37 Genius Kitchen Inventions on Amazon

Stocking stuffers are one of my favorite things to shop for, and I especially love gifting kitchen gadgets because they're so useful. Your recipient will think of you all year round every time they use your present! I've rounded up some of the cutest, handiest, and most ingenious kitchen tools around that would make great gifts for your favorite home cook, party host, or baking enthusiast.

These are the gifts they'll use all the time and make everyday tasks easier and more efficient. Plus, they look good while doing so. From adjustable rolling pins to electric wine openers to the best travel mug, we've got all the kitchen gifts you could want this year!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

These Snowflake Cookie Cutters Are Frozen Fun

These snowflake cookie cutters are so detailed and produce amazing-looking cookies for decorating cakes, making a holiday tree, or just eating on their own! You get a set of six cookie cutters that make different snowflake shapes easily with the push of a button. You can even use them with fondant if you're going real fancy with your holiday desserts.

This Silicone Pastry Mat Measures Pie Crust For You

My husband's been on a pie-baking spree so this silicone baking mat is the perfect stocking stuffer this year! It measures the diameter of your pie crust so you make just the right size the first time. It won't slide around the countertop when you're rolling and it can go right in the oven if you're baking cookies. And it has almost 4k rave reviews for ease of use when rolling out the crust and the fact that it's super easy to clean.

This Baker's Dusting Wand Adds A Magical Touch

If your giftee is the fancy type, they're going to love this baker's dusting wand for adding the perfect finishing touch to desserts and toasty warm beverages. Just fill it with confectioner's sugar or spices and shake the magic wand over baked goods, coffees, cappuccinos, and more. Just imagine showering powdered sugar over piping hot french toast or waffles on a chilly winter morning. So much yum!

This Meat Thermometer Prevents Disaster

After getting burned a few times with food poisoning from undercooked meat, we decided to get this meat thermometer and haven't looked back since. You get peace of mind knowing you're not ingesting harmful bacteria since your chicken is fully cooked, and it couldn't be easier to use. This is a great gift for grillers, too!

These Colorful Knives Are So Cheerful

If you know someone just starting out that's building their kitchen arsenal, these colorful knives are a great stocking stuffer to start their collection. You get everything you need in this set of six, including a paring knife, utility knife, Santoku knife, carving knife, chef’s knife, and a bread knife. Plus, the colors are just so cheerful. This set is hard to resist.

This Electric Wine Opener Is So Classy

Is your favorite oenophile still using an old fashioned corkscrew to open their vino? Upgrade their imbibing experience with this electric wine opener that takes the hard work out of removing the cork. It opens wine with a push of a button and includes a foil cutter, too. Over 2,000 fans can't be wrong!

This Dough Whisk Makes Baking Easier

I've never seen a dough whisk before, but the design makes so much sense. It helps you avoid pockets of flour or baking soda in batter or dough, incorporates flour evenly to avoid overmixing, and cuts through thick doughs without sticking. Make it easier for the baker in your life to whip up a batch of homemade goodies with this handy gadget! Hopefully, they'll share with you as thanks for this thoughtful gift!

This Avocado Tool Is So Handy

If they've gotta have their avocado toast, this 3-in-1 avocado tool couldn't be more convenient. Use the serrated end to cut into the avocado, the pitting tool to remove the pit, and finally, the slicing end to glide easily through the avocado, giving you clean slices ready for topping your toast. This little gadget has over 13,000 glowing reviews so it's sure to be a hit!

This Orange Juicer Makes Fresh-Squeezed Juice Easy

It's tough to beat fresh-squeezed orange juice, but it can be such a pain to produce. Until now, that is. This orange squeezer works just like the lemon ones do: just pop half of an orange in and squeeze, giving you fresh juice instantly! It's the perfect tool for holiday brunches that they can use year-round.

These Herb Scissors Take The Fiddly Work Out

I love using fresh herbs when cooking to add depth of flavor and a nice finishing touch, but man, are they fiddly to chop up when they get stuck all over the knife and mashed up under the blade. That's why I'm lobbying you to get your favorite home cook these herb scissors that take the hard work out of trying to make a nice dinner. They slice and dice with ease, getting food on the table faster!

This Measuring Cup and Spoon Set Is Gorgeous

If they spend a lot of time in the kitchen, chances are their measuring cups and spoons are in need of an update. We've lost a bunch of ours along the way, and this set's so gorgeous I think I'll slip it into my own stocking! If they like to post their cooking on the 'gram, these are quite photogenic as well.

