23 Surprisingly Cheap Kitchen Gadgets That Are Quietly Genius

From measuring spoons that level themselves, to gadgets that make average hot dogs magical, we've cobbled together twenty-three of the handiest kitchen gadgets out there. And as an added bonus, every one of them costs less than twenty bucks.

We hope you find these kitchen gadgets as brilliant as we do. We've picked them out to share because we love them, not because we're being paid to. However, 22Words does participate in the Amazon affiliate program, and can receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Compact Can Opener That'll Save Valuable Drawer Space

via: Joseph Joseph

It's also easier to use (and less hard on your hands) than classic metal models. Find it on Amazon

This Handy Reamer That Makes Seed-Free Juicing Easy

via: Joseph Joseph

All the juice, zero seeds! Find it on Amazon

These Plastic Claws That Make Meat Shredding A Breeze

via: Bear Paw Products

Serious tools for the carnivore, these durable plastic claws are even dishwasher-safe. Cause who wants to hand-wash their claws after an unctuous feast of shredded pork? Find them on Amazon

This Clip-On Gadget That'll Strain Away The Fat

via: eBay

Pasta lovers rejoice: it'll also replace your colander! Find it on Amazon

This Simple Coffee Strainer That Actually Works Great

via: Melitta

This $5 gadget makes single-cup pour-over coffee insanely simple. Find it on Amazon

This Genius Cutting Board That Funnels Your Food For You

via: Joseph Joseph

It's like the cutting board version of bumper bowling. And who doesn't love bumper bowling? Find it on Amazon

These Semi-Hilarious Tiny Tongs That'll Keep Your Fingers Nice And Clean

via: Trongs

Sure, you won't be able to lick sauce off your fingers anymore. But you can always lick sauce off your Trongs. Find them on Amazon

This Handy Device That Always Keeps A Trash Bag At Hand

via: eBay

This tiny gizmo is a WILDLY popular addition to any oft-used kitchen. It's perfect for onion skin and carrot tops and mushroom stems and whatever other cuttings you generate. Find it on Amazon

This Ultra-Sharp Grater That Folds Flat For Easy Storage

via: Joseph Joseph

If you're like (basically) everyone else, you're still searching for cabinet space to accommodate your stubbornly non-folding grater. Perhaps it's time for a change. Find it on Amazon

This Genius Invention That Can Juice, Crush, And Rice Almost Anything

via: Joseph Joseph

This impressive device is called The Helix, and it uses the power of the inclined plane to turn your hands into juicing, ricing, and crushing machines. And I want one. Find The Helix on Amazon

This Versatile Tool That's Probably The Only Stripper You'll Want In Your Kitchen

via: Chef'n

Bye bye, rosemary hands! Hello, perfect piles of efficiently-stripped herbs. Find the Chef'n Kale Stripper on Amazon

This Roll-Up Non-Stick Pastry Mat That's Even Got Built-In Measurements

via: Joseph Joseph

Oh, and it rolls up (and buttons shut) for easy, easy storage. Find it on Amazon

This 5-In-1 Kitchen Tool That Can Handle Almost Anything

via: Organic Wizzard

It's called the Organic Wizzard, because it works magic in the kitchen (and doesn't care about spelling). Find it on Amazon

This Incredibly Specific Type Of Fork That'll Live With Your Pickles

via: Chef'n

Do you need specific forks for your pickles? No. But at a cost that's barely more than a jar of kosher dills, you can afford to treat yourself. And your pickles. Find it on Amazon

This Adorable Gadget That Lets You Make Pro-Quality Popcorn At Home

via: Chef'n

Homemade popcorn is cheaper and FAR healthier than the bag-popped stuff. Find it on Amazon

This Adjustable Rolling Pin That Should Be A Lot More Expensive

via: Joseph Joseph

Take the guesswork out of baking. Find it on Amazon

This Ridiculously Handy Set Of Measuring Spoons That Level Themselves

via: DreamFarm

Why don't all measuring spoons level themselves? Find them on Amazon

These Reusable Silicone Food Wraps That'll Replace Your Saran Wrap

via: eBay

Just stretch one over your food to keep it fresh. Find them on Amazon

This Simple Invention That Makes Average Hot Dogs So Much Better

via: Slotdog

Slotdog takes the most pedestrian of grilling meats from seriously drab, to ultra-fab. Find it on Amazon

These Silicone Food Bags That Are Basically Immortal Ziplocs

via: Stasher

Stasher is changing the ziploc-bag game, with a line of silicone ziplocking bags that are both environmentally friendly, and beautifully made. Find them on Amazon

These Popular Tongs That Come With Their Own Built-In Kickstand

via: Joseph Joseph

No more tong-mess all over the counter! Find them on Amazon

This Cute Plastic Volcano That Erupts With Grease-Busting Steam

via: Kitchen Gizmo

Just fill it with water and set it a-cooking. A few minutes later (and a whole lot of steam), you'll be able to wipe your microwave clean. Find it on Amazon

This Absolutely Brilliant Gadget That Makes Food Storage So Much Friendlier

via: eBay

Short of an assistant in the kitchen, this is as close as you'll get to a pair of helping hands. Find it on Amazon