20 Of The Most Insanely Satisfying Cleaning Gadgets Under $20

Let's face it: for the vast majority of us, cleaning isn't fun. For some of us, it's outright torture. That's why we've put together a list of the most fun-to-use, deeply satisfying cleaning gadgets on the market — from magical magnetic cleaners to awesome as-seen-on-TV products that'll pick up anything.

And as an added bonus, we've kept them all under $20, do you don't have to feel guilty about a cleaning gadget splurge.

We hope you find these cleaning gadgets as cool and helpful as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words participates in Amazon's affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. 

This Tiny But Genius Invention That Cleans Anything With The Power Of Magnets

Never again will you bend your hand in half trying to scrub the bottom of some narrow jar or bottle. The Cuisipro Magnetic Spot Scrubber uses the power of magnets to get its tiny scrubber into the most impossible of spaces. Find the Cuisipro Magnetic Spot Scrubber on Amazon

This Microfiber Blinds Cleaner That'll Make You Not Hate Cleaning Blinds

via: eBay

The last time I tried cleaning blinds by hand, I bent them in half. With one of these microfiber blinds cleaners, you'll get them clean in one quick swipe. No more bent blinds! Find it on Amazon

This Awesome Goop That'll Actually Clean Your Filthy Electronics

via: Cyber Clean

You just smush Cyber Clean onto any of your dusty and/or filthy electronics, and let the goop grab do the rest of the work. It also seems really fun to play with. Find Cyber Clean on Amazon

This Tiny Cleaning Pen That Gets Where Other Cleaners Can't

via: OXO

One end's a cleaning brush, one end's a silicone cleaning spudger. The OXO Cleaning Brush is designed for electronics, but this insanely popular little gadget can clean pretty much anything. Just think of how satisfying it'd be to scoop that goop out from the crevices of your car's interior. Find the GoodGrips Brush on Amazon

This Drill Brush That Finally Allows Dudes To Bring Power Tools Into The Cleaning Process

via: Drillbrush

I think they're onto something with the Revolver Drill Brush. It seems like a great way to trick (or persuade) gents into chipping in on the deep-cleaning around the house. And it's apparently ultra effective. Find the Revolver Drill Brush on Amazon

This Super Popular Broom Designed To Capture Pet Hair

via: Evriholder

The Evriholder Furemover Broom is one of the most popular brooms in Amazon, and it's not hard to see why. With a rubber construction that's design to attract and trap pet hair, the Evriholder works great as a traditional broom, and doubles as a waterproof squeegee. Find the Evriholder Broom on Amazon

This Narrow Brush Designed To Clean All The Gaps In Your House

via: eBay

Whether it's the bottom of your sink, or the gaps and grooves in your window tracks, this brush will get at them all. Find the Gap Brush on Amazon

This Little Angry Mama That Cleans Your Microwave With The Power Of Steam

via: Bulbhead

There are few things more disgusting to clean than a filthy microwave. Fortunately, the Angry Mama's steam power loosens built-up messes so you can just wipe them away.

Find the Angry Mama on Amazon

This Ergonomic Brush That'll Get Right At Your Nastiest Grout

via: Fugenial

There's nothing worse than tiring your fingers (and wearing out your sponges) trying to get at those narrow, filthy grout joints. With the Fuginator Grout Brush, those days are behind you. Find the Fuginator Grout Brush on Amazon

These Foam Erasers That Clean Basically Anything

via: Mr. Clean

Sure, the Magic Eraser may be a household name by now, but that doesn't make it any less satisfying to use. Just imagine, right now, scrubbing the grime off of the wall by your light switches, and tell me you don't want one. Find the Magic Eraser on Amazon

This Cleaning Power Tool That Eats Soap Scum For Breakfast

via: Black and Decker

The Black and Decker Power Scrubber uses AA batteries and replaceable cleaning pads to attack any soap scum or residue with plenty of power. Find the Black and Decker Power Scrubber on Amazon

This Hilarious Onesie That Turns Your Baby Into A Mop

via: Better Than Pants

Okay, this one is a little bit tongue in cheek, but for those of us with little ones crawling around the house, the Baby Mop does make some sense. Find the Baby Mop on Amazon

This Lil' Power Scrubber That'll Clean Everything You Own

via: Sonic Scrubber

The popular Sonic Scrubber uses oscillating brushes to loosen even your most stubborn messes. And it's got a pretty cool name too. Find the Sonic Scrubber on Amazon

This Cutlery Cleaning Brush That Should Be Built Into Every Sink

via: Evriholder

I don't know where this Evriholder Cutlery Cleaner has been all my life, but both I, and my silverware, are happy I've found it. Find the Evriholder Cutlery Cleaner on Amazon

This Telescoping Duster That Will Finally Clean Your Filthy Ceiling Fan Blades

via: Pure Care

Not only will this telescoping microfiber duster remove all the dust from your ceiling fan, it'll remove any excuses not to keep it clean 24/7. Find the telescoping microfiber duster on Amazon

This As Seen On TV Gadget That Picks Up Anything

The Schticky is one of those cheesy as-seen-on-TV products that's actually worth buying. Essentially an immortal lint roller, the Schticky grabs anything from cereal to pet hair, and washes clean with cold water. Find The Schticky on Amazon

These Bleach Pens That'll Kill All Of The Mildew

via: Clorox

For the times you don't feel like scrubbing, these Clorox Bleach Pens can be a lifesaver. And just watching that gross brown grout turn clean and white with the stroke of a pen is a pretty magical thing. Find Clorox Bleach Pens on Amazon

This Magic Solution That Disintegrates Annoying Residues

via: Goo Gone

Sure, Goo Gone may not be a fun gadget, per se, but it's certainly fun to watch it do its thing on sticker residues and other stubborn sticky messes. Find Goo Gone on Amazon

These Delightful Slippers That Turn Your Feet Into Mops

via: eBay

With these mop slippers, you don't even need to clean up to have company over. Just put a pair on each guest and let them do the cleaning for you. Find mop slippers on Amazon