The 10 Best Dip Holders to Attach to Any Serving Tray

Have you ever been eating fries and needed something to put your dip in? Are you tired of throwing parties and not having the necessary tools for your buffet and your guests? Then why not invest in a dip holder that can be attached to any serving tray or tray.

Chips and Dip are a staple for any get-together or movie night. A simple crowd-pleaser, it may seem like it's one of the easiest things to prepare. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes it's difficult to find the right container to hold your dip. One that won’t spill over and ruin your couch or carpet.  Luckily, there are now dip holders that can be clipped on or attached to a variety of surfaces, from trays to bowls.

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Currently, you can purchase a range of dip holders on platforms such as But if you’re not sure which dip holder is the one for you, then we have made this handy list to help you along. These dip bowls are fun, easy to use, and completely safe. So why not grab a bag of chips, sit back and discover the 10 best dip holders to attach to any serving tray. You won’t be disappointed!

We hope you find these dip holders are awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we do participate in affiliate programs and may receive a share of the revenue from your purchase.

Guyuyii Dip Clip Bowl Holder

Want a dip bowl that is convenient and practical? These dip clip bowl holders are a new and unique way of serving dip to your family and friends. Simply clip the bowl onto a plate or tray and you’ll have easy access for all your dipping needs. Don’t worry, these clippers won’t damage your plates and they are completely dishwasher safe. Colorful and compact, spice up your next gathering with these nifty gadgets.

Saucemoto Dip Clip

Have you ever been secretly eating fast food in your car, and realized you have nowhere to store your dipping sauce? With this dip clip by Saucemoto, you’ll never have that worry again. Coming with a plastic universal mount that can be attached to your car vents, providing plenty of dipping options. So next time you feel like some cheeky chicken nuggets, consider buying this sauce holder first.

Jokari Clip-On Dip Holder

Need something versatile and durable? This clip-on dip holder can be attached to any bowl or plate and can even be rotated if needed. Made from BPA-free materials, this nifty invention is also dishwasher safe and comes with a silicone gripper, so as to not scratch any plates or utensils. Perfect for picky eaters and parties, this dip holder will change your life for the better.

Oppohere Clip-On Dip Holder

Coming in a range of colorful designs, these clip-on dip holders will look vibrant and bright on any festive buffet table. Made from BPA-free plastic, these durable dip holders can be attached to anything from plates to trays, providing plenty of dipping opportunities. Brand new and high quality, these dip bowls will have your guests green with envy.

Fuyu 4pcs Marble Sauce Bowls

Need something more stylish and modern for your home and celebrations? These marble sauce bowls not only look beautiful but are also sturdy and durable. Suitable and safe for use in the microwave, dishwasher, and oven, these bowls can hold a range of delicious dips. Such as vinegar, soy sauce, wasabi, chili oil, salad dressing, and more.

Dip Buddy 4 Individual Dipping Containers

BPA and phosphate-free, these individual dipping containers not only look attractive but are durable and versatile. Simply clip them onto a plate or tray and you’ll have the perfect container for your dressing or sauce. If someone in your family is a picky eater and doesn’t like food and sauce mingling on the plate, then these dip bowls are the perfect thing to combat that issue.

Evriholder Avocado Clip and Serve Dip Bowl

This set of 2 mini-clip and serve dip bowls should be a mandatory accessory in any kitchen or household. Perfect for serving dips and chips during a family movie night, these dip holders can be clipped onto any bowl or plate that is readily available. Adjustable and BPA-free, these clip-on bowls are safe to use and will make your serving options even vaster and interesting.

IUAQDP 6 Pack Sauce Holder for Car

Need a sauce holder that can travel well? Then why not take a look at this 6 pack sauce holder for your car? This sauce holder can be attached to your car’s ventilation system, allowing you easy access to dip your fries or nuggets. It’s that easy! Coming in the perfect size, these sauce holders are easy to use and won’t distract you while you keep your eyes on the road. Delicious!

Greatplate Plastic Plate with Sauce Bowl

This nifty gadget is more than just your basic plate. Made from BPA-free polypropylene, this plate comes with a holder built into its center. Although marketed as a beverage holder, that small space in the middle can be used for a variety of delicious options. You can use it for a dip, sauce, dressing, and as a nifty cup holder. Shake things up at your next family BBQ with these amazing and versatile plates.

Fit & Fresh Salad Shaker and Dressing Dispenser

How about a dip holder that you can take to the office? This salad shaker comes with a built-in dressing dispenser. Perfect for dipping or for simply pouring over your salad when on your lunch break, this wonderful contraption will have you seeing your work lunch in a whole new way. Made from BPA and PVC free materials, this container is easy to use and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Make life and lunch easier.