37 Things on Amazon You’d Have to Be A Little...Off...to Buy

Is it just me, or does life get boring after a while? You wake up in the same bed, go to the same job, see the same people, and probably eat the same stuff every week — isn't it time to shake things up a bit? Enter: all the weird things you can buy on Amazon.

Some of it is brilliant, some of it is useful, but all of it is just strange enough that it'll make life feel like it has at least a little more variety. So what are you waiting for? My life used to be gray and boring, but then I bought the hotdog toaster that I've included in this list. I can't say my life is FULL of color now, but at least I ain't hungry!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Egg Separator That Looks Like A Boogery Mess

Sometimes the best gadgets are the goofiest ones, and this egg separator is a perfect example. Just crack an egg into the top, then tip it forward — the whites will ooze out the nose, leaving you with a fresh yolk on the inside. Use it to gross out friends and family, or even as a quirky way to get your kids interested in cooking.

A Sequin Pillowcase That Reveals Dwight From 'The Office'

Any fan of The Office will know exactly what episode this pillowcase is from, but just in case you don't remember: [caption id="attachment_806144" align="alignnone" width="300"] "Stress Relief," season 5 episode 14[/caption] And even if you aren't big into The Office, this sequin pillowcase still works great as a gag gift, or even a conversation piece for your living room. While the filler isn't included (you can easily buy it here), unlike other sequin pillows this one comes in multiple colors: black, blue, red, purple, champagne, and more.

A Pickle That Yodels...No, Really.

When your friends and family are the types of people who already have everything, I'm willing to bet money that they don't have a yodeling pickle. Because that's exactly what this is — it's a pickle that yodels. Batteries come included, and one reviewer has a better description than I could ever come up with: "This has been an outstanding addition to my collection of desktop stress busters. No matter what the workplace throws at me, who can fail to laugh when you have a bright green, slightly phallic shaped yodeling pickle nearby? My office is near the Psychiatry Department, and when the doctors come by my office to visit I can tell they secretly covet my pickle."

This Mug That Lets You Shoot Hoops At Your Desk

Do I play basketball? No. Do I even watch it? Never. But that didn't stop me from buying this basketball hoop mug, because if there's one thing I'm always willing to spend money on, it's random tchotchkes I can use to distract myself from working. Toss marshmallows through the hoop, or even launch a few saltines if you're eating soup.

The Fart Machine That's Way More Entertaining Than It Should Be

It doesn't matter whether you're 15 or 51 — farts will always be funny. So instead of eating beans to terrorize my family, I grabbed this fart machine. I like to hide it behind trash cans or underneath cushions, then use the remote to set it off from an inconspicuous distance. The best part? There are 15 sounds to rotate through, and it only needs one 9-volt battery.

This Drinking Game That Gets The Party Going

I have this weird anxiety that people won't have fun whenever I throw a party, which is why I grabbed this drinking game. It's easy to learn so that you're not stuck explaining rules over and over, and the cards are guaranteed to get everybody drinking — either complete the directions on the cards, or finish your drink. Examples include "take an embarrassing selfie and post it on your Snapchat," "attempt to do the worm," and more.

These Wipes That Get Straight To The Point

I bought these crusty clam crevice cleaners because I was feeling a little musty, but they also work great as bachelorette party favors, goody bag filler, or even as a white elephant gift. They're discrete enough that you can use them for real while in public, but if you want to start a conversation just slap 'em down on the table in the middle of dinner. And just in case you weren't sure, yes — these are wet wipes.

These Snacks From All Around The World

The same ol' snacks from the grocery store get boring after a while, which is why I gave this worldwide snack pack a try. Each box comes with a variety of candy, cookies, biscuits, and more, plus there aren't any duplicates — if you wind up not liking something, you don't have to worry about the box being stuffed with it. You get at least 10 snacks in each box, and every box comes with something different for added fun.

This Desk Organizer That You Can Stab To Your Heart's Content

Have you ever had the sudden urge to just STAB something? No? Just me and my pal Jeffrey Dahmer? Well in case you change your mind, I'll just leave this pen and pencil organizer here. It's small enough that it'll easily fit on any desk without taking up a ton of space, and it's made from durable silicone — stabbity-stab-stab it as much as you want, and it won't lose its ability to hold your pens.

A Toaster For Hot Dogs And Buns

There are days where I whip up a three-course meal, and there are days where I wear sweatpants for 12 hours straight — this hot dog toaster gets used a lot on those days. If I don't feel like dirtying up my kitchen I'll just pop in two dogs along with two buns, then set the toasting level to "high" because I like my dogs burnt (don't judge.) The drip try catches any juices, plus each order also comes with tongs.

This Lumbar Pillow That's Looks So Good You Could Eat It

My back tends to get sore after I've been hunched over my laptop for a few hours. Enter: this lumbar pillow...that looks like a delicious loaf of bread. Unlike other pillows that just have a printed case, this one actually has 3D ridges so that it looks, and feels like a real loaf of bread. It's filled with soft cotton, and the zipper is hidden to prevent snags.

