The 52 Best Home Products on Amazon

When it comes to our homes, all we want is the best.

And what constitutes "best" can be left up to interpretation since we all have different aesthetics and tastes. As for me, I'm always looking for ways to upgrade my life in general. If you're looking for functional stuff that simply works without too much effort, you need to take a look at what worked for other people. And there's no better place to do that than Amazon.

Below are some of the best, most popular, most clicked-on home goods on Amazon, from useful things to make laundry day 1,000 percent easier to handy gadgets that you might've never thought to get for your kitchen. Take a look below and see how you can upgrade your life, too.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Marble Contact Paper That Makes Your Surfaces Extra Fancy

Some people may feel a little suspicious of contact paper's magical qualities, but I have absolutely bought a roll to make something in my home prettier. I've resurfaced a cheap coffee table and the top of my laptop, for example. Frankly, I've gotten a ton of compliments on these things and people are always surprised when I tell them it's contact paper. It's just a great way to make your stuff look a lot nicer and streamlined. “View

This Tiny Microphone That Is Perfect For Zoom Chats

This teeny-tiny microphone may look like a toy accessory for your Barbie doll, but many customers have raved about how powerful it actually is. Some customers use it for mini karaoke nights, as a microphone for better Zoom chats, recording ASMR sounds, or just recording sound for their Instagram, TikTok, or other videos on social media. Some people even just like it for decoration. “View

These Headphones That Look Way More Expensive Than They Are

I bought these headphones several months ago and I have to say, I'm amazed at how good they are for the price. Even though they are under $50, they perform so well. The sound is clear and robust, the battery life is excellent, they're small enough that they're comfortable and don't look strange while walking around. The case is also a duplicate of an Apple Airpod case, so you can put on any standard protective cover easily. “View

This Sheet Set That's So Luxurious

No one should be without at least one set of good sheets. Frankly, you should have several. This set is made of soft microfiber that gets softer every time you wash it, so there's no worry of getting scratchy, worn-out sheets after a few months. It also comes in solids or a pattern, like this one, so they work with practically any decor motif. Not to mention, the price makes them a total steal. No wonder customers swear by these sheets. “View

This Food Saver That Extends The Life Of Your Produce

I've had a set of these food savers for a while, and I absolutely love them. I particularly like to use them for berries, since they tend to go bad easily. These containers manage to keep moisture away, which can be the main cause of produce spoiling early. I just swap it out for the plastic container they come in from the store and voila! Berries last almost twice as long as they would if I just kept them in the original packaging. “View

This Ice Cube Tray That Gives You Tiny, Diner-Style Ice Cubes

Ever go to an old diner and order a soda? Notice how it always seems to come in a gigantic glass that's filled with tiny, pellet-like ice cubes? There is something so satisfying about those little cubes, though I can't really pinpoint why. Maybe it's the sound they make or the texture, but they seem to make my drink all the more enjoyable. And now, you can get that same satisfaction at home. “View

This Splatter Guard That Protects You Against Oil Splashes

Whether your frying chicken or putting a steak in the pan, cooking on the stovetop can be dangerous. After all, who wants to deal with an oil burn while they're trying to get dinner on the table? No one, that's who. This splatter guard keeps that popping oil at bay, saving your skin and your clothes from getting ruined while you're cooking a delicious meal. “View

This Tiny Speaker That Looks Like A Vintage Radio

I love a good portable speaker, and this one is definitely something worth keeping out on my desk. Sure, it looks small, but it actually packs a mighty sound, according to customer reviews. Plus, it just looks so adorable since it's made to resemble a vintage radio. If you're a fan of that nostalgic aesthetic, you absolutely need this as part of your home decor. It also makes a cute, last-minute gift. “View

This Kitchen Gadget That Mashes, Slices, Juices, And So Much More

This little kitchen gadget does everything. It juices, it mashes, it cuts, it scoops your avocados, and much more. I love a good multi-tasker, and this little gadget will be making its way to my countertop very soon. You can use it on lots of different fruits (and some veggies), so you can live a healthier lifestyle with less effort. “View

