37 Low Effort And Low-Cost Items That Clean Your Home With Amazing Results

Cleaning is the worst. Wait, did I type that out loud? Fine, fine, I did, but let me level with you for a second: No one (outside of my Mom) really enjoys cleaning. (Oh, you do? My bad.) Even if you do enjoy it, wouldn't you love to have some low-effort, low-cost products to add to your cleaning arsenal? That's what I thought. I'm talking cleaning cloths that require only water (no harsh chemicals!) or gel that cleans for you as you flush. These are no-brainers.

With that whole "low-effort and "low-cost" thing in mind, I've rounded up 37 Amazon buys that will have your home sparkling clean in no time. I've got everything from a cult-favorite multi-surface cleaning spray to fun frog slippers that let you dust on the move. Get in on these Amazon finds and simplify your cleaning routine — for a fraction of the cost you're accustomed to. Or, hey, at least make yourself feel better about possibly, maybe — one day — getting around to tackling the dirt.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Get Steamy Anywhere In The House


No one I know likes dragging out a traditional mop and bucket. It's cumbersome, messy, and kind of gross if you really think about it. This microfiber spray mop condenses all of that mess into one streamlined package. Just fill the attached bottle with water and a few drops of your favorite cleaning solution, and then get to work cleaning with the included reusable mop head.

Brush It Off With This Self-Cleaning Dustpan and Broom Set


Dustbusters, unite! This self-cleaning dustpan (it has teeth!) and broom will get all of those little crumbs and dust bunnies out of your home's nooks and crannies with ease. The pole lengthens from 35 to 49 inches, and the broom clips to the dustpan for easy upright storage.

Cleaning Difficult Surfaces? It's Magic.


I first tried one of these magic cleaning pads several years ago (from a well-known national brand, mind you), and I was immediately hooked. Where else can you get a product that will clean stuck-on messes on your stove and the discolored soles of your tennis shoes at the same time? (Well, not at the same time, but it'll do both, O.K.?) These are two times thicker than the ones you can buy in the store, and that's a winner for me.

This Is A Winner In A Blind Cleaning Test


No household task is as annoying to complete as cleaning your blinds, and, wouldn't you know, I have a zillion of them in my house. I was looking for a way to clean them quickly and easily without having to do each one individually. This microfiber blind blade cleaner will clean the tops (and bottoms) of six blinds at once. How can you say no to that?! Grab it for less than nine bucks.

Add Shine To Your Stainless Steel Appliances


No one ever told me that the stainless steel appliance craze could also be called the "you see every smudge and fingerprint all the time" craze. And, it makes me crazy. I found this stainless steel cleaner and polish, which eliminates all of those marks with a streak-free shine. I don't love having to wipe down my appliances, but I appreciate this product which makes it simple and easy.

Get A Jump On Dusting


Feelin' froggy ... dust. Wait, that's not how that goes. Regardless, you can get a jump on dusting with these slip-on microfiber slippers. The microfiber chenille is comfortable and functional, allowing you to sweep away dust and dirt on the hardwood and tile throughout your house. If you're not a froggy fan, no worries. You can also snag these in bears, pigs, and bunnies, among other designs.

Wave A Magic Wand To Clean Your Toilet


This might be my single best cleaning purchase everywhere, and here's why. I hate cleaning the toilet ... and I suspect I'm not alone. The Clorox ToiletWand offers a (mostly) hands-free way of cleaning with single-use scrub pads and a caddy in which to hide them away. The best part is the sanitary nature of this disposable system that eliminates that ugly (and germy) traditional toilet brush.

These Wipes Whip Food and Grime Buildup


​Sometimes, you just want to wipe away grease and grime without having to wring out a reusable cloth and apply a cleaning solution. These multipurpose wipes are great in a pinch but also great at their job, which is removing food and dirt buildup. Use them on all types of surfaces, from glass cooktops to tile, chrome, and granite. I love that they're streak-free and come in an easy dispenser.

Cleaning Simplified — Just Add Water


This home cleaning kit is one you have to fill yourself, but don't stress because it's only water. The bottles arrive empty with two refill pods for non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning all over your house. There are bottles for the kitchen, hardwood floors, the shower, and glass. Once you've used both refills, simply reorder them and use — and reuse — the bottles. Look! You're saving on plastic use, too.

A Cleaning Cloth Dupe For A More Expensive Brand


If you haven't been invited to a Norwex party yet ... just wait; it's coming. And, truthfully, Norwex is great but expensive, especially when you encounter a similar cleaning cloth that uses only water on Amazon for half the cost. This one is designed for windows and glass and has outstanding reviews, including this one: "I barely dampen this cloth, run it over the doors, and not one streak, no lint - NOTHING but beautiful glass."

