The Internet Is Obsessed With These Terrifying Zombie Gnomes

When you think of garden gnomes, you probably picture something cutesy and perhaps a little twee. But the latest gnomes to go viral are anything but adorable.

The Ebros Walking Dead Severed Body Zombie Gnome Crawling On The Floor Statue is not your typical garden gnome.


Just take a look at this terrifying specimen.

​It's 7" tall, 7" long, and 5" deep, and it weighs about 1.25 pounds. It's also  made of designer composite resin, hand painted, and polished individually.


"Behold the coming of the zombie apocalypse! This Zombie has risen from the dead and he was last dead buried in the ground in a spooky graveyard. With his leg severed, decayed eyeball falling out of its socket, and rotting flesh all around, this zombie will surely scare all that draws near! He makes a very interesting decor to place by your home entrance, in your garden peeking out of the flower shrubs or wherever you fancy, to shock your guests!" the description reads.

Whether you're decorating for Halloween, or just want to give your garden a spooky twist, this is the gnome for you.


And it's clearly of very high quality, with a current average rating of 4.9 out of 5-stars!

Satisfied customers have left great testimonials for this creepy ornament.


"The details are fantastic!!! This guy is durable with great color and the perfect size. I'm Very happy with this purchase," writes one excited reviewer.

"Great looking pose. Sturdy and well made. Highly recommend," another agrees.


Would you decorate your garden with this frightening creature? If you're tempted, you can buy your very own right here.