This Towel Set That Gives You A Lot Of Bang For Your Buck

This towel set comes with four, full-sized towels for less than $30. Not to mention, they're made out of bamboo and cotton so they don't get mildewy and stay soft every time you wash them. Many people have bought this set because they're not only soft and absorbent, but they also look amazing on the bathroom shelf. I even have a set of my own, and I'm always amazed at how good they look, even after many months. “View

This Portable Blender That Lets You Bring Your Smoothie On The Go

Back when I commuted more often, I loved having a smoothie in the morning as a way to quickly get something to eat without too much hassle. I just prepped my fruits and veggies, put them in the freezer, and dumped them in the blender when I was ready. But this portable blender makes it even easier because you can bring it with you, so no dirty dishes are waiting in the sink when you get home. “View

This Plate Stacker That Works Great In The Microwave

I'm a big believer in using vertical space. That includes my storage areas, my wall art, my cabinets, and yes, even the microwave. Instead of microwaving things separately, you can get your meal cooked by stacking things on top of each other (in a safe way, of course). How do you do this with multiple plates? Use a stacker like this to keep everything neat and ready for the heat. It's also handy for keeping your fingers from hot plates. “View

This Back Stretcher That Helps To Ease Your Pain

I have chronic back pain, so one thing I've been doing to keep it at bay is doing back stretches on a yoga ball. But this little stretcher might find its way into my home soon, because it not only provides a safe arch to stretch on, it also is covered in little nubs that can ease tension and stress from your back muscles. It looks heavenly, to be honest. And you don't need to suffer from chronic pain to enjoy it –– basically anyone who spends all day hunched over a desk can reap the benefits. “View

This Cleaning Brush That Gets Deep Into Tiny Crevasses

Like most people, there are tiny areas in my home I just can't reach to clean. This includes my window tracks. They get so dirty and dusty, but since I can't see them regularly, they don't get cleaned very often. But this brush makes it easy to keep the dirt at bay. It fits perfectly in a narrow space to whisk away dirt in a few seconds. No struggling or scrubbing. “View

This Pet Hair Remover That Keeps Your Clothes Fur-Free

Everyone probably knows that pet hair can get everywhere, but there's one marvelous part of pet ownership that not everyone knows: Pet hair doesn't always go away with the wash. Yes, even if you've washed it a million times, your pet's fur can still be stuck on your favorite sweater. But instead of just living with it, you can toss in one of these fur trappers that works like a hair magnet to catch all those little strands. “View

This Ring Size Adjuster That Makes Sure You Don't Lose Your Most Precious Jewelry

Losing your favorite jewelry (or worse, your wedding band or engagement ring) is a nightmare for me. I can't tell you how many times I've panicked, thinking I've lost my favorite piece of jewelry for good. But until you can bring it to a jewelry store to get resized, you'll need something to keep it secure in the meantime. This ring sizer looks like a little telephone cord that wraps around your ring for a snugger fit. “View

This Sponge Holder That Keeps Your Sponges Mold-Free

One thing I've become hyper-aware of during the time I've been working from home is how much mold can be lurking in places. Even if you can't smell it. So, one way to combat mold and mildew is by making sure your dish sponge or scrubber brush gets completely dry between uses –– and it can't do that while lying in the sink. This sling makes it easier to keep your sponge dry and your home clean. “View

This Hair Tool Organizer That Keeps Everything In One Place

No joke. I have so many hair tools. I'm not even just talking about the ones I use every day. I have lots of tools that do different things for different days, so it can get a little cluttered. But I love this over-the-door hanger because it gives me a convenient spot to hold all my gadgets that are also hidden away until I need them. So, I have no more clutter and a cleaner looking bathroom. “View

This Laundry Bag That Keeps Your Bras As Good As New

Most bras should be replaced after a year, but I often feel like I never get that far. How many times have you thrown a bra in the wash only to have it come out ruined? Turns out, you also have to worry about the washer warping and tearing your bra (not just the dryer). This bag keeps your bras neat and separate from your other wash, so you don't get holes in your bands, warped cups, or stretched out straps. “View

