25 Things I Desperately Want From Amazon's Big Style Sale

Nothing gets my blood pumping like a good sale, which means that I'm on the verge of exploding over Amazon's Big Style Sale. And when they say "big," they're not kidding; they've marked some items down as much as 50%! They aren't random leftover pieces of clothing that no one wants either — not only do I own most of these items, but I've added at least 10 to my cart as I wrote up this list.

While my wallet might not be happy, my wardrobe is absolutely stoked to have a bunch of new items. And since they're all available with free two-day Prime shipping, you won't have to wait long to try everything on — in fact I plan on wearing my new Champion jacket to brunch this weekend. I'm that excited about it.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

*Prices on Amazon change often but the deals below are correct at the time of publication.*

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

These Workout Leggings Are So, So Sleek

Do I really need to say anything about these workout leggings? Just look at them — those white patches on the leg just make them look so, so sleek. You can wear them to the gym, while running, or even just lounging around the house because running sucks (#truth). Grab them in three colors: navy, black, or purple.

A Workout Tank With Dropped Arms

I added this workout tank to my cart because the dropped arms let your sports bra show through the sides, and I like to show off the pop of color. But you don't have to wear this tank to the gym — tuck it into a pair of high-waisted jeans on a cute summer day, or even dress it up with a bangle necklace for happy hour.

This Shift Dress That's Flattering On Everybody

It doesn't matter what body type you have — this shift dress will still be flattering. The breezy fit makes it perfect for hot summer days when you're trying to keep cool, and it's made from 100% linen for added breathability. It also works great as a swimsuit coverup, and you have the choice of more than 10 vibrant colors.

These Leggings With Cute Lace-Up Details

Not only are these leggings 100% squatproof, but the lace-up detailing on the sides also gives them a cute flair — if you're tired of plain black leggings, these are definitely an upgrade. They're also available in blue if you're feeling adventurous, and the ultra-soft fabric won't chafe against your thighs as you move.

You Need This Affordable Sports Bra

Even if you're a complete couch potato, you still need a quality sports bra like this one. Why? Well for one, it's incredibly comfortable — in fact mine is so comfortable I forgot I'm even wearing it until just now. For two, it's made with lightweight, silky fabric that wicks away sweat. And if you needed a third reason (which you probably don't, but here you go anyway), it's also on sale for less than $20.

This Crop Top That Looks Good On Everybody

Even if you aren't into crop tops, you should still get this one from American Apparel while it's on sale. I've owned the black one for five years now, and not only has it not ripped, shrunk, frayed, or faded, but it's also just long enough that it looks amazing with high-waisted anything. It's also soft enough that I wear it to bed occasional, and I've even worn it to the gym — it's that versatile.

A Dip-Dye Shirt That Adds A Splash Of Color To Your Mostly-Black Closet

Is your closet looking a little monochromatic? Spice things up with one of these dip-dye shirts. I bought a bunch of these before a trip to Thailand, and I actually wound up wearing them on a regular basis at home since they're cute, comfy, and really breezy. The v-neck looks great with necklaces of any style, plus it's modest enough that you can even wear it to the office.

Pair Any Dress On This List With This Floppy Sun Hat

The best part about this sun hat is that you can wear it with anything — shorts, jumpsuits, dresses — you name it, this hat'll add a cute touch. Made from quality paper straw, it's also great for keeping your face protected from the sun on hot summer days, and the rim folds so that you can shape it however you like. Choose from multiple colors, including beige, khaki, pink, and more.

These Sandals With A Subtle Heel

Adding a small, barely-there heel to your sandals is a great way to get your thigh muscles to "pop," and this stylish pair from Skechers is on sale for less than $25. But if you're worried about your legs growing sore while walking in them, fear not — the footbed is padded for extra comfort, plus one reviewer even raved that "these sandals are like walking in clouds!"

A Racerback Dress You Can Style Up Or Down

Pair this racerback dress with that sun hat and those sandals, and you instantly have a cute summertime outfit you can wear all season long. I like to add a big, chunky necklace to mine whenever I'm heading out for happy hour, plus you're not limited to just a few colors — choose from navy, stripes, rusty pink, charcoal heather, and more.

You Can Style This High-Necked Tank So Many Different Ways

Even though it's advertised as a workout tank, you can style this high-necked tank top so many different ways. Throw on a denim jacket and some leggings for a quick trip to the grocery store, or you could even add some wedges and tuck it into a pair of high-waisted jeans for an evening out. Or just wear it to your next yoga class — with this tank, you've got options.

Everybody Always Needs Socks

Socks: the one article of clothing everybody always needs, but no one ever wants to buy because they aren't fun. Luckily, not only are these socks colorful and slightly more fun than regular pairs, but they're also on sale — that's at least sort of thrilling, right? And if that's not convincing enough, the reviews speak for themselves. "I wear these almost every day," one shopper wrote. "They are very soft. I bought two sets, and I'm so glad I did. I threw out most of my other socks after a couple of weeks. They've held up very well."

