A Unicorns vs Llamas Monopoly Game Exists and It's Full of Rainbows and Sunshine

Amazon is selling the perfect gift for anyone with a love of board games and mythical creatures...

You can now get the unicorns versus llamas Monopoly game on Amazon...


And it's the ultimate board game for anyone obsessed with rainbows and sparkles.

This edition of the Monopoly board game is designed to be played in teams. Join team unicorn or team llama... as if Monopoly could get any better!


You race around the board getting titles instead of properties, and can land on things like "Most Huggable" and "Cutest Babies."

The game ends once all the titles have been claimed, and the team with the most titles is crowned the winner!


This means their adorable beast is the best, at least until the next time you play.

Even if you own multiple Monopoly boards, this one has to be a staple in your collection...


And it makes the perfect present for any animal lover.

It's currently selling on Amazon for $20.99, so you might want to hurry before they all sell out.


You can get your own unicorns vs. llamas Monopoly board game here.