Just 37 Cheap and Weird Things You'll Probably Want to Buy

Maybe you're looking for the most hilarious gag gift imaginable. Maybe you're just doing a little shopping. Either way, we all need to indulge in something fun once in a while--especially if it's inexpensive fun! And Amazon is the perfect go-to for that kind of thing. Also, most of these products do have actual uses. They're just not products you would normally think to even look for.

So we've gone ahead and found them for you! Go ahead and browse, and see which of these odd items appeals to your tastes. You might just find something to give your living room that extra bit of character, or a gadget that doubles as a great conversation starter! There's something fun for everyone here.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

These Novelty Socks Will Make You Smile Every Time You See Your Feet

I feel like the draw of these is pretty self-explanatory. Who doesn't like fun, snarky socks? They let you express how you really feel, but with the benefit of your boss not knowing that you've got pieces of clothing that say "Bring Your Wine to Work Day." Or, if you don't have a problem with people seeing, then don't say anything the next time you're interrupted. Just lift up your feet so everyone sees the "F--k off, I'm reading" sign!

A Tonsil Stone Remover Could Be More Helpful Than You Think

If you've ever had tonsil stones, you know what a pain they are. Literally--they can make swallowing pretty painful, and they can also be responsible for bad breath. Fortunately, this odd little kit has all the tools you need to remove tonsil stones, and it's quite inexpensive! It's like keeping a first aid kit in your drawer; this kit just a good thing to have handy.

Wrap Yourself Up In This Tortilla Blanket

What can I say? Some of us just dare to be different. The thing is, there are tons of blankets out there, which means you don't have to stick to solid-colored ones. You can get blankets with pretty patterns, graphic images...or you can just get a big ol' tortilla shell blanket. I mean, the whole point of blankets is to wrap yourself up like a burrito anyway, right? It's life imitating the culinary arts!

Clean Up Miniscule Messes With This Mini Vacuum

While there are definitely better ways to clean up, say, a whole room, this adorable little contraption definitely has its uses. Delicate messes require a delicate instrument, and that's where the USB vacuum really shines. You can get into all the small spaces your regular vacuum skims over.

You'll Never Rage-Quit From Your Computer Again With A Password Organizer

Don't deny it: remembering all your usernames and passwords is nearly impossible. I, for one, forget them all the time. Especially because you also have to remember which username is tied to which password, and...it's just a mess. So a password organizer--and a funny one at that--is probably a good idea for everyone to have.

Get Some Witty Shakespearean Insult Bandages To Tell Your Wound Who's Boss

These look like so much fun. Sure, they're just band-aids, and any old bandage will work in a pinch, but wouldn't it be nice to look at something painful and laugh instead? Literary nerds in particular should appreciate these beauties. But really, anyone can get a kick out of pulling a band-aid from the tin and seeing: "Thou art a knave; a rascal; an eater of broken meats!"

You Can Reenact The Most Iconic "Castaway" Scene With This Wilson Volleyball

Any recreational volleyball players here? Maybe you're planning a beach trip for the summer? It's always good to have a volleyball around come warm weather, and while you're at it, get both a volleyball and a widely celebrated cinematic reference! Plus it's good for those days where you really need to vent some frustration. Just yell "WILSON!" until the stress abates.

You'll Never Need a Refill When You're Using a Wine Bottle Glass

On the one hand, this is a pretty fantastic gag gift for the wine lovers in your life. On the other, it also just looks like fun to drink out of! The glass holds an entire 750 mL bottle of wine, so pace yourself when drinking out of it. It's also good quality for your money--plenty of nights with delicious wine are ahead!

Take a Break From Life With This Miniature Zen Garden

Need a little more zen in your life? Honestly, most of us do. Well, here's a neat tool for you to use and maybe find some of the tranquility you're looking for. Mini zen gardens make for great decor, and you can use the rake that comes with the garden to trace meditative patterns in the sand. Looks relaxing to me!

Be the Ultimate Comedian In Your Friend Group With This Mini Violin Replica

Just picture it: you're with a friend who begins whining about something...but you've heard this story 20 times already. So you pull out a tiny violin and bow and begin to pantomime playing them like a funeral dirge. With a smile, you say, "This is the world's smallest violin, and it's playing just for you." Now that is dedication to a joke.

