The 10 Best Measuring Spoon Sets for Accurate Home Cooking (2020)

Right now we are living in a tumultuous and admittedly scary time. The planet is in quarantine, and many people are not allowed to leave their homes. But, like humans often do, we try to make light of the situation by keeping ourselves busy and entertained. Recently baking has become the favorite pass time of many a household forced into a lockdown. Leading to some very high highs and some very low lows. Baking is not an easy hobby to take up, especially if you’re not a natural cook. You have to follow complex recipes, make sure your oven is at the right heat and, of course, make sure you are using the correct ingredient measurements. But how can you assure correct and accurate measurements for every recipe? Well, why not invest in a measuring spoon set, the perfect gift for any aspiring baker. But how can you find out what are the best measuring spoon sets for you?

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Well, luckily we have compiled this list of the best measuring spoon sets now available on These spoons are fun, vibrant, and versatile, the perfect thing for anyone hoping to follow their next favorite recipe to the last detail. So grab the eggs and the mixed spice, because these are the 10 best measuring spoon sets for accurate home cooking.

We hope you find these spoons as amazing as we do. But just so you know, we do participate in affiliate programs and may receive a share of the revenue from your purchase.

Kitchen Art Adjust-A-Spoon Set

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If you’re looking for a measuring spoon set that won’t clutter your already overstuffed kitchen, then maybe you should consider the Kitchen Art Adjust-A-Spoon Set. Unlike other measuring spoon sets, which can often hold up to seven different spoons, this set comes with two spoons (a teaspoon and a tablespoon) which can be adjusted to the measurement you need. Completely dishwasher safe, these measuring spoons are durable and always handy.

Spring Chef Magnetic Measuring Spoon Set

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Not all kitchen utensils are durable, sometimes a plastic stirring spoon can easily be damaged either by heat or the dishwasher. So if you want a measuring spoon set that is built for endurance, you should consider purchasing the Spring Chef Magnetic Measuring Spoon Set. Made from premium stainless steel, you’ll find it hard press to dispose or damage these spoons in any way. The magnetic set allows the spoons to be nestled together when in storage, so they can be compact and easy to put away. The set comes with a total of seven measuring spoons, perfect for spices and herbs. The set also comes with a leveller, the perfect tool for any aspiring chef.

180 Degrees Flower Pot Spoon Set

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Sometimes what you want is something cute and quirky to match your kitchen aesthetic. So if you’re a fan of flowery kitchen utensils, you should take a look at the 180 Degrees Flower Pot Spoon Set. This colorful collection of spoons takes the appearance of an earthenware flower pot, brimming with blooming poppies. The set comes with a total of four ceramic measuring spoons and will look simply delightful on a kitchen counter or windowsill.

2lb Depot Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon

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If you prefer the more traditional and straight forward stuff, then maybe you should leave the poppies and consider this 2lb Depot Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon. This spoon is easy to handle and can measure anything from spices, herbs and liquids. The stainless steel design also assures durability and dishwasher safety. Meaning you can bake a mouth-watering cake and not have to stress too much about the cleanup.

Lautecho Wooden Measuring Spoon Set

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Does your kitchen favour a more rustic aesthetic? Are you tired of measuring spoons always being made from either sterile metals or cheap plastics? Then why not consider this Woodden Measuring Spoon Set by Lautecho. Made from finely crafted and wonderfully finished wood, these spoons would not look out of place in a farmer’s kitchen on a vineyard in Italy. The spoons are also easy to hang and keep dry by the leather loop, that can also be removed when spoons are in use.

Joyorun Copper Measuring Spoon Set

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Another set for the person who prefers a more traditional and eclectic kitchen, this Copper Measuring Spoon Set by Joyorun is as beautiful as it is handy. Made from heavy-duty stainless steel, the spoon set provides a more health-conscious variation to the measuring spoon market. The smooth wooden handles will also assure a firm grip without the stress of hurting your hand in the process. Each spoon is engraved with the correct measurement for its size and will stand as a lasting member of your kitchen utensil draw.

Pfaltzgraff Ceramic Measuring Spoon Set

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If you’re a fan of Eastern European design, then you should consider purchasing this Ceramic Measuring Spoon Set By Pfaltzgraff. Crafted with a unique and beautiful Polish pottery design, the ceramic set sports a simple and yet colorful look, almost too stunning to put away. The set contains four different sized measuring spoons and is completely dishwasher safe. Why not hang them on your kitchen walls as something be to used and admired.

Cook with Color Copper Measuring Cups

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These measuring cups are so beautiful and yet versatile, that we would understand if you would want them for baking, cooking or for simply hanging them in your kitchen for the perfect aesthetic. Made from copper stainless steel, the cups are attractive to the eye but also accurate and perfect for making delicious meals and cakes. Connected by a removable ring, the cups can be displayed anywhere in the kitchen, making them the envy of many of a visiting guest.

Favia Nesting Measuring Spoon Set

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Sometimes a measuring spoon set can be heavy, clunky and hard to store away. But with the Favia Nesting Measuring Set, you not only get a compact collection of beautifully crafted measuring spoons, but also a central jug container to house them in, kitchen organisation at its finest! Made from durable and BPA-free plastic, the set contains six measuring spoons that can help you perfect your next tray of cupcakes.

Techway Adjustable Measuring Cups

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With the Techway Adjustable Measuring Cups, you won’t have to be endless sets of measuring spoons. This set only contains two spoons that can be adjusted to the measurements your recipe requires. Made from BPA-free plastic, these cups are easy to use and completely non-toxic. These spoons will soon become one of the stables of your kitchen and of your new baking hobby.