The 10 Best Glass-Cleaning Gadgets for Keeping Your Eyeglasses Smudge-Proof (2020)

Trying to keep your glasses clean can be a tiring and repetitive task. With the number of natural oils on our hands, glasses can easily be left smudged and unwearable. Making your day even more stressful and exhausting. If only there was some kind of gadget that could help. Well, as it turns out, the internet is actually brimming with a plethora of glass-cleaning gadgets, that will help make cleaning your specs even easier. But how do you know which is the best glass-cleaning gadget for you?

Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve created this informative list all about the various gadgets now available on So grab your glasses and get ready to have them glistening, because these are the 10 best glass-cleaning gadgets for keeping your eyeglasses smudge-proof.

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We hope you find this list interesting and helpful. But we just wanted to let you know that we do participate in affiliate programs and may receive a share of the revenue from your purchase.

Onwon Mini Microfiber Glasses Cleaner

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If you’re looking for a glasses cleaner that is compact, portable, and easy to use - then you need to take a look at the Mini Microfiber Glasses Cleaner by Onwon. Designed as a plastic prong, the cleaner can be used to clean both sides of the lens at once, creating a smooth and consistent finish. The special microfiber sponges promise to leave behind no markings of residue, giving you crystal clear vision. The cleaner can also be stored within most glasses cases, making it perfect for busy workdays and travel.

Care Touch Lens Cleaning Wipes

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Sometimes there’s nothing better than a traditional approach. And if you want clean glasses without the bother of using modern gizmos, then you should consider these Care Touch Lens Cleaning Wipes. With their unique streak-free formula, these wipes clean effectively and dry quickly. No need to worry about any unwanted residue or stains, because these wipes leave behind no trace. Small and individually wrapped, these wipes are also extremely convenient and easy to travel with. You’ll never be caught with smudged glasses again.

CarbonKlean Peeps Eye Glass Cleaner

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Then again, if you do prefer more modern twists, then maybe you should invest in a CarbonKlean Peeps Eye Glass Cleaner. This special, dry-clean gadget won’t damage your glasses and will leave them looking better than new. Supposedly NASA use the same technique when cleaning the glass in space, so you know it has to be good! Available in seven unique colors, make sure you get a cleaner that not only works but feels right for you.

MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

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This Cleaning Cloth by MagicFiber is the perfect tool to combat any unwanted smudges or grease on your glasses. Made from extremely soft, micro-fiber material, the cloth absorbs and removes everything from oil to dust. Each cloth also comes contained within its very own polybag, so that they always look fresh, perfect, and new. The cloth can also be used to clean more than glasses, also being a nifty cleaner for iPhone screens and much more.

Koala Kleaner Lens Cleaning Spray

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Sometimes all we need to assure squeaky clean spectacle lenses is a useful spray, and there’s no spray more useful than that created by Kola Kleaner. 100% alcohol and ammonia-free, the spray is safe to use and is compatible with any kind of coated lens. Simply use the spray to keep your glasses looking shiny and new, without worrying about streaking or any other unwanted messes.

Rayland Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner

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Are you tired of your glasses not only getting messy but also constantly fogging up? Then why not invest in a cleaning wipe that not only assures a perfect finish but also anti-fogging material. Rayland Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner does just that. Made using an anti-fog molecule, these wipes will have you saying goodbye to a blurry world and hello to crystal clear vision. Incredibly durable, the wipes can also be reused, meaning that you won’t be spending a fortune on weekly top-ups. Perfect for anyone on a budget.

Oakley Lens Rectangular Cleaning Kit

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Sometimes it’s better to invest in a cleaning set, than just a standard solitary cleaner, and we totally agree. That’s why the Oakley Lens Rectangular Cleaning Kit is on this list! This simple yet effective kit comes complete with a ballistic storage kit, streak-free lens cloth, and even a pump atomizer containing Oakley’s own brand cleaning solution. The kit is beautifully portable and compact, meaning that it can be taken with you anywhere, so you’ll never have to worry about a murky lens again.

E-Cloth Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

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The E-Cloth Microfiber Cleaning Cloth is a cleaning cloth like no other. Made from microfiber material, the cloth can be used multiple times, making it eco-friendly and reliable. Simply use dry on a damp surface and you’ll have pristine glass in seconds. The cloth is also not just for spectacles, but can also be used on phone screens, televisions, and windows. Coming in a range of vibrant colors, the cleaning cloth is affordable, versatile, and always ready to tackle any problem you may have.

Optix 55 Eye Glass Lens Wipes

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If you’re looking for a disposable cleaning wipe that will work quickly and efficiently, then consider the Optic 55 Eye Glass Lens Wipes. These pre-moistened wipes work quickly to remove any dirt or stain your glasses may have, leaving you with a crystal clear picture. The wipes have even been specifically designed for delicate lenses, such as glasses, sunglasses, and even camera lenses.

Ultra Clarity Anti-Fog Kit

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Not only is the Ultra Clarity Anti-Fog Kit useful and compact, but it can be used for far more than simply glasses. The kit has been designed to work on even the toughest and most industrial lenses, such as diver’s goggles and face shields. Simply add a few drops of the anti-fog solution to the lens and then wipe away with the provided microfiber cloth. The solution works to leave behind moisture repelling nano-coating, which is thinner than a ray of light. Leaving your lenses perfectly clear throughout the day.