The 10 Garden Statues, Sculptures and Yard Art You’ll Love in 2020

Looking to upgrade your outdoor garden with something special and unique? Besides planting flowers, bushes, and even a few edible greens, consider purchasing some of the best-rated garden statues on Amazon for your yard or deck.

Why should you buy garden statues, sculptures, and yard art for your lawn? Think about it this way: They're a fun and easy way to elevate the overall look of your outdoor space. Even better, they're durable and resistant to outdoor elements, including sun and rain, which means they'll look new long after you place them outside for the first time.

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Before your next outdoor hang, check out the best garden statues, sculptures, and yard art on Amazon in 2020. With so many options to choose from, we searched for the very best options available to order right now. While you're at it, store your outdoor supplies in one of these trusted backyard garden sheds.

Stylized Garden Crane Pair Sculpture

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The Stylized Garden Crane Pair Sculpture is an Amazon favorite. In fact, it's one of the best reviewed animal garden statues available to buy right now. The set of two aluminum garden cranes bring a much-needed sense of calm to any garden, deck, or outdoor space. Plus, they double as a gorgeous piece of metal yard art.

Savannah's Bird Girl Statue

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Bring birds and other beautiful wildlife to your yard or garden with the Bird Girl StatueBased on American artist Sylvia Shaw Judson's iconic 1936 sculpture, this version is cast from a durable, weather-resistant mix of fiberglass, resin, and marble with a soft-aged finish.

Top Collection Fairy Playing with Butterfly on Tree Stump Statue

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One of our favorite fairy garden statues, the Top Collection Fairy Playing with Butterfly on Tree Stump Statue is simply a stunner. Hand-painted with a bronze-finished look, this piece of metal yard art is equal parts durable and stylish.

Alpine Corporation Angel Statue

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Part of Amazon's large collection of angel garden statues, this one is a favorite among reviewers. Its natural-looking stone color and cracked details are sure to blend well within your yard's greenery and flowers. Plus, the Alpine Corporation Angel Statue's fiberstone construction is rust- and weather-resistant to keep it looking brand-new forever.

Meditative Buddha Garden Statue

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Need a little zen time? Create a peaceful spot in your garden or yard with the Meditative Buddha Garden Statue. Eastern art dates back for centuries, so it's no surprise this is one of the most beloved Buddha garden statues on Amazon in 2020.

Out-Of-This-World Alien Extraterrestrial Statue

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The Out-Of-This-World Alien Extraterrestrial Statue is inspired after the creatures aboard the alleged UFO that crashed near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. It's also one of the most popular large garden statues on Amazon – and we can't say we're surprised.

Wind & Weather Dragon Garden Sculpture with Solar Globe

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This medieval-inspired metal garden art statue is a fun way to add something unique to your yard or garden. Even better, the Wind & Weather Dragon Garden Sculpture with Solar Globe features a color-changing solar globe, which comes to light once the sun sets. With this garden statue, you're about to have the coolest lawn on the block.

Design Toscano Classic Statuary Garden Plinth Base Rise

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Add a pop of elegance to your outdoor space with the Design Toscano Classic Statuary Garden Plinth Base Rise. This statue is a perfect way to spotlight a piece of garden art, such as a decorative urn or blooming flowerpot. Hand-cast with crushed stone and bonded with durable resin, this antique-looking plinth is topped with a UV-resistant stone finish.

Snack Seeker Garden Sculpture

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Hand-painted and made of metal, the Snack Seeker Garden Sculpture is an adorable addition to any outdoor garden, yard, or lawn. Plus, it's easy to clean and can withstand outdoor elements, including rain and dirt. It's no wonder this is one of Amazon's most popular yard art pieces.

Garden Bear Sculpture

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Looking to discourage neighbors from walking on your front lawn? Then this Garden Bear Sculpture is definitely for you. Perfect for your yard, deck, or garden, this realistic-looking, rust-finished piece is one of the most popular animal garden statues on Amazon right now.