The 10 Best Facial Rollers and Massagers for Your Skincare Routine (2020)

We are currently living in a tumultuous and erratic time. With the world in the midst of a global pandemic, and the future seeming more uncertain than ever before, it’s okay to be a little stressed out. The only issue with that is the side effects stress can have on both your physical and mental health. Stress can leave you feeling down, exhausted, and can turn your beautiful skin into a desolate landscape of stress-induced acne. But how can you relax while also combating unpredictable and temperamental skin? Well, why not invest in a facial roller or massager.

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Facial rollers and massagers are the perfect tools for anyone trying to keep calm and fresh-faced. But how do you know which facial roller or massager is the best one for you? Well, we’ve made this handy little list of the best facial rollers now available on So grab your favorite scented soap and a fluffy towel, because these are the 10 best facial rollers and massagers for your skincare routine!

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TTSAM Natural Silk Face Cleanser Balls

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If you don’t want any fancy gadgets or crystals, why not take a look at these Natural Silk Face Cleanser Balls by TTSAM. Made from the natural cocoon of a silkworm, these cleanser balls are quick and easy to use. Simply soak in a bowl of warm water and then attach to the end of your finger for a facial cleanse as you’ve never experienced before. The balls are perfectly designed so that the cleaning process is quick, even, and meticulous. Perfect for anyone trying to improve their daily facial wash.

Feamans Golden 3D Sonic Face Roller

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The face roller for those who enjoy beautiful and luxurious things, the Feamans Golden 3D Sonic Face Roller is slim, glamorous, and stimulating. In this set, you will receive two different shapes for your facial massager, the 3D roller and the T shape electric face roller. Daily use of the roller promises to see the disappearance of any unwanted blemishes or discolorization. And not only that, but the roller’s unique design allows it to also be used in the shower, for an even cleaner and pristine finish.

RoselynBoutique Jade Face Roller

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Now, the healing powers of crystals have always been disputed by the scientific. But, regardless if you believe in it or not, you have to admit that the RoselynBoutique Jade Face Roller is a beauty to behold. This quick and effective tool has been crafted from ultra-smooth jade, a gemstone known for its powerful healing energy. But don’t let that put you off, the roller can be used with any product, including your favorite face cream or wash. Guaranteeing an exceptional and truly mystical facial cleansing experience.

Yeamon Face Massager

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Sometimes we all need some time to sit down and relax, and nothing can truer in our current climate. So if you really want to make your face sing, you should consider purchasing a Yeamon Face Massager. This handy little gadget comes with four different settings, with five modes of microcurrent density. Meaning you can control the speed and pressure, allowing for a facial massage that is perfect just for you. The device can also be switched between warm and cold temperatures, allowing plenty of time for you to figure out which setting you like best.

MoValues Rose Quartz Face Roller Set

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Unlike other jade-based facial rollers, Mo Values Rose Quartz Face Roller Set is not crafted from brittle wire but hard, stainless steel. Promising a facial roller than is durable and ready for long-term use. Made from beautifully crafted rose quartz, this crystal-based roller will assure that healings ions are driven deep into the skin. Leaving your face smooth, healthy, and positively glowing!

MANLI Portable Facial Massager

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If you’re looking for a facial massager that packs a lot more power, then why not give the MANLI Portable Facial Massager a go. This handheld device uses powerful vibrations to massage and relaxes your face. But there’s even more, the massager can be switched from hot to the cold mode and comes with five different massage settings. Modern and industrial, this massager will do the trick every time.

House of Rhone Facial Roller Massager

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Unlike other rollers on this list, the House of Rhone Facial Roller Massager is crafted from metal and is coupled with two zinc alloy balls. The sensation given by this particular roller is said to be cooling, cradling your muscles until they feel better than ever. This product can also be used with your usual creams or lotions for a shimmering finish.

Marzahar Professional Facial Ice Roller

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Barely anyone talks about the beneficial effect that cool temperatures can have on your skin. But now there’s the Professional Facial Ice Roller from Marzahar, to prove just how effective the cold can be. This roller can be rolled over the entire face, helping to keep your skin cool and blemish-free. The icy device can help to reduce morning puffiness and even help tighten loose or wrinkled skin. Making you feel like a movie star every time you wash your face.

Fancii Uplift Facial and Body Massage Roller

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If you’re looking for something a little more compact, then you should consider the Fancy Uplift Facial Massage Roller. This thin and sleek roller is perfect for anyone who travels a lot for their job, as it can fit into a bag or pouch. The device helps to maintain blood circulation around the face and can help preserve the firmness of your skin. Also, it’s pink!

Revlon Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Face Roller

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The Revlon Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Roller is different from most typical rollers due to it actually being crafted from volcanic rock and for its ability to quickly absorb excessive facial oils. Similar to blotting paper, the volcanic stone is able to draw greasy oils from the skin, reducing the risk of acne or blemishes. The perfect addition to any hardcore face washing regime.