19 Ridiculously Convenient Inventions That'll Save You Tons Of Time

Life is full of things that require your attention: children, work, that neighbor who's mowing more and more over your property line. Fortunately, there's a whole world of products out there designed to take all the thought out of using them.

From trays that tell you when to get more eggs, to set-it-and-forget-it appliances that'll cook your dinner for you, these products will simplify your life.

We hope you find these products as fascinating as we do. We've picked them out to share because we love them, not because we're being paid to. However, 22Words does participate in the Amazon affiliate program, and can receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Super-Popular Insta-Pot That Can Make Almost Any Meal For You

via: Instant Pot

From yogurt to pot roast, in record time. Find it on Amazon

This Highly-Rated Gadget Will Feed Your Cat For You

via: HoneyGuardian

You can even record voice messages to your cat, so he never gets lonely. Find it on Amazon

This Almost Magic Furremover Broom Will Sweep Up Pet Hair With Minimal Effort

via: Evriholder

The natural rubber bristles make it a pet-hair magnet. And it's even got a squeegee on the back, for those inopportune liquid messes. Find it on Amazon

Or Let One Of These Beloved Robotic Vacuums Clean Your Whole House For You

via: iRobot

It's the 21st century, people. Your house should be full of robots. Find it on Amazon

This Popular Air Fryer Cooks Crispy Dinners For You

via: GoWise Products

Make anything from french fries to buffalo wings with little to no oil required. Find it on Amazon

This Lighted Alarm Clock Will Wake You Up Gradually For Maximum Alertness

via: Philips

Simulating the light of the rising sun, the Philips Wake-up Light promises to get you up on the right side of the bed, every single morning.  Find it on Amazon

This Quirky Egg-Minder Will Text You When You're Low On Eggs

via: Quirky

Even if bae won't text, at least Eggminder will. Find it on Amazon

The Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker Perfectly Cooks Your Eggs For You With Zero Mess

via: CNet

Zero pots to clean. Just put the eggs in, press the button, and let the steam do the work. Find it on Amazon

This 3-in-1 Breakfast Station Will Prep A Big Breakfast In One Fell Swoop

via: Nostalgia Electronics

This is the ultimate all-in-one gadget. Find it on Amazon

This Inexpensive Immersion Blender Will Blend Your Food And Save You So Much Dishwashing

via: Bella Housewares

Finally, you can start that bisque business! Find it on Amazon

The Ring Video Doorbell Lets You Answer The Front Door From Anywhere On Earth

via: Ring

Now you can finally hold that Amazon delivery man accountable. Find it on Amazon

This Classic Crock Pot Is Perfect For Set-In-And-Forget-In Dinner

via: Crock-Pot

All stews, all day, every day. Find it on Amazon

These Smart Lightbulbs Are Controlled By Your Smartphone

via: TP-Link

The perfect mood lighting is just a swipe away.  Find it on Amazon

This Affordable Sous Vide Cooker Will Make Perfect Steaks While You Do Other Things

via: Anova

Cook like the pros do. Find it on Amazon

With this Ultra-Handy Steamer You'll Never Set Up An Ironing Board Again

via: eBay

Sure, you can lug out your ironing board, plug in the iron, wait for it to heat up, then press every wrinkle out of every shirt. Or you can just wave this steamer over your clothes and watch the wrinkles fall away. Find it on Amazon

You Can Control This Wi-Fi Enabled Coffee Maker From Your Smartphone

via: Mr. Coffee

Why shouldn't your coffeemaker be smart? Find it on Amazon

With One Of These Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers You Can Blast Your Tunes Anytime, Anywhere

via: UE

Just strap it to your bike, hand, belt, or friend. The UE Roll is ready to rock, anytime, anywhere. Find it on Amazon

This Programmable Keurig Will Make The Perfect Amount Of Coffee Whenever You Want It To

via: Keurig

The perfect cup is just a button-press away. Find it on Amazon

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!