23 Inexpensive Alternatives To (Really) Expensive Products

There's a whole world of products out there that are as good (or at least, really close to as good) as their expensive counterparts, which you can have for a fraction of the cost. Don't drop $200 on a Le Creuset cast iron skillet, when Lodge's $15 offering will sear your steaks just as well. The Wusthof Classic chef's knife is great and all, but you'll do better with the better-reviewed Victorinox Fibrox chef's knife at 1/3rd the price.

Here's 23 great ways to make your dollar go farther.

We hope you find these cheap-yet-amazing products as tempting as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. 

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

The $30 Aeropress Makes For A Great Substitute For The $95 Keurig

via: Aeropress / Keurig

The Aeropress is a serious contender in the coffee-lover's world, and best of all, requires zero expensive pods to make its beloved caffeine-packed brew. Find the Aeropress on AmazonFind the Aeropress on Amazon

The Ultra-Thin $12 Silk iPhone Case Is An Ultra-Durable Alternative To Apple's $40 Leather Case

via: Silk / Apple

I've owned both of these cases. One looks brand-new after 6 months of use, while the other cracked and split in the same time period. One was the best $12 I've ever spent. Find the Silk on Amazon

Amazon's $6.50 Lightning Cable Will Outlast Apple's Own $15 Lightning Cable

via: Amazon / Apple

Seriously, replacing those constantly-failing white cords with Amazon's hardier offerings was a major upgrade for me, at an almost insignificant price. Find the lightning cable on Amazon

If You Love The $500 iPad, Check Out The $50 Amazon Fire Tablet

via: Amazon / Apple

It won't do everything the iPad will, but the Fire's got its own set of extremely attractive features, from its HD screen, to its expandable memory (up to 256 GB), to its built-in Alexa functionality. Oh, and don't forget its dirt-cheap $50 price tag. Check out Amazon's Fire tablet

You Can Get 48 Of Amazon's AA Batteries For The Same Price As 24 Energizers

via: Amazon / Energizer

Do they keep going, and going, and going, and going? They sure do. Find Amazon's battery offerings here.

The Super Popular $50 CamPark Action Camera Is The Perfect Alternative To The $300 GoPro

via: CamPark / GoPro

It won't do everything the GoPro does, but for 1/6th the price (and well over 1,000 positive reviews), this $50 camera is a keeper. Find the CamPark on Amazon

A Pack of $10 Generic Magic Erasers Are Half The Price Of The Real Deal

via: Oh My Clean / P&G

Yes, a Magic Eraser by any other name does clean just as sweet as its costlier counterpart. Find a pack of 20 cleaning sponges for $10 on Amazon

The $30 Letufit Fitness Tracker Is A Wallet-Friendly Alternative to the Premium-Priced $128 FitBit

via: Ebay / FitBit

It's not a FitBit, but it's packed with just as many features (even a "Find my phone" feature), and it's only $30. You can't really lose. Find it on Amazon

The Classic $6 Zinc Gilmore Hose Nozzle Still Outsprays Its Younger, Pricier Alternatives

via: Gilmour / SprayTec

The Fender Stratocaster. The Movado watch. The Rotring 600 pencil. The Gilmore Zinc Hose Nozzle. Sometimes, a design is just perfect the first time. Find the Gilmore on Amazon

In Love With Apple's $160 Airpods? Check Out Anker's $25 Bluetooth SoundBuds

via: Anker / Apple

You get a lot for only $25 here: all-aluminum earpiece construction, high-quality silicone fins and pads, 7+ hours of battery life and high-fidelity audio. Oh, and they're always in stock (unlike the Airpods). Find Anker's SoundBuds on Amazon

These $17 iJoy Bluetooth Headphones Are the Everyman's Answer to Bose's $200 SoundLinks

via: iJoy / Bose

No, they're not Bose headphones. They're $17. Repeat after me: you can get a popular pair of over-ear bluetooth headphones for $17. That's $3 less than $20. That's basically two burritos at Chipotle (sans guac). Check out the iJoys on Amazon