These Odor Absorbers Made With Natural Charcoal

These little charcoal bags don't look like much at first, but trust me — just put them anywhere there's a funky smell, and they'll quickly absorb it so that your air is stank-free. I've found they work really well with smelly trash as well as funky dogs, but your options are almost endless: put them in your car to absorb excess moisture, or even in musty closets so that your clothes stay fresh.

These Wine Condoms That Keep Your Bottles Fresh

I always have too many bottles of wine open for the number of stoppers I own, which is why I grabbed this 6-pack of wine condoms. Similar to real condoms, just unroll them overtop your wine bottle to plug 'em up for later, and they'll fit onto almost any type of glass bottle — including beer. They're made from 100% rubber latex, and the seal is airtight for added freshness.

This Ice Mold That Makes Skull Ice Balls

I like to use extra-large ice balls when drinking whiskey since it dilutes more slowly. But even if you aren't into whiskey, this skull ice ball mold is still a total steal at only $13. It's made from BPA-free, flexible silicone so that it's easy to pop your skulls out, and the skulls look great in punch bowls during Halloween parties.

These Drink Cups Designed To Look Like IV Blood Bags

Sure you can use them for parties, but personally? I like to use these IV blood bag cups on a regular basis — just for fun. They're made from food-grade PVC that don't affect the flavor of whatever you're drinking, and the stopper on the ends help prevent spills. Each order comes with 10, as well as one syringe so that it's easy to fill them up.

A Butter Dish Shaped Like An Adorable Weiner Dog

You can't tell me this butter dish isn't cute. Mine looks absolutely adorable sitting on my kitchen counter, and it's large enough to hold an entire stick of butter. The best part? It's made from chic ceramic that gives it a little added heft so it doesn't go skidding around if you knock into it.

This Blanket That Makes You Look Like A Mermaid

Ever wonder what it's like to be a mermaid? This blanket is not only incredibly soft, but the back is also open — I don't have to wiggle my way out when it's time to stand up. Each order also comes with a cute mermaid necklace, plus the blanket itself is available in nine colors: green, pink, purple, grey, and more.

These Light-Up Gloves That Are Too Fun In The Dark

I like to wear these gloves to keep myself visible while running at night, but most people will get a kick out of just goofing around with them in the dark. There are six different lighting modes to choose from, plus each pair comes with batteries already inside. They're breathable, made from cotton, and one size is made to fit most — my hands fit just fine.

A Stuffed Monkey You Can Slingshot Across The Room

What more is there to say? It's a stuffed monkey with elastic limbs that let you slingshot him across the room. Is he going to change your life? Probably not. Is he gonna give you at least 30 minutes of fun while you're procrastinating? Absolutely. That's why I keep mine on my desk — there's no better time to launch something across the room than when I'm supposed to be working in Excel.

This Fidget Toy That Helps Me Focus

At first I thought fidget toys were silly little gimmicks for adults — until I tried this one. Now I can't get through a whole day of work without playing with it, but in return it helps me focus on whatever task I'm working on by channeling all my mental distractions into my hands.There are 12 sides that you can click, squeeze, flick, spin, and more, plus it's small enough that it can easily fit in your pocket.

A Button That Calls You On Your Bullshit

Remember those "Easy" buttons from Staples? This is the same thing, but with "Bullshit." I like to use mine whenever my boyfriend is being a fool, though one reviewer put it better than I ever could — "Buy this if you have been driven to distraction by telemarketers calling constantly!!!! I was thrilled to be able to use it first thing this morning on the first of probably many calls which will aggravate and interrupt my day today. Folks, it works. I think the person was so shocked they just immediately hung up without saying a word. YAY!!!"

These Freaky Hands That Are Perfect For Goofing Off

Put one on your pencil so you can give yourself a high-five whenever you write down something, or even put these freaky hands on your hands so you can terrify your friends and family (my preferred method of use.) They come in two different skin tones, plus you get left, and right hands. Or, if neither of those sound fun, one reviewer found another use for them — "These hands fit inside of my nose perfectly and stayed with a little lash glue." What more could you ask for?

This Adult Stuffed Animal Named 'Slacker Sloth'

I was tired of the same ol' stuffed animals all around my house, which is why I bought Slacker Sloth. Slacker Sloth likes to drink, chain smoke cigs, then fall asleep in front of the television by 4:30 p.m. with a bottle of wine perched on his stomach. He's also soft and cuddly, but I mostly got him to feel better about myself and my poor life choices. So if you need a self-esteem boost, and a cuddly friend, Slacker Sloth is always available.

This Air Bazooka That'll Blow Friends And Family Away

Looking for a lighthearted way to be annoying? This air bazooka more than gets the job done. I use mine for family BBQs when my young cousins are being annoying — just BLAST 'EM right in the face! It's lightweight enough that I can easily use it in either hand, plus it's able to send a blast of air up to 20 feet away. There's even a pop-up sight you can use for increased accuracy, which comes in handy when your cousins are nimble and like to dodge the blasts.

