The 37 Best Clothes And Accessories I Found On Amazon

I don't care if you think I need a life, I'll still admit it: I love browsing Amazon in my free time. My wallet isn't exactly the happiest, but who cares? That's a problem for my future children to deal with. There's just something about adding stuff to my cart, then seeing it show up on my doorstep two days later that fills my heart with joy. And because I'm in a giving sort of mood, I've come up with this list of all the best clothes and accessories that I've found on Amazon.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Some of this stuff I own, and some of it I've saved to my cart for later after I've cleared a few paychecks. But either way, you can rest assured that all of this stuff is quality — and the reviewers even back me up on that! So why are you still reading this? There are pants to buy, shirts to purchase, and even a cozy plaid shawl to wrap yourself in. Get going!

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Fashionable Hoodie That's Oh-So Warm

This isn't your average hoodie — in fact, this hoodie is so fashionable that I've been sporting it all week. It fits true to size so there's no need to worry about sizing up or down, and the faux fur is so soft. Some reviewers even compared it to a warm blanket, but me personally? I'd say it's even cozier than that.

Everybody Needs A Few Good Pairs Of Underwear

You can never have too much underwear, and these seamless bikinis are my go-to when it comes to lying around the house. They're made from breathable cotton with a hint of spandex for extra comfort, and there's no tag in the back — no tag, no itching. You can't go wrong with 'em.

A Casual Sweatshirt For All Day Everyday

Don't bother getting all dressed up the next time you need to run a few errands — just throw on this printed sweatshirt. It's not so heavy that I find myself sweating as I walk around town, but it still keeps me warm when the air is chilled. And if you're not into camouflage? There are also tons of cool animal prints to choose from.

These Leggings That You Can Customize

High- or medium-waisted? Short, tall, or medium? With these leggings, you've got options. You can customize their length and waist depending on your style (mine are regular-length with a crossed waist in black.) They're also available in extended sizes — up to 3X.

The Buttery-Soft Leggings That Reviewers Can't Get Enough Of

With more than 5,000 positive reviews, it's clear that shoppers love these leggings. Many even referred to them as "buttery-soft," with one raving that "they are not see-through at all, they are so buttery-soft and extremely comfortable." And because they come in dozens of colors and prints (some even with pockets), you're basically guaranteed to find a pair in your style.

These Healing Crystals For Meditation And Yoga

When your chakras are out of order and you need to set your mind straight, I recommend putting these healing crystals nearby while you're meditating. I can't say they've genuinely calmed my soul, but there's still something soothing about having them by my side nonetheless. Besides — even if you don't use them for meditating, they still look pretty on any bookshelf.

This Trucker Hat I've Literally Worn To The Gym Every Day

When I say that I've worn this trucker hat to the gym every day since I've bought it, I'm not kidding — and I'm not sure I'll ever be able to live without it again. Not only is there a gap in there back where you can thread your ponytail through, but it also hides bad hair days so that you look way more put together with only half the effort. Out of all the ponytail caps on Amazon, this one is my favorite because of how many colors it comes in — especially the chic black glitter option.

These Fall Boots That Won't Break The Bank

A good pair of fall boots can cost hundreds of dollars — or you could just grab these cute ones for less than $50. I love that they've added cute buckles on the side to make them stand out from other boots, and the thick rubber sole helps absorb shock as you move. Do note that they run large; you may need to size down depending on your feet.

This Adorable Shawl That Doubles As A Scarf

The great thing about this scarf is that it's so, so big that you can wear it as a shawl if you want. I like the rich plaid pattern that adds a splash of color to any outfit, and it's made from fade-resistant yarn that won't pill with proper care. But if green and peach are not your colors? Not a problem — choose from other fun shades like green, purple, blue, and more.

These Boyfriend Jeans That Are Too On-Trend

Made from soft cotton denim, I absolutely adore all the distressed details on these boyfriend jeans. The boyfriend cut is super on-trend right now, as these jeans will hug you in all the right places while staying loose where you want space. Dress them down with sandals during the day, or throw on a pair of wedges for a fun evening out.

An Itty-Bitty Light To Illuminate Your Bag

My purse is generally a large, bottomless pit that hides everything I'm ever looking for — which is exactly why I got this clip-on light. The built-in timer automatically turns it off after one minute to help save the battery, and it's bright enough that I can see all the way down to the bottom of my bag, no matter how cluttered it is.

