This Ceramic Repair Kit Teaches That Just Because Something Is Broken, it Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Beautiful

We often throw things away once they're broken, because, well, what's the use for it? It's no longer as beautiful as it was when it was new...but the Kintsukuroi repair kit teaches you otherwise. Just because something maybe a little broken, it doesn't mean you can't see the beauty in it.

The Kintsukuroi Repair Kit helps you fix your beautiful pottery with gold powder glue, making it a little more authentic than before...


I know how it feels when you break something you love so much! But what if I told you that you didn't have to throw it away? What if you could fix it, and even make it look a little cuter! Well, with this miraculous repair kit, that's exactly what you can do.

​This beautiful new repair kit not only allows you to hold onto the things you love but also gives your pottery a unique feel... 


The kit even provides 2 bottles of gold powder as well as 2 ceramic cups to practice on before you glue away on your own treasures!

And with a 5-star rating at just $40 how could you not?


"It reminds me to value my keepsakes," one person wrote in the review section, "with this wonderful kit I have the opportunity to treat it with love and care and keep it still...Thank you, Amazon for showing and giving me a beautiful alternative," they continued.

"Although this is just a starter set, the finished product is almost the same as Japanese kintsugi. I really like it. Very exquisite packaging, I want to buy one for my friend who likes handmade," another person wrote.


"I repaired a few things. One of them was a cup that my grandfather gave me to celebrate my graduation from college. After the repair was completed, I put it on the table as craftwork, not ugly at all," they continued, leaving a 5-star review.

And I'm even tempted to break one of my vases just so I can have a little extra gold in my life!


Here's where to find the beautiful repair kits!