This Cotton Swab Holder That Looks Pretty, Too

I use cotton swabs every day (in a safe way, of course). Naturally, I buy them in one of those big boxes of 100, but that doesn't exactly look great on the countertop. So, I have one of these little holders, which looks like a flower, to keep them neat, dry, and tidy. It's one of those functional and fashionable pieces of decor that I am obsessed with it. It's also great for keeping toothpicks or bobby pins, too. “View

This Utensil Brush That Gets All The Gunk Off Your Forks And Knives

Even when you have a dishwasher, you can still end up with stuff stuck to your utensils. I'm talking about the stuff that gets stuck and even your best sponge can't get it off. The solution? A brush that's specifically made with your flatware in mind. This little brush has some bristled "teeth" that will whisk away any food particles and leave you with the cleanest forks and knives you've ever seen. “View

This Soap Holder That Also Looks Good On The Counter

Again, the fight against mold is a never-ending one. But if you're looking for a way to extend the life of your sponges and keep them clean when they're not in use, giving them a home with plenty of airflow is crucial. This soap dish can do exactly that, plus a little more. It's not only functional, it also looks very cute on your kitchen counter. “View

This Steamer That Is Effective And Portable

I haven't touched my iron in months, mostly because I can easily get every wrinkle out in a much easier and faster way. I bought a small steamer like this originally for my brother's wedding, but I have found that I bring it out whenever there's a piece of clothing that needs a little smoothing. Customers love this steamer not only for its small size and portability but also for its wrinkling fighting power. “View

These Tiny Scrub Brushes That Clean All Your Fine Details

I have white countertops and, let me tell you, there's no hiding when you have white countertops, and seeing that dirt in corners can be very frustrating. But that's why I bought these little detailing brushes. They get way deeper into corners than any sponge could, so any dirt gets wiped away easily and with minimal effort. “View

This Sneaker Bag That Keeps Your Kicks Separate And Safe

You might be wondering, "Why would it be dangerous to put sneakers in the wash?" But trust me, a lot can go wrong. They can be tossed around, laces can come untied and loop around the center of the washer, and they could potentially damage your appliance. But keeping them separate in a bag like this will keep everything where it needs to be. “View

This Laundry Bag That Works Well In Small Spaces

Not everyone has a ton of space for their dirty laundry, so seeing a slim bag like this one fills my heart with joy. It's small enough to fit into tiny gaps for bathroom or kitchen towels, but could also be perfectly functional for a kid's room or to keep your lights and darks separated. It also has a cute, vintage feel, with its big, block letters printed on the side. “View

This Hanging Shelf That's A Serious Space-Saver

Remember what I said about vertical space? Trust me, it makes all the difference. So instead of buying a ton of shelving units, a simple (and adorable) shelf like this can provide that little bit of storage (or art display) that you crave. Plus it can go places where furniture can't, like above the toilet or sink, over the couch, or any small space. “View

This Rust Spray That Makes Your Shower Look Brand New

Lots of people have white counters and fixtures in their bathrooms, which means rust is always showing if you're not careful. And as someone with a while bathroom, the slightest bit of dirt, let alone big rust stains, can make it feel filthy. This spray, however, is a popular buy because its stain-fighting power is practically legendary. You will barely have to scrub! “View

These Wall Hooks That Hold The Heaviest Wall Art

These wall hooks are pure magic and trickery. Well, not really. They actually were designed to be small and lightweight, while also giving unprecedented strength for your heaviest wall art. It's a miracle of science, really. It has a self-locking feature, can be pressed through drywall, and distributes weight so you don't end up with major damage to your walls. “View

These Towel Hooks That Keep Your Towels Neat

Apartment dwellers, people with kids, or people who just hate to fold will love these towel hangers. Instead of folding and hanging a towel, you can simply press a corner into this holder, and it will stay up securely. So, if you're not big on picking up your towels, have kids who are young (or just not very neat), or are looking for a way to keep your towels high and dry without wall damage, these are an excellent solution. “View

This Shower Caddy That Organizes Everything You Need

You'll never know how much space your shampoos, conditioners, body washes, soap bars, and other shower products use up until you've lived without a shower caddy. I thought, since I've been trying to live the "minimal" lifestyle, that I wouldn't need one, but I was so wrong. As soon as I got one, I was amazed at how uncluttered and clean the shower felt. And this caddy has a unique design that's perfect for people who share a bathroom because it holds a lot more than a regular caddy. “View