These Funky Joggers For Lying On The Sofa

If you plan on staying home all day, why not wear some fun stuff while you're lying around? These joggers are made with advanced digital printing technology so that the colors are just as bright and vibrant as they look on your computer screen. And if you're feeling brave? Go ahead and wear them out in public — you'll probably catch more than a few compliments coming your way.

A Pair Of Lacy Bands That Help Prevent Chafing

These adorable lace bands are cute and functional. Not only do they look great peeking out underneath your skirt or shorts, but they also help prevent your thighs from chafing together while you walk. And since they don't add any bulk to your legs, you can even wear them in the winter to keep your legs from rubbing against your jeans — I own them in beige and black.

This Cozy Sweatshirt From Hanes

You can never go wrong sticking to trusted name brands when it comes to clothes, so rest assured — this Hanes sweatshirt is just as cozy as you're imagining. I like to wear the Men's small when I'm lying around the house, though my boyfriend will wear them out anywhere we go. And if I'm being honest? I've sent them through the washer and dryer on the most brutal cycles (I'm careless, alright?), yet the fabric still hasn't pilled.

A Pajama Set Made From Soft Jersey Fabric

Are you still going to bed in that oversized T-shirt? Then it's more than time to upgrade to this oh-so-soft pajama set. Made from soft jersey fabric, I love that it's comfortable enough that I find myself wearing it all day long — and I definitely think twice about wearing it to the grocery store if I need a few things.

A Skater Dress With Adorable Pockets

I absolutely love skater dresses like this one. The flared skirt looks great on any body type, and the buttons running down the front give it a cute fall-friendly look that goes well with everything from boots to sandals. It comes in so many colors I've already added two to my cart — the leopard print and light green.

These Pajama Pants With Cute Palazzo Legs

Palazzo pants are known for being spacious and comfy, and these palazzo-inspired pajama pants are no exception. Lightweight and breathable, you can wear them from bed to the mailbox without needing to change. And since they're high-waisted, you can even wear them with a crop top to yoga class — why not?

A Long-Sleeve Tee With Funky Pattern Accents

My favorite part about this tee is the thumbholes at the ends of the sleeves — I like to thread my fingers through when I'm feeling cold. The patterned patchwork accents add a pop of color to plain outfits (I wear black leggings more often than I should), and the relaxed fit is flattering on everybody.

A Pair Of Toe Socks To Keep Your Feet Properly Aligned

Got tight, cramped toes that tend to cramp onto each other? Just pop on these toe socks. The separators keep your little piggies properly aligned to help alleviate pain, and they can even help prevent cramps. Grab them in black, blue, red, sky, and more.

A Gorgeous Promise Ring To Show How Much You Care

To me, it's not about how this gorgeous promise ring costs less than $20 — it's the meaning behind the ring that matters more. But that doesn't mean it'll turn your finger green, as it's still made from stainless steel without any cheap nickel. In fact, many reviewers complimented its quality, so there's no need to worry that anyone would know what you paid.

A Spinner Ring For Anyone Who Fidgets

In love with fidgeting more than other people? Not a problem — this spinner ring is right up your alley. The three rings in the center spin so that I always have something to mess with when I'm feeling anxious, and it's made from sterling silver without any cheap alternatives.

Trust me — You Could Still Use Some More Underwear

I know I already told you to buy underwear, but did you really buy them? No? Then here's another chance to grab this cute pack of three. They come in tons of cute prints adorned with chic lace waistbands — but my favorite part about these? They don't dig into my hips and leave me with a muffin top.

A Pair Of Leggings That Are Squatproof

I always make sure my leggings are squat-proof, even if I don't plan on wearing them to the gym — why? It tells me that they're made from high-quality fabric that won't turn transparent when I bend over. Not only are these leggings squat-proof, but the high waistband looks great with any type of top — especially cropped ones.

A Lacy Scarf That Comes In Tons Of Colors

I like to throw on this lacy scarf whenever my outfit needs a cute pop of color — and there are even more than two dozen shades to pick from! It's lightweight so that it doesn't leave me sweating when I go indoors, and the delicate lace material looks great no matter whether it's winter or spring.