The $30 Victorinox Fibrox Chef's Knife Is An Indestructible Alternative To The $100+ Wusthof Classic

via: Swiss Army / Wusthof

With its razor-sharp edge, high-quality steel and fiberglass-reinforced-plastic handle, The Fibrox is a serious sleeper hit among real chefs and home chefs alike. And a serious bargain at $30. Find the Fibrox Chef's Knife on Amazon

Lodge's Immortal $16 Cast Iron Skillet Holds It Own Against Le Creuset's $200 Offering

via: Lodge / Le Creuset

Lodge has effectively perfected the art of cast-iron cookware, and it comes at a rock-bottom price. Find the Lodge skillet on Amazon

The $180 Ninja Blender Will Do Everything The Vitamix Blender At Only Half The Price

via: Ninja / Vitamix

If you're in the market for a high-end blender, but don't want to completely break the bank, the Ninja is the answer for you. Find the Ninja on Amazon

Opt For The $4 TrueTap Corkscrew Over The $28 Pulltex Pulltap

via: Pulltex / Truetap

I won't even spend $28 on a bottle of wine, nevertheless the implement utilized to open it. For $4, you can't go wrong with the extremely popular Truetap. Find the Truetap on Amazon

Lodge's $50 Dutch Oven Is Nearly Identical To The Legendary $370 Le Creuset

via: Lodge / Le Creuset

Of course, the Le Creuset is a beautifully-made, heirloom quality piece of cookware. But if you're just looking for a heavy-duty, cast-iron dutch oven, the $50 Lodge will not disappoint. Find the Lodge dutch oven on Amazon

You'll Get The Same Benefits From The $27 ProX Microderm Abrasion System As You Will The Beloved $170 Clarisonic

via: Olay / Clarisonic

Let's be honest: spending $170 on a powered brush for your face just doesn't make sense. The ProX does the same job at less than 1/6th the price. Find the ProX on Amazon

Panasonic's Beloved $6 Earbuds Offer An Insane Level Of Bang-For-Your-Buck Over Other Expensive, Overrated Options

via: Panasonic / Beats

For $6 you get great build quality, excellent sound, and a set of ear buds you won't want to punch yourself for losing. Check out the Panasonic earbuds on Amazon

The $16 Rtic Tumbler Is A Worthy Alternative To The $30 Yeti

via: Rtic / Yeti

Sure, you won't get the brand recognition, but the Rtic will keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot, and that's about all you can really ask for. Find the Rtic on Amazon

Get A Pack Of 10 6-Blade Dorco Cartridges For $21, Instead Of 4 Gillette Cartridges For $18

via: Dorco / Gillette

Word has it that Dorco is the real manufacturer of the razors offered by the beloved Dollar Shave Club, so if you're looking to save on your shave, these puppies are the way to go. Check out Dorco razors on Amazon

If You Love The $385 Dyson, Check Out The $170 Shark

via: Shark / Dyson

The Shark isn't quite as over-engineered as the Dyson, but according to its many reviews, it's one mean suction machine. Check out the Shark on Amazon

You Can Get The Same Image Quality And Streaming Capabilities As This $700 4K TV With This $360 49" Roku TV

via: TCL / Samsung

High-quality TVs have finally gotten cheap. TCL's 49" Roku TV boasts 4K image quality, and the hands-down best streaming platform built in, all for half the price of comparable models. Half price = twice as many TVs per dollar. Time to put a big screen in the bathroom. Check out TCL's Roku TVs on Amazon

If You Like The $50 Wusthof Classic Paring Knife, Check Out The $8 Victorinox Fibrox Paring Knife

via: Victorinox / Wusthof

Much like its larger sibling, the Victorinox paring knife well-regarded as a top quality option at a seriously rock-bottom price. Find the Victorinox paring knife on Amazon