21 Gross But Satisfying Skincare Products You'll Want To Try Right Now

The typical skincare aisle is full of pleasant soaps and gentle scrubs that promise to cleanse and rejuvenate your skin. But with the increasing popularity of Korean imports, we're seeing a rise in the less, shall we say, delicate of skincare products.

I'm talking about face masks made from snail slime, gag-worthy blackhead vacuums, and tweezers so fine, they'll pluck the plugs from your pores.

So sit back, scroll down, and check out these gross but satisfying skincare products. Maybe you'll find something useful.

We hope you find these skincare products as satisfyingly gross as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words may receive a share of sales from links on this page. 

This Microderm Abrasion Gadget That Literally Vacuums Out Your Pores

via: Krasr

That. Is. Gross. And I really wonder how it'd work on me. Find it on Amazon

These Classic Biore Strips That'll Empty Out Your Pores

via: Biore

Who doesn't love these things? And they're as gross as they are effective. Find the Biore pore strips on Amazon

This 4-In-1 Blackhead Removal Tool That's Disgustingly Effective

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Not gonna lie: these extraction tools have always freaked me out. But they're a seriously effective and gentle way to keep your skin clear. Find the blackhead removal tool on Amazon

These Ultra-Sharp Tweezers Literally Pluck The Plugs From Your Pores

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Sure, you could make use of these ultra-sharp tweezers for removing slivers, but that's a waste of their pore-clearing potential. Find them on Amazon

This Black Sugar Mask That'll Make Your Skin Sweetly Soft

via: Skinfood

Not gonna like, this stuff looks delicious. The mask embraces the abrasive power of Brazilian black sugar crystals to all-naturally exfoliate that dead skin off your face. Find it on Amazon

These Specialty Washcloth Mitten That'll Exfoliate All Your Dead Skin

via: Baiden

If you haven't used one of these, you need to. Watching the Baiden mitten quickly amass all your dead skin into light grey rolls... it's disgusting. And so addictive. Find the Baiden Mitten on Amazon

This Classic Black Face Mask That's A Grossly Satisfying Experience

via: My Scheming

These black masks are everywhere now, and that doesn't make them any less fun to use. It's like peeling a black balloon off your face. Only with all sorts of nastiness attached. Find the My Scheming black mask on Amazon

This Undeniably Hilarious Carbonated Mask That Foams The Filth Right Off Your Face

via: Memebox Corporation

Even if this thing didn't work, I'd still be in just for the experience. Fortunately, it does. Find the foaming mask on Amazon

This Hydrating Clay Mask That Utilizes Mud From The Dead Sea

via: Pure Body Naturals

If you're looking for a less ebullient mask experience, this mask'll do nicely. Packed with minerals from the mud at the lowest elevation on earth, it promises to moisturize and revitalize your skin with no bubbles in the process. Find the mask on Amazon

This Egg White Pore Foam Is Essentially A Meringue For Your Face

via: Skinfood

While it may not be as delicious as meringue, this Egg White Pore Foam is just as packed with protein from the albumen in egg whites. And unlike its more delicious cousin, it's also accompanied by a host of supplemental vitamins and minerals. Prepare your pores for terrific refinement. Find Egg White Pore Foam on Amazon

This Bizarre Japanese Invention Promises To Rejuvenate Your Face

via: DesignAndTech

Flexing your lips over this silicone mouth exerciser will (apparently) rejuvenate sagging skin, preventing wrinkles and other signs of aging in the process. It'll also make a great gag gift, humiliate you in front of company, and lead to many, many questions if found out of context. Find it on Amazon

This Veritable Hannibal Lector Mask From Korea That'll Slim And Tighten Your Cheeks

via: Innoculous

Not dissimilar to its Japanese cousin, this Korean skincare device  poses more questions than it answers. In addition to its apparent powers of slimming the face, it'll also make a great human muzzle, chic femmed-up Bane mask, or a comprehensive self-restraint device to keep yourself on that diet. Find it on Amazon

This Soft Washcloth That Washes Makeup Away With Water

Definitely more satisfying than gross, the Makeup Eraser is a go-to solution for makeup removal that's easy on your skin. And you know you'll get some deep satisfaction out of seeing all these makeup smeared on the towel. Find the Makeup Eraser on Amazon

This Popular Gel Mask Made From Donkey Milk

Yup, apparently donkeys produce milk (I did not know this). And they make apparently great Korean masks from it! Find the donkey milk masks on Amazon

This Wildly Popular Gel Essence That's The Unholy Offspring Of Snails And Bees

via: Makeup Alley

Snails, I don't love. Bees? Keep them away from me. Snails and bees, together? No Thank You. Fortunately, this gel essence only utilizes the beneficial aspects of our outdoor pals: snail mucin, and bee venom. The mucin supports cell regeneration, while the bee venom acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral agent. Find it on Amazon

This Popular Mask Made From Snails

If masks made from donkey milk aren't niche enough for you, perhaps one of these popular masks made from snails will fit the bill. Reviews are stellar, and they're regularly out of stock, so these snails must know something we don't! Find the snail mask on Amazon

This Top-Rated Exfoliator Will Tingle The Dead Skin Right Off Your Face

via: TheraTree

Combining the power of tea tree oil, pumice, and white charcoal, this Tea Tree Scrub is one of the most popular in its category on Amazon. Find it on Amazon

This Charcoal Blotting Paper That'll Soak Up All Your Skin's Oils

via: PleasingCare

If you haven't tried blotting paper, it's time. The papers absorb excess skin oil on contact, and turn satisfyingly translucent when soaked to capacity. Find these blotting papers on Amazon.

This Ingenious Hair Remover That Doesn't Need Wax Or Chemicals

via: Tweezerman

Those looking for an easy, satisfying and chemical-free solution to hair removal need look no further than the Tweezerman Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover.Find the Tweezerman hair remover on Amazon

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!