Stock Up On Essentials With This Pack Of Men's Crewneck Shirts

You can never have too many basic cotton tees, and this pack of five is available for less than $20. I bought them for my boyfriend after he complained about having "nothing to wear," and he likes that they help wick away moisture if he gets a little sweaty.

A Fashionable Bag You can Use As A Backpack Or Purse

I like to carry around a fashionable backpack like this one instead of a purse since it means I can carry around my giant insulated water bottle wherever I go. It's made faux leather with adjustable straps that let you choose how high or low it sits, and besides — just look at it. I'm about to order it in wine red because it might be even cuter than the bag I'm currently using (at half the price!)

This Workout Top For Yoga And The Gym

You can never have too many workout shirts, and I like to wear this one whenever I'm headed to yoga class. The mesh on the sleeves help me stay cool when I start to sweat, and the sleeves even have thumb holes so you can keep them from riding up as you stretch, bend, and twist.

The Beanie Cap That's The Cat's Meow

I'll level with you: I'm more of a dog person than a cat person. But that didn't stop me from being a cat on Halloween, and this beanie cap was the perfect addition. It's warm enough that I'll be wearing it even when I'm not dressing up — plus, it comes in four colors: black, blue, gray, and red.

These Woven Booties Filled With Soft Memory Foam

I always used to look at these slippers and think they looked flimsy — until I finally tried them on. Now I refuse to walk around my apartment without them, and the memory foam-filled bottoms give my arches the support they need. Since the soles are made from thick rubber, sometimes I'll even wear them outside on walks to the mailbox.

This Satchel With Space For Everything

Well, mostly everything — this satchel is large enough for your laptop, books, wallet, and basically anything else you might need to take to work. Will it fit your groceries? Sure. Will it fit a 100-pound German shepherd? Probably not, so make sure you plan your trips accordingly.

The Crossbody Bag With A Cute Tassel

This two-tone crossbody bag is my favorite little accessory to take out with me at night. Since the strap goes all the way across my body I'm significantly less likely to lose it, and the tassels are a cute detail that makes it easy to identify in lost and found — if I happened to forget it somewhere. I like it so much I have it in peacock as well.

This Little Stick That Gets Your Jewelry Sparkling Like New

It may not look like much, but I always make sure to keep one of these dazzle sticks on my vanity — just in case I notice my jewelry's started to look a little dirty. The tip releases a special cleaning solution that gets your precious gems sparkling like new, and feel free to jam it all around your ring settings — the bristles are specially made to fit into any tight nooks or crannies.

This Basic Tank For Everything From Yoga To Lounging

Everybody needs a few basic tanks in their closet, and these are my personal favorite. The flowing bottoms are comfy and loose so that I never find myself sucking in if I decide to wear one to yoga class, and there are tons of colors to choose from — teal, red, yellow, coral — why not stock up and grab a few while you're here?

A Compass Bracelet To Keep You Going In The Right Direction

Even though this compass bracelet won't actually tell you where North is, I like to wear it as a reminder that no matter how bad my day was, I'm always moving forward. Give it to a friend who seems a little lost in their life, or even keep it for yourself if you don't have any friends. Choose from three tones: gold, silver, or rose gold.

This Pajama Set That's Soft And Stretchy

Prefer your pajamas to be just as comfy as they are classy? This set is available in tons of rich solid shades and cute patterns, and the shorts feature an elastic waistband so that you won't find yourself constantly pulling them up in bed. The top and bottom are made from breathable rayon — but my favorite part about them? The V-neck top features a cute scrunch detail near the tip of the V.

This Cute Winter Beanie Lined With Soft Fleece

Basically any cable-knit beanie cap will keep you warm in the winter, but if you want one that'll keep you really toasty? Check out this one that's lined with soft, cozy fleece. Unroll the cuff at the bottom to cover your ears when the cold wind blows, or simply admire the cute pom-pom at the top — because it is cute. And if you're not into burgundy? There are dozens of other colors to choose from, including candy pink, ivory, olive, and more.

This Fleece Pullover With A Classy Quarter Zipper

Quarter zips are a cute way to layer up without having to coordinate all the colors you're wearing — but if I'm being honest? This one is my favorite out of my whole closet. The oversize fit leaves me with room to spare as I lounge around the apartment, and the pattern makes it perfect for popping out to the store over the top with my fave Buttery-Soft Leggings.