These Overalls That Are Too Cute

I'd been on the hunt for a cute pair of overall shorts for a while, and I actually ordered this pair last week. Made from 98% cotton, they're absolutely as comfortable as they look, and the mid-rise won't leave you flashing random strangers on the street if you bend over. Available in four distinct washes, pair them with any tank top, crop top, or even long sleeve tee.

This Sweatshirt Dress Made From Soft Terry Cloth

I've always loved horizontal stripes on shirts, as they accentuate curves in all the right places — so grab this striped dress while it's on sale. The loose fit is great for hot summer days, and I like to dress mine up for dinner dates because I can eat a lot without having to worry about my outfit feeling tight afterwards. It's soft, comfortable, and flattering on all body types.

These Kenneth Cole Sneakers That Are SO On-Trend

Not only are white sneakers incredibly on-trend right now, but these ones from Kenneth Cole are currently marked down from $120 to just $86. Made from 100% leather, the slim profile means they look great with any of the dresses on this list, and the rubber sole won't leave scuffs on floors. But what makes me recommend them? I love the padded footbed — I can walk around all day in these without growing sore.

Another White Sneaker That's More Affordable

If you'd love a stylish pair of white kicks, but don't want to shell out $86, these ones are marked down from $65 to just $32. Made from cotton instead of leather (they are less than half of the price, after all),  you can easily wear these sneakers with any outfit, though the current style is to pair them with dresses and rompers. And if white isn't your taste, don't worry — they're available in more than 25 vibrant colors.

A Jumpsuit You Can Wear Everywhere

With adorable puff sleeves and a cropped pant leg, I wear this jumpsuit to baby showers, the office, job interviews, dinner — come to think of it, I basically wear it everywhere except for the gym. The belted waist let you adjust how tight or loose the fit feels, and the crepe fabric is lightweight so that you don't get too hot. Unlike other jumpsuits, this one has a timeless design that you'll be able to wear over multiple seasons — not just right now.

Everybody Needs To Own At Least One Romper

I used to be skeptical about rompers too, until I tried this one on — instantly, my life was changed for the better. How? Because now that my closet is filled with rompers, I don't have to put any thought into my outfits; I just throw on a romper, and I'm good to go. You can also add a cute belt around the waist along with a pair of wedges if you're trying to style it up, or even just leave it plain for a day trip to the beach.

This Adorable Dress That Fits And Flares

What do I mean by "fits and flares?" The top part of this cute dress "fits," while the bottom "flares" into a flattering gathered skirt. The v-neck is great for showing off a chunky necklace, and at less than $20, you might want to grab more than a few since they're the perfect balance between comfy-casual vs. work attire. Choose from six colors, including scattered floral, mini clover, black vine, and more.

A Men's Flannel That's Cozy And Comfy

Men and women can appreciate this flannel from Goodthreads — for men, it's a comfy, casual shirt they can wear anywhere. But for me? I ordered an extra-small so that I can wear it as a lightweight "jacket" on cool summer nights. One reviewer even wrote that "t's perfect in every respect, overall length, sleeve length, shoulder width, collar & neck. It's cut a bit around the waist to make it form fitting without looking overly tailored. Material is a soft cotton with a tight knit, no fuzz or shedding."

This Crewneck Dress That's A Total Steal

With six different cute prints to choose from, this crewneck dress looks so cute with a pair of white sneakers — or even sandals, if you're in the mood for open-toed shoes. The fabric is slinky and stretchy so that it contours to flatter the shape of your body, and the sizing is accurate so you don't have to worry about sizing up. And if you're not feeling a crewneck, just undo the hook closure at the split neckline to open it up.

A Pair Of Cropped Pants That Are Leisurely, Yet Formal

Unlike most pants, you can wear these ones from the golf course, to the office, then back home again, all without wanting to take them off — they're that comfortable. Made from a soft blend of cotton and modal, they're stretchy enough that you don't feel restricted while moving around, plus many reviewers said that they found the flare "super cute."

This Jumpsuit For Easy, Everyday Style

We've all had those days where we just can't figure out what to wear, so next time just throw on this jumpsuit and be done with it. You can wear it year-round by adding a cute denim jacket to it in the fall, or even wear it out at night in the summer with a pair of high heels and belted waist. Choose from five colors: fig, charcoal, black, jade, or navy.

You Can't Go Wrong With A Pair Of Joggers

They might not look like much, but these joggers are seriously the most comfortable pair of sweats I've owned. They have a smooth, suede-like feel to them that's ultra-plush against your skin, and the elasticized cuffs prevent them from dragging along the ground. Besides, they're on sale for less than $25 — what's not to love?

I Literally Just Added This Jacket To My Cart

I don't know what it is about vaguely 80s-inspired jackets, but something about them just gets my blood pumping — which is why I just added this one to my cart. It's warm enough for fall days and summer nights, yet lightweight so that you won't find yourself sweating up a storm during a brisk walk. The lower front flat flap pockets snap shut to keep your keys, cash, and more safe, plus the Champion logos on the chest and sleeve are a cute touch.

Can't Get Enough Of Amazon's Big Style Sale?

Don't worry — even though those are my top 25 picks, we've rounded up bigger, and arguably even better sales for you right here. But be sure to visit soon, as the prices and  availability are sure to change quickly! "Style