This Battery Organizer That Keeps Your Batteries From Rolling Around In The Drawer

Just because it's 2020 doesn't mean that we don't still need batteries for our electronics. Not everything is equipped with a USB charger, after all. I use AA batteries for a lot of things, whether it's in my camera equipment, my remote control, or for my little electronic appliances. So, that also means I have tons of batteries rolling around in my junk drawer. But rather than living with the mess, I got one of these handy organizers.“View

These Dryer Balls That Look Like Tiny Hedgehogs

I swore off disposable dryer sheets months ago, in exchange for wool ones. But honestly, I might have to buy another set of dryer balls because these little hedgehogs are just too cute to pass up. They work kind of like wool balls, but they're made of a hypoallergenic plastic that fluffs and softens without chemicals. Plus, they can cut down on drying time by 25 percent –– which is music to anyone's ears who has to use coin-operated dryers. “View

This Iron Caddy That Keeps Your Board And Iron In A Safe Place

Even though I have a steamer (which I love), I still have an iron and ironing board for those heavy-duty ironing jobs. And one thing I realized when I moved into a space with limited storage is that I need to find a place for everything if I'm going to avoid clutter. This caddy is specifically made to keep your iron and board in an accessible spot, where they can't be dropped, fall over, or fall open. So, it's just a practical solution to a problem you didn't know you had. “View

This Diamond Cleaner That Works On All Kinds Of Gems

Keeping your diamonds and gems sparkling is more important than you think. Not only will it make your jewelry look better, but it's also just good to keep it clean since rings can be a breeding ground for bacteria. This can cause skin irritation, but also degrade the metal setting. But if you can't get to the jewelry store, this easy-to-use pen is a good supplement to keep your gems shining like new. “View

This Slotted Spoon That Has A Ton Of Uses

This spoon does everything. And I do mean everything. It's a five in one tool that you'll want to use for every part of the meal. It's a slotted spoon, a solid spoon, a spatula, a turner, and a cutting tool all in one. Use it to flip burgers, cut meat, or spread condiments on food without having to rack up dirty dishes. Plus, it's dishwasher and oven safe up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. “View

This Drawer Organizer That Keeps Your Utensils Neat

No joke, I literally have one utensil drawer in my kitchen. It's just part of that apartment lifestyle, sadly. At first, I thought I could keep it neat without a ton of effort, but I was very wrong. It got to the point where I didn't even want to open the drawer. It wasn't until I got an organizer like this one that I realized my life could be so much easier if I just got a little organizing help. “View

This Cast Iron Cleaner That Scrubs Away The Toughest Mess

Mind you, lots of Amazon customers have warned not to use this cleaner too harshly. It's meant to clean off grit without stripping your cast iron, so it's important to read the directions and don't use soap while you use it. But if you do it right, you'll be left with a cast iron that's as good as new. It's particularly tough on caked-on messes that are hard to remove once cooking is over. “View

These Measuring Spoons That Are Magnetic, Too

I love these measuring spoons. They're so nice and functional. They even have an edge on the other side so you can accurately measure –– which is a relief to anyone who bakes. But one very neat function is that these spoons are also magnetic, so they stick together when you put them back in the drawer. No more rummaging for the half-teaspoon ever again. “View

These Fridge Organizers That Keep Small Snacks In Place

People with kids or people who just like to have a good stock of snacks in their fridge are well aware of how those small items can make their fridge messy. And it's harder to find those delicious snacks in a messy fridge. So, instead of keeping them loose, organize them in these little bins that make it so much easier to keep things neat. “View

This Bag Clip That Keeps Your Food Fresh

Those twist ties and bag tabs are such a nuisance. They get worn out, lost, broken, you name it. Plus, they don't do a ton of work when it comes to keeping your food fresh. Frankly, if you really want to keep air and moisture from ruining your food, getting a bag cincher like this is the way to go. You can use it again and again, you (preferably) won't lose it, and it really forms a good seal on your bread, chips, or anything that needs protecting. “View