This Tricera-Taco Holder Makes For a Perfect Taco Tuesday

This makes me really want to have taco night yesterday. Or just as soon as possible. Because tacos are wonderful, but they can be awfully messy to put together--and keep together! Not only is this tricera-taco holder a cute novelty gadget for your kitchen; it's also genuinely helpful when the time for taco dinner comes around.

Get Some Hands-Free Shelter With This Umbrella Hat

First thing's first: yes, you are going to need a certain amount of chutzpah before taking a stroll in this particular hat. But once you get past the weird aesthetic of the thing, it really is useful. After all, umbrellas are useful. And this is just a hands-free umbrella! Sure, raincoats are a thing, but umbrellas are also handy for keeping the majority of your body dry. So maybe it's time to consider an umbrella hat for the next time you're stepping out in a downpour!

You Will Never Be Caught Unprepared With Instant Underwear In Your Bag

Is this one of the weirdest Amazon products, and subsequent receipts, you'll ever see? Yes. But this actually is a pair of water-activated underwear. And sometimes, for any number of reasons, we get caught in situations where we really need a change of clothes handy. Heck, maybe you've got kids who do, too. So...maybe a super compact pair of backup undies isn't the worst thing you could keep stored in your bag.

This Handi Squirrel is Just Plain Ridiculous in the Best Way

Yep, this is a vinyl multi-finger puppet squirrel. Why get this, you may ask? Well, just look at it. It would make a great toy for kids or gag gift for adults. And if you wouldn't use a lifelike finger puppet to scare a friend in their sleep, you're not being honest with yourself. Satisfied Amazon customer Holla said it best: "If you work this squirrel just right, it walks like a creepy spider. Excellent."

This Aromatherapy Dough Will Quickly Become Your Main Squeeze

Sometimes you need to literally squeeze the stress out of you. And this aromatherapy dough is a sweet-smelling alternative for anybody who never quite got what they needed from a stress ball. Not only is the malleable dough a comforting exercise; the lavender scent is also especially potent when it comes to banishing tension from your body. This stuff is like a stress ball that you can squeeze into funny shapes and also smells great 24/7 (in other words, superior).

Keep Your Bathroom Feeling Lit With a Toilet Nightlight

Even toilets need some added pizzazz. And really, a neon nightlight can only make your bathroom look cooler (and more easy to use). There are practical reasons too: you won't have to turn the light on and disrupt your body's sleeping clock if you get up in the middle of the night. The fun colors are really just the cherry on top.

This Snitch Fidget Spinner is The Perfect Tool For Witches and Wizards With Attention Issues

If you're going to get a fidget spinner, may as well make it a cool Harry Potter-themed one! Despite some finding them annoying, fidget spinners really do help with ADD and ADHD, along with other attention disorders. Now, Potterheads in need of some extra fidget-spinning help can get something that really aligns with their tastes. Be the Seeker you've always wanted to be!

With These High-Value Napkins, We Can All Feel Filthy Rich For a Day

Obviously, having a pack of hundred dollar bills dropped on your table would be preferable. But it's still pretty funny to pretend you're wiping your mouth with a bunch of benjamins. Happy customer Propaind says, "These are not depositable at local banks, however, they do remove residual food from the face. Fun." Huh, good to know!

Get Ready To See Nessie In All Her Sea Monster Glory With This Nessie Ladle

Here's a cute ladle, shaped and designed to look like the infamous Loch Ness Monster! It's just one of those things that brings a little more personality and color to your kitchen. Nessie works just as well as your plain, average ladle; the only difference is that kick of fun Nessie brings. You'd be surprised how much more enjoyable cooking can be when you're also using tools that you really enjoy too!

Keep Winter Winds Away (And Scare Your Friends) With This Octopus Ski Mask

People with ski masks always joke that they look like bank robbers, right? Well, you can also bypass the "bank robber" look altogether and go full octopus. It works just like a balaclava, covering your whole face excluding eyes, but it's got a lot more whimsy! It's also a great little gag gift for the Lovecraft-lovers out there.

Even the Bathroom Can't Be Boring When You've Got a Potty Golf Game

So, this might be the weirdest thing I've seen come out of Amazon. Apparently, toilet put-put is an actual thing; go figure. Nevertheless, research suggests that some people spend quite a bit of time on the toilet to get their daily peace and quiet, so here's a little entertainment to go with it! You know it's gonna be a good day when you score that hole in one.