A Fast-Paced Game Where One Of You Is Secretly Hitler

In Secret Hitler, players are separated into two teams: liberals vs. fascists. The fascists do their best to sow distrust and put Hitler in power, while the liberals are trying to stop them. The only problem is that none of the players know who is on their team — it's all secret. My family likes to whip this one out after all the kids have gone to bed, as it's great for anywhere from five to 10 players.

This Putting Set For Your Toilet

I'm trying to spend less time on my phone in general, which is why I bought this putting green for my toilet. Instead of scrolling through reddit for 30 minutes, I spend 15 minutes practicing my golf stroke. I'm not quite ready to take on Tiger Woods (yet), but considering that each set also comes with a "Do Not Disturb" door hanger, I can't imagine it'll take me more than a few months before I'm whackin' balls at the Masters tournament.

These Facemasks That Actually Look Like Animal Faces

Regular face masks make you look like an extra from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, whereas these ones are just as nourishing, but are printed with adorable animal faces so that you look fresh, not frightening. They're infused with a blend of hydrating vitamins that leave your skin glowing, though each one has a different purpose. The panda mask, for example, helps firm your skin, whereas the unicorn mask is great for cleansing pores.

This Miniature Cutout Of Danny DeVito

I know what you're thinking — "Why would I want a miniature cutout of Dani DeVito?" To which my response would be, "Don't worry — there's also a life-size version available too!" But no matter which you choose, you'll still wind up with a gorgeously printed version of everybody's favorite <5' actor. Mine sits on the dresser in my closet, just to freak people out when they open the doors.

A Bottle Of Body Glitter That Helps Moisturize Dry Skin

If you're surrounded by fools, imbeciles, and the occasional moron, don't let their lunacy dull your sparkle — and if they do, just douse yourself with this body glitter. It's infused with aloe vera to help moisturize dry skin, and I like to use it as a fun way to add some style to my outfit on a beach day. Choose from four colors: pink, gold, holographic, or diamond.

A Faux Oil Painting Of Our Lord And Savior Nicolas Cage

If you don't like Nicolas Cage, we can't be friends — and I'm not sorry about it. Not only is this oil painting of our one true Lord and Savior 100% handmade, but the image quality is also sharp, which means it looks absolutely nuts hanging in my bathroom. I never get tired of people asking "Why do you have a portrait of Nicolas Cage in your bathroom?" because the only appropriate response is something along the lines of:

These String Lights Shaped Like Cute Bees

At first I didn't think they looked like much when I opened the box, but these honeybee-shaped string lights got me absolutely buzzing once I hung them up (get it? ...I'll show myself out.) The bulbs are made from energy-efficient LEDs with a lifespan of up to 10,000 hours, and all you need to get them buzzing (alright alright, I'm leaving!) is three AA batteries.

This Survival Kit, Just In Case...You Know

Am I honestly worried that I'm going to get stranded in the middle of the desert? Not really, but I still got this survival kit since it's not like anyone plans on being in a life-or-death situation. It comes with 18 pieces of equipment to help you survive in the wilderness, including a flint stone, flashlight, knife, whistle, emergency blanket, and more. Plus the entire kit weighs less than 2 pounds, which means it won't weigh you down while camping.

This Ridiculous Box You Can Use To Prank Friends When Giving Gifts

Truth be told, I bought this prank box thinking it was actually a serving vest for animals, but it works better as a prank than a charcuterie board strapped to my dog. I used mine to conceal the Nintendo Switch I bought my boyfriend for Christmas, and laughs were had by all — besides, it's only $6. Your daily coffee costs more, and this way you're at least getting a few chuckles along the way too.

This Blanket That Wraps You Into A Warm Burrito

If you've ever wondered what it's like to become a burrito, look no further than this blanket. Even though the burrito print is cool, I bought it because it's made from high-quality flannel that keeps me warm when my apartment is too cold from its air conditioning. Could I just turn the AC down? Of course — but then I wouldn't get to use this blanket; a first-world problem if there ever was one.

These Taco Stands Shaped Like Dinosaurs

Are you tired of your tacos flopping over and spilling out onto your plate? Me too — that's why I bought these taco stands. They're 100% food-safe as well as BPA-free, and you've got three options when it comes to the type of dinosaur you'd prefer: Triceratops, T-Rex, or one that sort of looks like a Diplodocus (I'm not a paleontologist, alright?) You can also use them for nachos, or even as a fun container to hold dip.

This Party Game Similar To Hot Potato

You don't need to heat up a potato in the oven to play Hot Potato, as this electric version will ZAP whoever the potato lands on. It works great as a drinking game, plus there's even a musical function so that smaller kids can get into the fun as well. One reviewer even raved that "It does give you a fairly decent shock but it’s not so bad that you can’t take it. The different modes are fun as well. You really do need to pass it with two hands to get the maximum shock. It’s very entertaining."

These Stemless Wine Glasses That Won't Spill

Unlike regular stemless wine glasses, these ones feature flat edges that help prevent them from spilling over if you knock into them. They're made from borosilicate glass that's resistant to temperature changes and chips, plus they just look good — which is the main reason I bought them. Instead of wine, I like to use mine as whiskey glasses since they help aerate whatever liquid is inside.