The 10 Best Charging Cable Protectors to Keep Your Electronics in Tip-Top Shape (2020)

There are few things in life more obnoxious than a broken charging cable. When your cord breaks, you're left high and dry, and you've got to figure out a replacement fast. Either you run to the store (and probably spend more money) or order online and wait for days while your cord ships. So, what's the best solution? Well, a good charging cable protector can stop any breakage in the first place!

We never realize how truly important our charging cables are until they're broken. But the fact is, without our cords, we're pretty much lost! Making sure that doesn't happen, therefore, is more important than you'd probably think. So check out Amazon's best charging cable protector solutions, and get the best for your cords.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

Lightning Charger Cable Saver

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These handy little gadgets are Amazon's choice in the flexible cable protectors' department, and they come in a pack of 4. Designed with highly flexible silicone, they're usable on cables for all devices including, cell phones, computers, laptops, lightning cables, and more.

Spiral Phone Cable Saver

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If black is the better shade for your charging cables, this pack of 8 black highly flexible PVC protectors will do just the trick. And you don't need to worry about damaging your cables when you apply them, since they only require simple one-step installation.

VizGiz 12 Pack Charging Cable Protector

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These spiral tube cable protectors come in soothing pastel colors and in a pack of 12, giving you a few more than the previous packs - for the same price! They're just as easy to apply, and they'll prolong the life of your cables significantly.

Jetec 24-Piece Charger Cable Saver

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If your first thought reading the slides above was "great, but I'd need a few more of those," then not to worry! These charging cable protectors have the same design, and they come in a multi-colored pack of 24. Every cable in your house will be well-defended.

1/2 inch PET Expandable Braided Sleeving

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Some cables come already equipped with a braided material cover, but plenty don't. So, sometimes, it helps to just apply that covering yourself! Here's a whole 100-foot roll of the stuff, ready to be wrapped around your important charging cables.

Cute Animal Bite Cable Protector

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May as well include a fun one for the kids, right? These silicone cord collars are made with the same durable material as the cable protectors above; they've simply got a more charming, adorable design. And they're eco-friendly, too!

Alex Tech 25ft – 1/2 inch Split Wire Loom Tubing

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You can use these protector tubes to wrap wires and make cables wires neat and orderly. The sturdy wire loom tubing is resistant to abrasion, and harmful chemical corrosion. It's easy to slide wires in, and the tubing is thick enough to provide full protection!

1/2 inch Cord Protector Wire Loom Tubing

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You can purchase this wire loom tubing in a wide variety of widths (and amounts, from 1o to 25 feet of the stuff), so you can make sure that it'll cover any cord you need protecting. Have pets? Cats don't like chewing it, so you won't have to worry about them, either!

Rancco Spiral Cable Protector

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Here's another example of those braided materials wraps that come with some cables, and these come with a little color to them! You can even double-wrap a cord for extra protection and style, although it'll naturally take a little longer to complete.

Fengek 50-Piece Cable Wire Protectors

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Ready for this awesome deal? This pack comes with a whopping 50 cable protectorsplus 8 cable organizer clips that you can attach to your desk or other furniture in order to keep your cables perfectly organized at all times. All in all, it's about a dollar more expensive than the other related packs. How cool is that?!