYI: 22Words participates in a variety of affiliate programs, in which we may receive a small share of sales from links on this page.

Never Run Out Of Ports Again With This Six Port USB Charger

via: Joycomb

Stop waiting forever for your car's normal USB port to charge your phone. Jellycomb's fast-charging USB hub adds six high-speed ports to your car, so you'll never be wanting for power.

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Keeping Your Tire Pressure Perfect Is Easy With This Digital Pressure Gauge

via: AccuTire

Some gadgets just make life easier. This is one of them.

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Keep One Of These Anker Battery Packs Charged In The Car And You'll Have Juice Wherever You Need It

via: Anker

Just keep one of these Anker Astros charged in your car, and you'll never feel that cold wave of low-battery panic again.

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Add USB Charging, Bluetooth Audio, And Car-Tracking Capabilities To Any Car With This Amazing All-In-One Gadget

via: Roav

For $30, you can take that 1999 Camry into the 21st century. It's time.

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Never Miss A Moment (Or An Incident) With This Top-Rated Dashcam

via: Roav

Roav's dashcam is well-regarded for its high quality and high definition, all of which come at a seriously bargain price.

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Keep Your Car Smelling Lovely With This Oil Diffuser And Humidifier

via: Amazon

Now you can weather your morning commute with the calming scent of lavender, wafting through your car.

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Grab A Carbage Can And Keep Your Car From Clutter

via: Carbage Can

Some products have a name so good, you can't NOT want them.

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These Charcoal Deodorizers Are A Must For Any Car

via: Moso Natural

Reviewers tout the Moso's ability to eliminating anything from run of the mill stale car air smells, to the deadly smell of spoiled milk. Pretty impressive for a bag of activated charcoal.

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Add A Coin Bank And An Extra Cupholder With This Ultra-Handy Gadget

via: eBay

Who can't use more cupholders?

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This Super Popular Seat Cover Will Dog-Proof Your Car

via: BarksBar

We all love our dogs, but that doesn't mean Rex has the right to ruin your back seat.

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Turn Your Backseat Into Your Closet With This Expandable Hanging Bar

via: High Road

This heavy-duty solution is the #1 way to turn your back seat into a walk-in (or sit-in, rather) closet on wheels.

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You'll Be Ready For Any Situation With A Good First Aid Kit

via: Total Resources International

No trunk is complete without one!

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This Flush-Mount Charger Won't Mar Your Car's Classy Interior

via: Aukey

Flush-mount for the win!

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Make Winter Mornings Somewhat Bearable With This Windshield Frost Guard

via: Delk Products

Who knew outsmarting Jack Frost could be this easy?

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You'll Always Have A Place For Your Trash With This Seatback Trash Bag

via: eBay

Your back seat will thank you. Even if your kids don't.

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Add Valuable Storage To Your Back Seat With These Headrest Clips

via: BipFlip

These are so wildly popular, it's hard to understand why they aren't in new cars to begin with.

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Add Some Ambiance And Atmosphere With This Light-Up Humidifier That Fits In Your Cupholder

via: Innogear

Make those calm-down-in-traffic deep breaths that much fresher.

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The Frieq Ionizer Deodorizes Your Car With The Power Of Ions

via: Frieq

The ions kill the smell. Don't ask me how, but according to almost 1,000 reviewers, they really, really do.

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You Always Need A Good Set Of And These Are The Best

via: Always Prepared Products

They even come with instructions, in case (like me) you can never remember which color to attach first.

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Or Grab One Of These Jump-Starters That's Also A Flashlight And A USB Charger

via: MyCarNeedsThis

So even if your car battery's dead, at least you'll never run out of juice for your phone.

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You'll Hopefully Never Have To Use It, But A Lifehammer Is An Indispensable Tool Of The Road

via: Lifehammer

Police, Fire Fighters and EMTs across the country have sworn by the Lifehammer for more than 30 years.

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Keep Your Stuff In Easy Reach With One Of These Non-Slip Dashboard Mats

via: Insten

How do these work? I do not know. But the fact is, they do. And that's enough for me.

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Add Some Much Needed Storage With A 2-Pack Of These Console Organizers

via: Inpoc

They're like a Drop Stop that actually adds utility to your car.

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Never Sit In A Cold Car Again With This Extremely Affordable Remote Starter

via: Avital

If you've ever lived anywhere with a real, true winter, you know these things are 100% necessary. 

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Keep Your Car Crumb-Free With This Top-Selling Car Vacuum

via: Handy Vacuums

Not only does it work wonders (according to over 800 reviewers), but it's cute as a button to boot. 

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You'll Never Be Caught In The Cold Again With One Of These Car-PowerredHeated Blankets

via: Bon-Ton

Add some serious cozy to your car. You deserve it.

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