This Sloth Tea Infuser Is So Darn Cute

Who doesn't love a warm cup of tea on these chilly days, and what's cuter than a little sloth to help you make it? This tea infuser helpfully hangs on the side of your cup while steeping your brew and couldn't be easier to clean - just dump out the loose tea and rinse! Add some of their favorite tea and this just became the best stocking stuffer.

This Brita Filter Bottle Is So Handy

Sometimes it's not possible to get filtered water if you're out and about. Give the gift of great-tasting water with this Brita filter water bottle. Over 11,500 fans love how good it makes plain tap water taste and how it's helped them drink more water. A hydrated friend is a happy friend!

These Camping Mugs Are Rustic Chic

I'm not the only one in love with these camping mugs - over 3,000 people love them for how hot (or cold) it keeps their favorite beverage for hours. The insulated 16oz mugs are also leak-proof thanks to a clever spring-loaded lid opening that works with a slide of a button. The handle's also lined with cork so you won't burn your hands, a thoughtful touch that makes this mug even easier to love.

This Travel Mug Has Almost 54k Reviews

If they like to bring their beverages wherever they go, you can't go wrong with giving your loved one this Contigo travel mug with nearly 54,000 rave reviews. It'll keep things hot for 6 hours or cold for 12 and comes in a ton of colors and patterns so you can choose one tailor-made to their personality. It's spill-proof, easy to clean, and pretty much guaranteed that they'll use it every day.

These Whiskey Stones Won't Water Down Their Drinks

If they enjoy a variety of brown liquors, they'll love these stainless steel whiskey stones that keep drinks chilled without watering them down like ice does. This set of two comes highly recommended by reviewers who love them for chilling drinks fast and keeping them cold with no dilution. Bonus - they're large enough they won't accidentally drop down the sink drain and the steel means they're odor-free and won't absorb any odors or tastes.

These Bag Clips Are Adorable

We have the ladybug version of these bag clips and they couldn't be cuter. Now I really want these woodland creature ones! They're pretty much the perfect stocking stuffer since everyone uses bag clips daily. Why not make them adorable as well as functional?

These Silicone Trivets Are Multipurpose

Yes, these silicone trivets that come in a million colors will protect your countertop and table from scalding hot pans or bowls, but you can also use them as jar openers thanks to their flexible construction or to protect your hands from hot pot and pan handles. You get a set of three they'll use daily, plus these have over 2,000 five-star reviews so you know they're a quality gift.

This Honey Pot Is Fit For Farmhouse Style

If they're a big fan of farmhouse style, they're going to love this honey pot by Joanna & Chip Gaines' Hearth and Hand with Magnolia line of products. The rustic stoneware design is warmed up by the wooden lid and honey dipper and it looks great displayed on the counter. This is such a cute, homey way to store honey and much better than the sticky squeeze bottles crammed in my cupboard!

These Stasher Bags Are So Versatile

I love love love these reusable Ziploc Stasher bags for everything from storing snacks to cooking in boiling water or microwaving to freezing for later. I love that they're eco-friendly and create so much less waste than one-and-done plastic bags. They're a kitchen workhorse that also happen to be really nice to look at - the perfect combination of form and function.

This Oil And Vinegar Bottle Looks Great On Display

This oil and vinegar bottle works as good as it looks and is such a nice way to store these everyday salad staples. It makes the mundane special when you store balsamic and olive oil in this gorgeous sculpture. It also comes in grape motifs, but the bubble one is a modern look I love.

This Rose Ice Mold Is So Fancy

If the person you're buying for loves to entertain (or just loves fancy things) they're going to love this ice mold that creates big, beautiful rose-shaped ice cubes. It's perfect for celebrations big and small - just imagine the oohs and aahs when they use it for baby or wedding showers. The ice cubes are large enough that they won't easily dilute drinks either!

This Wine Aerator Makes Cheap Wine Taste Expensive

If their favorite wine is 2 Buck Chuck, help them out with this wine pourer spout that aerates while it decants, creating better tasting red wine. It couldn't be easier to use; just pop it in the top of the bottle and get pouring! Reviewers love it for creating a great-tasting result from an inexpensive bottle of wine.

These Chilling Tumblers Make For Delicious Wine

These cooling cups are literally so cool - they're filled with a gel that freezes to keep your wine, juice, tea, water, or soda nice and frosty even on a hot day. Just pop them in the freezer before you're ready to use, and you're the hit of the party! It's a great gift for your favorite host.

This Rolling Pin Is Adjustable

Now, this is a genius idea! Whenever I'm rolling something out, be it pizza or pie crust, cookies or tarts, I never know how thick the dough is by eyeballing it. Now I can be a lot more precise with this adjustable rolling pin that has removable rings to help you get your desired thickness: 1/16, 1/6, 1/4, or 3/8-inches. A great gift for the baker on your list!

