Viral Makeup Product on TikTok Voted ‘Product of the Year’

I'll be honest with you.


My name's Joseph. Make-up is rarely a large part of my skin routine. But if there's one thing I do know, from my many friends of the female sex, it's that make-up can be a serious pain.

And what's an even bigger pain?

Well your luscious locks of blonde, brunette, ginger, or strawberry blonde hair gets in the way while you're applying it. But fear no longer boys and girls, as there's a product on the market to put an end to that.

Say hello to fluffy bow headbands.


The fluffy bow head bands are absolutely ideal for keeping your hair out of the way. But not only that, they're also absolutely ideal for self-care nights when you'd rather your clay face mask not make it into your freshly washed hair.

Don't just take my word for it.


The reviews for this product say everything you need to know.

Such as this one:

These are not something I normally would have thought of to buy for myself, but after buying them as little "thank you" gifts for others, I FELL IN LOVE WITH THEM!!! They are super soft, come in adorable prints and instantly make you feel girly and fabulous. I even had to order more because my daughters started stealing them from me! I use them for keeping my hair out of my face when doing my morning and nightly beauty routines. I also use them instead of a shower cap to keep the hair around my forehead and neck from getting wet. They are easy to wash and hold up well, just throw in a garment bag. I think these are way better and more comfortable than the traditional headbands and hairclips I was using before. I am one happy lady and I absolutely recommend this product!

And they're cheap as chips too.


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