This Spoon Rest That Protects Your Countertop From Messes

Every so often, I like to make my mom's pasta sauce recipe. It cooks slowly and takes all day, but the results are absolutely amazing. But, one part of cooking something all day is having to stir regularly, which means you'll need to place that dirty spoon somewhere (or use a million spoons over the course of the day). Instead of dirtying another dish, this silicone holder is easy to rinse and reuse, which also protects your counters. “View

This Key Chain And Bottle Opener That Looks Like The Millennium Falcon

Star Wars fans, this is so much more than a keychain. Sure, it's an adorable ring for your keys, and it looks like Han Solo's legendary ship, but it actually has an extra function that you might not expect. It's also a bottle opener. So, next time you want to enjoy a drink while watching the space opera saga, crack it open Solo-style. “View

This Strainer That Is Perfect For Canned Foods

Sometimes, a regular strainer or colander just can't do the job as well as something that is actually made for it. If you're draining beans for a delicious burrito recipe or straining the water out of a tuna can, why bust out a bulky strainer when you can use this one, which is made to fit most regular-sized cans? Not to mention, it's easy to fit in the dishwasher. “View

This Cleaning Brush That Gets All That Trapped Lint In Your Dryer

Even if you clean your lint trap regularly, lint can still get stuck in that little slot. And frankly, it kind of defeats the purpose of cleaning the trap in the first place. Not only can it affect your dryer's function, but trapped lint can also actually be a fire hazard. Next time you're doing laundry, a quick swipe with this brush will save you a lot of grief later on. “View

These Dip Clips That Hold Your Favorite Condiments

Who doesn't love dip? Frankly, it's the best part of most parties. But one thing I don't like about dip is the kind that runs all over the plate or is hard to actually dip into. That's where these little bowls come in. They're more convenient since they attach to your plate (unlike a separate bowl) and they're easy to clean. Plus, they're simple enough to use for children, which can be a relief for parents. “View

This Garlic Peeler That Works Like A Charm

This is a very unique garlic peeler, mostly for its design. It works a lot like another garlic peeler on the market in that you just need to put in the garlic, roll it, and it comes out clean. But what I love is that it is designed to have garlic placed in the bottom and pushed out the top, so it also catches the papery lining too. It also looks like a garlic bulb, which is just very cute. “View

This Butter Crock That Gives You The Softest Spreadable Butter

One thing I can't stand is toasting a piece of bread, bagel, or muffin, only to have it torn up by cold butter. But frankly, keeping the butter out just seems a little unsanitary. However, I've discovered that the solution lies in doing what the French do. This little butter crock uses water to form a tight seal on your butter, so you can leave it out without worrying about germs. You'll never tear up your toast again. “View

These Measuring Spoons That Adjust To The Right Amount

I specifically remember my mom having these measuring spoons in her kitchen and I used to be obsessed with them. Whenever I was baking or cooking, I would take them out and set them to the most precise measurement. It was just so satisfying. And if you're someone who likes to cut down on clutter and random "stuff" they have, they're an excellent replacement for bulky spoons taking up room in the drawer. “View

This Desk That Is Perfect For Your Home Office

Everyone needs a good desk, and customers on Amazon are loving this one. It comes in a few different finishes to fit your space, and it's practically the perfect size. Maybe it's because a lot of people are working from home these days, but I think making your workspace feel harmonious is a good way to keep yourself productive during the day. Now if only it could solve all those little distractions during the day. “View

This Shower Head That Will Show You The Temperature Of Your Water

People with children, have sensitive skin, or are just hyper-aware of the heat and energy they use can certainly benefit from using a special shower head that tells them the temperature. This showerhead ensures that their water is not too hot, so your skin doesn't feel red or irritated, your kids don't get accidentally hurt by scalding water, or you don't run out of hot water during the day. “View

This Hand Mixer That Is Powerful And Comes In Lots Of Colors

Baking, making soups and sauces, or just blending anything calls for a good mixer. Not only is this mixer from a great, trustworthy brand (Black + Decker), but it also comes in so many beautiful colors. So no matter what you choose, you're getting a great blender that works with your decor. Pro tip: I like to use a hand mixer like this one to shred cooked chicken for salads, enchiladas, and more. You can thank me later. “View