This Soap Dispenser Is Just For Sponges

Make kitchen cleanup more fun with this soap dispenser that's just for sponges. It holds a ton of dishwashing liquid and looks a lot sleeker on the counter than a big, clunky bottle of Dawn! You can also use it one-handed while you're wrangling the dishes and it helps keep your sponge stink-free, so it's a winner all around.

This Dirty/Clean Dishwasher Magnet Is So Helpful

I can't count the number of times I've put dirty dishes into an already clean dishwasher because I didn't check the hidden light on the door that says whether the cycle's been run. This dirty/clean dishwasher magnet is such a more convenient way to know what's going on, and it comes in cool metal tones like this rose gold version. Just slide the tab back and forth to let your partner-in-kitchen know what's up with the dishes.

This Whipped Cream Dispenser Is So Handy

Along with all those pies, my husband's also been making big bowls of homemade whipped cream (goodbye, waistline). We just use a spoon to slop it onto the pie, but this whipped cream dispenser would be such a better way to do it. Plus you can make so much more than whipped cream - you can use this durable dispenser to make nitro coffee, chocolate mousse, frothed lattes, flavored seltzers, and even butter!

This Pizza Cutter Is Super Sharp

Typically I don't like single-purpose kitchen gadgets, which you might think this pizza cutter is but think again! Not only can it easily slice through cheese and crust, but it can also finely dice herbs, cut veggies, cookies and fudge, and more. And it comes with a blade guard for safe storage so no one gets a kitchen injury.

This Meat Chopper Also Does Guac

We cook a bunch of ground meat every week for stir-fries, chilis, casseroles, and more. I'm getting my husband this meat chopper so the meat gets more evenly cooked than just using a bacteria-laden wooden spoon like we currently do. Plus, we can use it for mashing up guacamole, too!

This Chilly Mama Removes Fridge And Freezer Odor

You know how fridges and freezers can get a funky odor, especially if you've been storing a lot of leftovers and something happens to go "off" without you noticing for a while? Yeah, that smell. Good news - Chilly Mama is here to save the day! Simply fill her with baking soda and watch as fridge & freezer odors disappear. A great gift for anyone, really, even your Mama.

This Crab Spoon Holder Is A Real Kitchen Helper

I can never find a good place to rest a dirty spoon while I'm cooking. Trying to balance it on the edge of a pot or pan doesn't work, but if I put it on the stovetop or counter everything gets messy. This crab spoon rest is a much better plan - he adorably holds your cooking spoon in his claws to keep it out of the way and off surfaces! Bonus: he easily attaches onto the edge of a pot or pan. You may want to get one for your gift recipient and one for you, too.

This Milk Frother Is My Secret Weapon

Once upon a time, my children decided they weren't going to drink milk anymore. With visions of future osteoporosis in my head, I came up with an easy way for them to get their calcium - by whipping their milk to a foamy finish with this milk frother! Of course, you can also use it for fancy coffee drinks at home, so a great gift for parents who not only need caffeine but want their kids to finish their milk.

This Herb Savor Is Great For Cooks

I hate buying a big bunch of herbs at the store only to have them go to waste because I only needed a little bit for my recipe. The great news is this herb saver gadget keeps them fresh for so much longer until you're ready to cook with them again! This would be an excellent gift for your home chef friends and fam.

This Egg Peeler Is So Easy To Use

Hardboiled egg enthusiasts like myself are tired of trying to peel uncooperative shells that like to splinter and stick. A much better way is to use this egg peeler - you just insert the egg, screw on the top, and shake it to remove the peel! You can also use this to mix up the egg inside the shell when you shake a raw egg so you don't have to use a whisk. A great kitchen gift for new cooks and seasoned ones alike.

This Knife Sharpener Is So Cute

According to my husband, knives need to be sharpened monthly or you risk cutting yourself when the blade gets too dull. Either that or he really likes sharpening knives. Who can say, but I do know that this rhino knife sharpener is a cute way to get the job done! It's an adorably useful gift since everyone needs to sharpen their knives at some point so they keep working.

This Spreading Spatula Gets Every Last Drop

It's such a shame when your knife can't get every last schmear of peanut butter or jelly out of the jar - good thing this cute spatula spreader is coming to the rescue! This "Splatypus" jar scraper doubles as a spreading knife to help you get every bit of delicious goodness from your jars. An adorable kitchen gift for pretty much anyone!