26 Brilliant Amazon Products That Everyone Is Obsessed With Right Now

Twenty-six of the handiest products on Amazon that our readers can't get enough of.

We hope you find these products as fascinating as we do. We've picked them out to share because we love them, not because we're being paid to. However, 22Words does participate in the Amazon affiliate program, and can receive a share of sales from links on this page.

The FURemover Broom Cleans Up All Your Pet Hair

via: Evriholder

It also doubles as a squeegee, and even comes equipped with a telescoping handle, giving you the cleaning reach of a giant. Find it on Amazon

Perfect Your Shower-Singing With This Insanely Popular Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

via: Victsing

Let loose your bathroom-bound rockstar. Find it on Amazon

This Compact Plug-in Air Sanitizer Cleans Your Air With Zero Footprint

via: Guardian Technologies

It kills germs, mold, freshens air and wipes out odors, all while staying nie and small on your wall. Find it on Amazon

These Drain Snakes Will Clear ALL the Nastiness Out Of Your Pipes

Oh man, that's disgusting. I can't wait to try it. Find these on Amazon

The Kinsa Smart Stick Thermometer Turns Your Smartphone Into A Sophisticated Medical Device

via: Kinsa Health

Not only will the Kinsa sake accurate temperatures, its included app will even track individual family member' health, and even recommend when it's time to visit a doctor. Find it on Amazon

The iTouchless Bag Resealer Is So Much Cooler Than Chip Clips

via: iTouchless

Don't let those Doritos go stale. They're just too good. Find this on Amazon

You Can Fix Anything With Sugru

It's like Silly Putty's actually useful younger brother. Find Sugru on Amazon

These Simple Terra Cotta Tubes Will Water Your Plants While You're Away

via: Punchau

They're the easiest way to turn that brown thumb nice and green. Find them on Amazon

These Big Wool Spheres Will Replace Dryer Sheets

via: Handylaundry.com

Throw out those dryer sheets and fabric softener. These solid wool balls are a wildly popular solution to soft and static-free clothes. Find them on Amazon

This Simple Silicone Gadget Turns Your Faucet Into A Drinking Fountain

It's called the Tapi, and it's making me thirsty. Find it on Amazon

You'll Never Suffer From Battery Anxiety Again With One Of These Popular Anker Battery Packs

via: Anker

Not only will it charge your iPhone 7 more than two times, it'll do it at record fast-charging speed. Feel the power. Find it on Amazon

This Tiny Gadget Lets You Literally Weld And Repair Plastic

via: Bondic

Not only will it weld plastic, it'll repair wood, fabric, and even metal. And it'll fit on your keychain. Find Bondic on Amazon

The Mighty Handle Triples Your Lifting Power

via: Mighty Handle

Anything that minimizes my grocery-carrying trips between the car and the house, I'm on board for. Find it on Amazon

These Moso Purifying Bags Apparently Have Odor-Killing Superpowers

via: Moso

Thousands of reviewers tout the powers of these bags of activated charcoal, specifically highlighting their abilities to freshen truly nasty old shoes, or even drink up the odorrific remnants of spoiled milk inside a minivan. Find them on Amazon

These Tiny Silicone Doo-Dads Will Keep Your Glasses On

via: Keepons

No more of that creepy, glasses-slipped-to-the-tip-of-your-nose look. Find it on Amazon

This Set Of Beautifully-Made Nail Clippers May Be The Last You'll Ever Need

via: Harperton

Boasting stainless steel construction and razor-sharp cutting edges, these Harperton clippers are built for a lifetime of use. Find them on Amazon

The Tubshroom Will Catch All The Hair You Shed Before It Clogs Your Pipes

via: Tubshroom

A $12 piece of silicone that'll save you hundreds in plumbing bills. Find it on Amazon

This Tiny Gadget Not Only Charges Your Devices, But Also Adds Bluetooth Functionality To Your Car

via: Roav

Oh, and it's also got a built-in car locator, so you'll never lose your car in a parking ramp again. Find it on Amazon

The Magnogrip Keeps Screws And Nails Right Where You Need Them

via: Magnogrip

Magnets are a wonderful thing. Find the Magnogrip on Amazon

This Gak-Like Putty Cleans Every Nook And Cranny

via: Cyber Clean

Remember Gak, the '90s progenitor of the slime craze? Yeah, it's back, and it's purpose-made for cleaning. Just smush Cyber Clean on any surface you need to clean, and it'll grab hold of every speck of dirt and dust. Find it on Amazon

These Super-Simple And Wildly Popular Plastic Hooks Add Much-Needed Storage To Your Car

via: eBay

Why don't these come with all cars already? Find them on Amazon

The Anker Powerline+ Lightning Cables Are Built For Years Of Use

via: Anker

The cords even come packaged in their own durable case, allowing you to customize the length of your cord with ease. Find it on Amazon

This Anker Mini-USB Cable Is The Most Durable On The Market

via: Anker

With reinforced connections and a braided nylon construction, Anker's mini-USB cords will outlast the competition 4-to-1. Find it on Amazon

This Ultra-Cheap Can Colander Just Makes So Much Sense

via: Progressive Intl

Why did I just discover this? Find it on Amazon

This Popular Gadget Adds A Footrest To Your Shower

via: Safe-er-Grip

Yes, all showers should already have footrests built-in. But until that glorious day, the Safe-er-Grip footrest will have to do. Find it on Amazon

This Incredibly Simple Plastic Cup Adds Inches Of Depth To Your Tub

via: SlipX Solutions

Just slip it over the overflow drain, and turn your humble home tub into a flirting-with-disaster-deep spa. Find it on Amazon

These Wildly Popular Baking Mats Will Keep You From Scrubbing Stuck-On Messes

via: Artisan Metal Works

What if I told you a magical product existed that would make sure you never had to scrub carbonized mess off a baking pan again? Well, it does, and it’s called a silicone baking mat. Find it on Amazon

You'll Spend Less Time Dusting With This Tiny Air Sanitizer Doing The Work For You

via: Guardian Technologies

Pet-owners and germaphobes alike are singing the praises of these compact-yet-effective air sanitizers. Plug ’em in around your house and save yourself hours of cleaning. Find it on Amazon

This Ultra-Popular Steamer Makes Laborious Ironing A Thing Of The Past

via: PurSteam

Once relegated to dry-cleaners and high-end hotels, steamers are now smaller and cheaper than ever. Just fire up the PurSteam and run it over your clothes and watch the wrinkles fall away. It’s easier than ironing, and cheaper than running the shower on high for an hour. Find it on Amazon

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