The 10 Best Rent-Safe Picture Hangers for Hanging Wall Decor

Do you want to decorate your house or apartment with beautiful, vibrant all art? Are you worried that using hook will damage the walls beyond repair? Then don’t worry, because you can now purchase rent-safe picture hangers that will change your life for the better.

Living in a rented apartment can be great, especially if it's your first time living independently. You have your own space and belongings and you can do whatever you want. Well, you can, as long as it doesn’t break any of the landlord’s rules. Sometimes something as simple as hanging a picture can get you into deep trouble with the person who owns your home. Leading to arguments and frosty relationships that really don’t benefit anyone. So how can you decorate your flat in a way that will leave no marks or damage? Simple, you just invest in some rent-face picture hangers instead.

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Currently, there are hundreds of picture hangers available on internet platforms such as But if you’re spoilt for choice, then don’t worry. Because we have compiled together this informative list of the best rent-safe picture hangers currently available online. These hangers are easy to use and will assure your walls are clean and damage-free when you move onto your new home. So why not take a look and see which one of these hangers is the perfect one for you?

We hope you find this list helpful. But just so you know, we do participate in affiliate programs and may receive a portion of the revenue from your purchase.

Monkey Hooks Picture Hangers

First up we have a picture hanger set with over 4,000 reviews on Amazon. These monkey hooks are a clever alternative to traditional hangers. Made from high-quality steel these hangers may look thin and weak but they can actually hold up to 50lbs of weight. Now if that’s not amazing we don’t know what is.

30 Pack Esfun Heavy Duty S Hooks

Looking for a way to easily hang stuff around your apartment? Then you need to check out these heavy-duty S hooks. Crafted from fine steel, these hooks can be attached to any surface to provide ample hanging opportunities.

KK5 Adhesive Wall Hooks Hangers

Stylish in appearance and completely too-free, these rent-safe wall hanger hooks use a powerful adhesive to stick to walls and surfaces. Capable of holding up to 13 pounds of weight, these hooks can be used to hang anything from keys, coats, pictures and towels.

Command Utility Hooks Value Pack

If you ever need a tool-free hanging solution, then Command is the way to go. This utility hooks value pack includes 6 medium white hooks and 12 medium command strips. Made from high-quality plastic, these hooks are capable of holding up to 3lbs of weight. Command also promises that these hooks will leave no marks or adhesive stains behind.

Broom Organizer Wall Mount

Need to mount something to your walls? Then why not purchase these organizer wall mounts? Made from premium stainless steel, these mounts can be used to hold a range of products from brooms to baseball bats.

Command 3M Small Picture Hanging Strips

Need something hung up on your wall? These small rent-safe picture hanging strips are the perfect accessory for any rented apartment or house. Easy to use, these hanging strips can hold anything from pictures, mirrors, wall clocks and sings.

Bina Adhesive Hooks

Crafted from brushed stainless steel, these bina adhesive hooks can bear weights up to 4lb. Just peel off the protective sticker and apply the adhesive side to the wall. It’s really that easy! The hooks themselves are also waterproof, meaning that they can be used in a range of rooms from the kitchen to the bathroom.

Command Decorating Clips

Promising damage-free hanging, these decorating clips are clear, strong and can be removed easily after use. Make your rented space your own with these amazing hanging clips and leave your creative mark on your new home.

Fly The Sky Picture Hanging Tool

No sharp edges and safe to use, these picture hanging tools help save time, walls and frustration. Working with all types of hanging hardware these tools can be used to hang a range of objects such as portraits, frames, mirrors, clocks, plates and degree plaques.

Command Adjustables Repositionable 0.5 lb Clips

This Command clips set comes with 16 hooks and 36 adhesive strips. Easy to use and repositionable, these hooks can be moved up to 3 times in the first twenty minutes of hanging. Allowing you plenty of time to get your wall hangings just right before they are set in place forever. Make your home your own and purchase these hanging clips now.