Handy Stroller Hooks Help You Carry Things While Out and About

As a parent, you always seem to have your hands full with something, especially when you're out and about. But, wouldn't it be nice if you could free them up? Well, now you can...

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Introducing the OXO Tot Handy Stroller Hook.


Prepare to say hello to hands free...

The OXO Tot Handy Stroller Hook attaches to your pram and holds things such lunches boxes and shopping bags.


And, it's soft and comfortable grip also makes it great for older children to hold onto while walking.

Made of durable, lightweight aluminum with an adjustable strap, this hook fits all stroller handles and can be attached anywhere.


And there's no need to worry about your bags falling off thanks to its non-slip grip and grooves that helps keep bags from slipping.

Leaving reviews of the products, fellow parents have explained that "these stroller hooks do not disappoint."


Describing the hooks as a "godsend," one happy customer wrote: "My wife and I had issues when we had to constantly get things in and out of our stroller, especially when shopping for groceries, at the mall, etc so I did some research and found out about stroller hooks. Since these are something we planned to use a lot and plan on keeping for whenever baby #2 happens in a few years I decided to go with a brand we knew and spend a few bucks more. We do not regret this decision as the hooks are sturdy as can be, and even under immense weight the straps don't move or buckle at all. I highly recommend this to anyone with a baby stroller that needs an easily accessible area for purses, bags, etc."

With the possibility of making your life a little easier while you're out and about, why wouldn't you want to buy one?


Get your hook here.