Paper Towels You Can Use and Re-Use


What will they think of next? Paper towels are great and handy, but let's be honest, super wasteful. These reusable paper towels are sustainable. One roll of these equals six months of everyday paper towel rolls, according to the manufacturer. Once they're dirty, simply wash them in cold water by hand and re-use them up to 100 times before throwing them out. Genius.

To Gel With Toilet Cleaning


I'm always on the hunt for toilet cleaning products that cut down on the amount of time I have to spend keeping it looking fresh. Sure, there are tabs out there you can drop in the toilet's tank. However, these gel dots smoosh right into the bowl itself so you can tell exactly when it needs to be refilled. As you flush, water rushes over the gel, spreading the power of "clean" across the surface.

Drill Down On Cleaning


This 25-piece cleaning attachment for the drill will have you feeling like a Charlie's Angel or Bob Vila — or both. You'll get a variety of brushes with different bristles and scrubbing pads to tackle every surface. Caked-on food on your favorite skillet? No problem. Nasty grout in your shower? Consider it done. Slap these attachments on your existing drill and clean in overdrive.

Welcome To The Putty Party


​Who says cleaning can't be fun? This dust cleaning gel — I prefer to call it goop or putty — is great for getting into all the spaces you can't ordinarily reach and removing the dust and dirt that traditionally cleaning products just can't handle. All you have to do is grab it and press it into whatever surface you're trying to clean. Give it a try on your laptop or keyboard. It's gross but fabulous.

A Cult-Favorite Multi-Surface Cleaner


Mrs. Meyers' products have gained immense popularity, and it's not hard to see why. Lightly fragranced and useful for all types of surfaces, you can clean, refresh and remove odors from kitchens, baths, and more. This product has nearly 34,000 reviews and counting on Amazon, with one reviewer claiming it keeps her house "smelling good for days." Try it in basil, honeysuckle, or lavender, too.

Refresh With Affresh


When was the last time you showed your garbage disposal any love? Most of us just keep poking stuff down that hole, willing it to go away forever, and never give a second thought to what might be happening beneath the surface. These Affresh tabs put the focus on your disposal in a good way, removing odor-causing residue and giving it a good clean. Don't sleep on it!

Think Pink With This Cleaning Paste

Amazon / Ain

When a product says right on the package, "What will you use it for?", I'm immediately intrigued. The Pink Stuff is a "miracle cleaning paste" that has myriad uses, from deep cleaning your oven to refreshing ceramic tile, glass, and copper. Use it on garden furniture, boats ... the possibilities are endless with this tub of abrasive (in a good way) paste.

I've Got To Hand It To This Duster


If you've ever read anything else I've written, you know I have a love-love relationship with all OXO gadgets. I've never tried a single one that wasn't excellent. This microfiber hand duster is another to add to that list. The generously sized microfiber head scoops up dust and debris with ease and can be thrown into the washer when it needed a bit of cleaning itself.

These Cleaning Tools Are Tiny — Intentionally


We all have those tiny places and spaces that we need to clean but can't get into. Think about it: Window grooves, car vents, sliding door tracks, computer keyboards, none of these spots can be cleaned with traditional means. This set of tiny cleaning tools will get into all of those spaces with ease. You'll get five pieces meant for handling those hard-to-reach tracks, vents, and more.

Hey Look, There's An Affresh For Your Washing Machine, Too!


​Cleaning an appliance designed to clean things might seem odd, but it's necessary. Do you know that musty smell your clothes sometimes get after they've been washed? Yeah, that's coming from your washing machine. These tablets are incredibly easy to use; just throw them in, and you're done!

A Complete Cooktop Cleaning Kit


I prefer a glass cooktop because it can be easily wiped clean, but you know (and I know) that it's not always that easy. Baked-on, caked-on residue rears its ugly head often, no matter how often you wipe down. This cooktop cleaning kit is a complete remedy for getting all that gunk off. It includes a cleaner/polish, scrubbing pad, and razor scraper that will make your job — and life — simpler.

Honestly Great Cleaning From The Honest Company


Actress Jessica Alba founded the Honest Company in 2011, and I had no idea that 10 years later, I'd be recommending her conscious cleaning glass starter kit, but here we are. This purchase comes with a reusable bottle and two refills designed for cleaning glass, windows, and other surfaces that need treatment against soil and smears. Its pomelo scent combines citrus and mint for a clean, sweet smell.

Grill, You Need This Combo Brush-Scraper


I know, I know, everyone loves grilling season, and no one loves cleaning said grill. Relax; this bristle-free grill brush and scraper will take the chore out of cooking outside. Even better, this purchase includes heavy-duty grill mats that you can cook on, virtually eliminating grill mess altogether. Enjoy more time cooking and more time together and less time slaving over a dirty cooking surface.

This Window Cleaning Brush Gets Every Bit Of Dirt


I seriously hate cleaning window tracks. But this window cleaning brush promises to make it a lot easier thanks to its double-ended design that gets all the gunk out. The brush sweeps away dirt while the scraper dislodges dirt from tight spaces, so you'll get a deep clean every time.

