21 Fidgets That'll Melt Your Stress Away

Life is full of things to worry about. Pressures at the job. The mortgage. That lower-back tattoo your daughter keeps threatening to get.

So before you start pulling your hair out, check out these insanely cool (and insanely cheap) toys that'll help tamp down your anxiety. Or at least distract you for a while.

We hope you find these anxiety-killing toys as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Hinge Puzzle That'll Open The Doors Of Your Mind

via: Fat Brain Toys

This Four-Way SpinnerThat Will Keep At Least One Hand Busy

via: Shenzhen Kana

These Fun Pencils You Can Really Screw Around With

via: School Specialty

This Classic Rubik's Cube That'll You Know You'll Start But Probably Never Solve

via: Rubik's Brand

These Cool Magnetic Sculptures You Wanted As a Kid

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These Koosh Balls That Will Flash You Back To Simpler Better Times

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This Tiny Manual Shift Lever That'll Put Your Mind on Automatic

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This Jacob's Ladder Toy You Probably Played With In Preschool

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This Golden Brass Spinner That Spins As Good As It Looks

via: Heaby

These Fidget Rings That'll Keep Your Fingers Focused

via: WeFidget

This Popping Edamame That's More Addictive Than The Real Thing

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This Useless Cube of Switches You Won't Stop Flipping

via: DHgate

This Infinite Loop Bike Chain You Can Spin And Shape

via: Tom's Fidgets

This Immortal Bubble Wrap That'll Drive Your Coworkers Nuts But You Won't Even Care

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This Squishy Face You Can Shape To Suit Your Very Important Feelings

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This Insanely Satisfying Kinestic Sand You Will Be Tempted To Bite


These Wacky Trax That Also Make Elegant Jewelry

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These Tangle Toys You Had As a Kid And Are Finally Smart Enough To Figure Out

via: Tangle Jr.

This Ball In A Bag That Goes Crazy When You Squeeze It

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