The 10 Best Hiking Boots to Withstand All Types of Weather (2020)

Living in such a tumultuous and uncertain time, it feels great to get out of the house and take in all that our beautiful planet has to offer. A popular hobby for the outdoorsy type is hiking. A hobby that may sound easier to take up than it actually is. To begin a new life as an avid hiker, you have to make sure you have the correct tools! From a backpack and water bottle to a simple first aid kit, these are the things needed to safely traverse our glorious landscapes. And of course, there’s the most essential tool of all, the hiking boots. But how can you find out which are the best hiking boots for you?

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Well, as luck should have it, we have compiled this list of the best hiking boots now readily available on On this list, you will find the most stylish, practical, and durable hiking boots that the internet has to offer. So put on your thermals, grab your walking sticks and take a look at the 10 best hiking boots to withstand all types of weather.

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Columbia Women's Newton Ridge Hiking Boot

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First up we have the impeccably designed Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Hiking Boot. Available in a rainbow of stylish colors, this hiking boot incorporates not only suede but also mesh and leather. The advanced midsole is also durable and will provide lasting comfort on any long haul hike. Completely waterproof, these boots are the perfect product for any upcoming hiker trying to get out more.

Timberland Men's Ankle Boot

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Timberland has often been a forerunner in the world of wilderness fashion and these boots show why! Made from 100% leather, the Men’s Ankle Boot comes with a rubber sole, rustproof speed lace hardware and waterproof protection. The modern, masculine design that makes it a boot that can blend into any environment, be that a rocky landscape or a casual walk with friends.

Merell Women's Waterproof Hiking Boot

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The Merell Women’s Waterproof Hiking Boot is a lighter and more comfortable option for the modern hiker. The leather suede boot comes with the addition of a removable insole, an air cushion provided to add stability and shock absorption to your stride. Perfectly waterproof and complete with a protective rubber toe cap, these boots will feel like your walking on a cloud, and not sharp, moss-covered rock.

KEEN Men's Targhee III Hiking Boot

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KEEN Hiking Boots are bulky, strong, and completely durable. Made in the USA from 100% leather, the rubber sole, and breathable membrane, come together to form the hiking boot of many a champion. The boot comes in an array of earthy tones and comes complete with an External Support Shank, to provide support and balance on uneven terrain. But the boot is also extremely comfortable, with the inner cushioning perfectly contouring to the curves of the foot. You won’t want to miss out on these amazing hiking tools!

Foxelli Women's Lightweight Hiking Boot

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If you’re a hiker looking for something a little more vibrant and fashionable, then you should check out the Lightweight Hiking Boot by Foxelli. These comfortable and colorful hiking boots not only provide style but also lasting support and durability. With added cushioning to the tongue and collar, the boot provides more comfort than most basic hiking boot designs. Completely waterproof, the boots’ rubber soles are also entirely slip-proof, assuring the safety of the nature-loving wearer. The boots can currently be purchased from Amazon in shades of grey, brown, and teal.

Free Soldier Men's Durable Combat Boot

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When it comes to a hiking boot that not only looks trendy but also doesn’t come with the usual bulk and heft, there is no better product than Free Soldier’s Durable Combat Boot. Made from a light plaid fabric, the boot is durable, flexible, and hard to puncture. The design also features a strengthened toe cap and heel which protects against any unwanted shock. The boots are also soft and comfortable, providing a long-lasting comfort often unseen in the world of hiking boot design.

Sorel Women's Explorer Winter Boot

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Sometimes it's not only the hard terrain you have to take into account but also the weather and environment. The Sorel Explorer Winter Boot is the perfect item for a hiker who wants to stay safe, warm, and also uniquely fashionable. The leather suede design comes with the added bonus of microfleece lining, assuring your feet remain warm and dry. The heel measures in at approximately 1.25 inches and the boot itself come in a range of wintery colors, from ash brown to rich wine. The perfect accessory on any winter trip.

Asolo Men's Fugitive GTX Hiking Boot

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This hefty design comes from Asolo, creating a hiking boot that is strong and tough, completely durable against the rage of the outside world. The boot is crafted from leather, suede, and cordura, providing a design that is protective and sturdy in its complete form. With the addition of the Duo Asoflex Midsole, the boot is completely waterproof and will assure safety and balance when walking through the elements.

Danner Women's Jag Hiking Boot

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The best hiking boot for you doesn’t always have to be a giant bulk on the end of your leg, sometimes the smaller, more compact boots also provide the protection you need. The Jag Hiking Boot from Danner provides a simpler, more reserved design, but also all the latest hardware needed to assure your safety. The boots also come with a shock-absorbing EVA midsole and cushioned footbed, providing the balance and comfort you will need when exploring Mother Nature’s hidden beauties.

Mishansha Unisex Outdoor Casual Hiking Boot

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Fashioned from artificial leather and featuring lace closure hardware, the Mishansha Casual Hiking Boot puts a more modern and fashionable stamp on the world of nature hiking. The boot is completely waterproof and comes with a slip-resistant rubber sole. Not only is this boot fashionable and sturdy, but it is the perfect tool for anyone interested in taking up a new hiking hobby.