16 Immensely Satisfying Products That Actually Exist

From metal that melts in the palm of your hand, to lotions that'll make your foot skin peel off, we've gathered together eighteen of the most insanely satisfying products to use.

We just dare you to look away.

We hope you find these awesome products as fascinating and satisfying as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words may receive a portion of sales from links on this page.

This Genius Invention That'll Wipe Your Whisk Clean

Sure, you won't be able to lick the batter off the whisk anymore. You'll just have to lick it off the Whisk Wiper. And that will be quite a bit easier. Find the Whisk Wiper on Amazon

This Kinetic Sand You Probably Want To Bite As Much As I Do


Why does this look strangely delicious? Or is it just me? Find kinetic sand on Amazon

This Classic Spirograph That'll Flash You Back To Childhood


Spirograph never, ever gets old. Find the Spirograph kit on Amazon

This Baby Foot Peel That'll Make Peeling Your Feet Disgustingly Addictive

Disgusting. I can't wait to try it! Find the Baby Foot peel on Amazon

This Absolutely Unbelievable Magnetic Putty That'll Eat Your Metal Possessions


It's like Silly Putty's dark, carnivorous cousin. Find some magnetic putty on Amazon

This Ultra-Cheap Gizmo That'll Clear Your Nauseatingly Gross Pipes

Just imagine what must lurk in your pipes. Terrifying. I can't wait to try these. Find the drain snake on Amazon

These Poppin' Edamame That You'll Never Stop Squeezing

These look even more addictive than the real thing. Find some Poppin' Edamame on Amazon

These Immortal Lint Rollers That'll Pick Up Everything In Your House

And once the Schticky is full, just rinse it under cold water. Once dry, it's ready to Schtick again! Find The Schticky on Amazon

This Ferromagnetic Fluid That Looks Like Something Out Of Alien

I've gotta try this.

Find some ferromagnetic fluid on Amazon

This Incredible (And Safe) Metal That'll Literally Melt In Your Hands

It's like the T1000 from Terminator 2 just melted in your hand. Find some gallium on Amazon

These Fidget Cubes That You'll Never Stop Clicking


Find some fidget cubes on Amazon

These Omnipresent Spinners That You Know You'd Get Hooked On


Find the best spinners on Amazon

This Pencil Sharpener For Zucchini That Makes Healthy Noodles Fun


They're called Zoodles, and they're both healthy, and delicious. Find the Vegetti on Amazon

This Giant Scissor Gadget That'll Chop All Of Your Produce Up

It's like a knife and cutting board in one hand-held tool! Find the Clever Cutter on Amazon

These Brilliant Pasta Forks You've Probably Seen But Never Knew How They Worked

Just wet your fingers with a tiny bit of sauce, and push down. Voila! A great bite of pasta awaits. Find the pasta forks on Amazon

This Giant Spiral Cutter That Makes Short Work Of Pineapples

DIY Dole, in your own kitchen. Find the pineapple slicer on Amazon