Sony's New Wearable 'Air Conditioner' Will Stop You Sweating Through Your Clothes

Just when you thought every neat product had already been invented...

Sony has announced this week, that by March 2020 we will be able to stay cool using a wearable air conditioner. What's that when it's at home, I hear you ask... Well, this new product is a bit of a "does what it says what is on the tin" kind of things. This product will be able to slip into the back of your t-shirt and provide temperature-controlled air.

We can finally say goodbye to sweating through our shirts on those hot office days. Nice one Sony!

A sweat-free 2020.


This new product design sure looks like the future and why wouldn't it: a sweat-free future is exactly what it represents.

There's no place for sweat in the modern world.

I know, I know, as soon as someone says "electrical currents" and "attached to your clothes" in the same context your bound to think of the potential fire hazard with the product. Rest assured, the good people at Sony have put in special measures to ensure their will no risk of your clothes coming in to contact with the electrical currents. The casing of the product will be fire resistant and many tests will be done before the product reaches the market to ensure optimal safety.

You will be able to control the temperature using your cellphone.

via: YouTube/ South China Morning Post

You will be able to control the temperature to match your desired levels by using the Bluetooth installed into the project. Meaning that if there is ever a drop or rise in the temperature you won't have to take out the air-conditioner and put it back in again. All you will need to do is go on your phone and change it there. Handy, eh?

How discreet is it exactly?

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