Restore Sun Damage On Your Stuff


We've all been there: Patio furniture that's lost its luster, bumpers, and tires that have faded with sun exposure, even sweet garden gnomes that just don't sparkle like they used to. This color restorer reverses oxidation and sun damage to vinyl, plastic, rubber, stone, and more. Reviews are positive for this one, including this comment: "Poly patio furniture looks new again after 15 years."

Cut Through The Junk With This Chainmail Scrubber


In the past year, I've moved almost exclusively to cooking with cast iron pots and pans. They're great because they last forever and only get better with age. They stink because they're a bit trickier to clean. This chainmail scrubber has become a dish-cleaning staple in my house. It scrubs away all the food left behind without causing any scratches or damage to my pans.

Say "Goodbye" To Your Out-Of-Reach Cleaning Excuses


Admit it: You've got high shelves that haven't been dusted since you moved in. Or, maybe it's that ceiling fan you never shut off (or clean) and shrug it off like it's no big deal. This microfiber duster says "poo" to your cleaning excuses because it has a bendable head (to reach anywhere) and an adjustable pole (from 30 inches to 100 inches). Now you have no more excuses for cleaning those hard-to-reach places.

You Mil"Dew" Need This Gel Cleaner


I loathe the dirt and grime that clings to grout and sealants in places like your shower and around your sinks. That stuff never wants to come off. Enter this mold and mildew gel cleaner. All you have to do is apply it and walk away. No, seriously. Go put your feet up or read a book. After three to five hours, you can return to the scene of the crime, wipe the cleaner away and enjoy clean grout and sealant again.

Go Ahead And Scrub Those Laundry Stains


Stain-removing products don't do you much good unless you have a scrubber of some type to really get the product in there and working. (It's not a personal attack; I'm preaching to the choir here.) This silicone scrubber is oh-so-cute, perfectly sized to fit in the palm of your hand, and is a real workhorse when it comes to getting in there and making stains disappear. This listing will get you one plus a backup.

Clean Your Baseboards Without Breaking Your Back


Confession time: I usually only lightly swipe at my baseboards instead of giving them the down-on-my-hands-and-knees deep scrubbing that they need. (Sorry, Mom!) This baseboard cleaner tool might be a happy medium. It uses a microfiber cleaning pad affixed to a pole with a handle so you can still clean these forgotten areas without sacrificing your knees and back to do it.

Squee! Gee, What a Find


Do you clean while you're in the shower? ... Just me? Never mind then. If you were to start cleaning while you're in the shower (or just need tools to help you get a cleaner shower), this squeegee from my main squeeze, OXO, is the perfect tool. One reviewer said this option is light and well-made and won't cause damage to your shower if you were to drop it. Add it to your arsenal for less than $8.

Wood You Use This? I Wood.


​You're probably like a lot of us in that you have wood pieces in your home that have seen better days. This wood wax will transform your tired wood pieces into the vibrant furniture you remember before babies, mortgages, and sleep deprivation clawed their way into your life. It's made entirely of natural beeswax and will clean and restore antique or modern pieces to be the bee's knees.

Build A Stash Of Reusable Cleaning Cloths


Phew, we're nearly at the end of our list, and we have done a lot of cleaning so far. But, you're not going to get much done if you don't have the right tools at home to help you. This 50-pack (yes, 5-0!) of microfiber cleaning cloths should stock you up for a hot second. I like that they come in various colors so, if you're organized, you can specify certain colors for certain projects.

Take A Stone To Your Bowl


I had honestly never thought about using a pumice stone to clean my toilet until this product — unusual though it may be — came across my path on Amazon. This pumice stone toilet bowl cleaner works quickly to clean things like ceramic fixtures, hard water stains, and even BBQ grills. Need to take out the day's frustrations by scrubbing something? This is the cleaning tool for you.

Your Carpet Saver Has Arrived

Amazon / Kaybee

If you're into cleverly named products or vibrantly designed packaging, you may want to skip over this one. If, however, you're into products that do exactly what they promise, slam on the brakes, Shirley, this is the one for you. Folex carpet spot remover has 31,000 reviews and counting for a reason: It just works. Say goodbye to tough spots and stains with this great find.

This Cleaner Harnasses The Power of Plants


Not interested in using a bunch of chemicals to clean your house? Let oranges do it instead. This ECOS all-purpose cleaner is non-toxic and uses orange essential oil to tackle tough dirt and grime. It leaves your spaces fresh, clean and smelling amazing.

This Bar Keepers Friend Is A Softie


I found out about Bar Keepers Friend about 10 years ago, and it is one staple I always have in my house. It works on literally everything — from copper pans to bathroom fixtures and everything in between. I don't always love the traditional powdered formula, so I shrieked with joy when I found this soft cleanser. O.K., that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but nevertheless, it was love.