The FitTrack Tracks Your Health In a Whole New Way

The FitTrack Tracks Your Health in a Whole New Way

I've been a mom for a few months now, and while every day with my son is a whirlwind of new and exciting moments, one thing I've been less-than-thrilled about is trying to get back in shape. Not only am I totally worn out from the late-night feedings, but I'm also completely overwhelmed at the thought of how to start this fitness journey. I have no time to get to the gym, so I need to be able to track my health from home, which seemed like an impossible dream. I was feeling pretty discouraged about the whole thing when I came across a gadget that could do all of that and more: The FitTrack.

Sure, it may look like a typical bathroom scale, but FitTrack is WAY more than that.

This revolutionary healthcare tool not only reveals your weight, but it also tracks your fat mass, muscle mass, hydration levels, base metabolic rate, metabolic age, and a variety of other important health insights that will give you a whole new perspective on your body. FitTrack uses patented Bioelectrical impedance technology and proprietary equations to find this data, and even comes with a free app that helps you understand your results and achieve your health goals. I feel motivated to be more active and eat healthier to improve my numbers for the first time in months, and I love how easy it is to get such in-depth info about my health. It's basically like having a tiny fitness coach and nutritionist in your bathroom!