Finally Make the Perfect S'More With This S'More Maker

No longer do you have to wait for a summer bonfire to satisfy your s'more craving. This handy little gadget does all the s'more making for you! Just pop all the ingredients on the tray, microwave it, and the Prep Solutions will press everything into perfectly placed gooey goodness. Oh, man. I really want a s'more now.

The Wilderness Will Never Intimidate Women Again When They Can Just Get a GoGirl

Hikers, campers, and any outdoorsy ladies will find this GoGirl insanely useful. We all know what happens when you're out in the woods experiencing all the beauty of nature...and then nature calls. Going to the bathroom without the actual bathroom is a frustrating process and it's a lot more so for women. With the GoGirl, you keep everything as quick and clean as possible.

The Hedge Has Eyes...Giant Googly Eyes, In Fact

Turns out, googly eyes aren't just fun for kids. These giant adhesive googly eyes have brought laughter to people of many ages! In fact, Amazon reviewers have posted pictures of these googly eyes stuck onto doors, cars, furniture, and even bushes. What can I say? They really do make people smile. That alone makes them a good purchase!

Shred Your Way to Dinnertime With This Hedgehog Cheese Grater

The Nessie ladle could use some company! To that end, the hedgehog cheese grater makes an adorable companion. It's a great countertop piece to display, a useful kitchen tool, and the whole family will enjoy using it. Sounds like a win-win to me!

Repeat After Me: I Am Groot

Calling all Guardians of the Galaxy fans! Here's some fun information: you can pick up a planter featuring (arguably) the cutest of the Guardians. This one is a little more niche, clearly made for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it's a fabulous concept. What better to serve as a planter than the master plant himself, Groot?

This Nic Cage Sequin Pillow Is Equal Parts Horrifying and Hysterical to Behold

Honestly, I would just use this pillow to confuse everybody. Because it's very confusing. But, oddly enough, it's also hilarious. People well-versed in meme culture, I'm looking at you here! The idea of some poor, unsuspecting house guest running their hands over a shiny red-sequined pillow and suddenly finding Nic Cage staring deeply into their souls...is actually kind of genius as harmless pranks go.

Don't Expect to Put Out Many Fires With This Fire Extinguisher Lighter

Who here wants a good dose of irony? Or, at least, a new lighter? Either way, this fire extinguisher lighter is just the thing. It's got an LED flashlight attached as well, so you can get illumination from multiple sources! And you know people are going to get a laugh when you go to grab a lighter and come back with a mini fire extinguisher.

Get a Blast From the Past With These Floppy Disk Coasters

Who else thought the '90s were totally radical? That enthusiasm doesn't have to stay buried; you can bring the '90s to you with these creative coasters. Gift them to a techie friend, decorate your office with them, or just keep them around the house--and laugh, because what used to be high-tech is now only good for coffee coasters.

Challenge Your Insect Enemies to a Duel With This Fly Sword

Ongarde, dastardly flies! The time has come to exact sweet revenge on the housefly that's been buzzing around your head for the last hour and driving you nuts. And when you're doing it with a fly sword instead of a swatter, it adds that dash of panache you've been missing all this time. Besides, why pass up on the opportunity to stare down a mosquito and solemnly say, "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You bit my father. Prepare to die."

Even the Driver Can Appreciate Fast Food With This Fries On the Fly Holder

Picture this: it's the end of the day, you really need a fast food fix, but then you can't find a safe place to place and munch your food. Sound familiar? Apparently, it did to someone, because now you can get an attachable cup holder specifically designed to carry your french fries. It keeps them in one place and safely within reach so you can concentrate on driving while still getting that delectable snack!

This Fur Zapper Will Keep You From Drowning In Your Pet's Fur

If you've got pets that shed heavily, you know how hard it is to get all of the hairs out from your clothes. But it doesn't have to be hard; you can toss one of these fur zappers in both the washer and dryer, and watch your clothes emerge hair-free! Technically, it's good for more than that. Fur, hair, lint, dander, and other debris all fall under the zapper's cleaning capability.

Use This Bacon Floss When The Bacon You Had For Breakfast Just Isn't Enough

Two words: bacon floss. No, I don't mean you can get your dental floss in a fun novelty cannister that looks like bacon. The floss itself is bacon-flavored! Because really, is there anything that can't be improved with bacon? So if spearmint isn't your thing, maybe the flavor of crispy fried bacon will be.

Plug Up Your Wine Bottles With a Banana Wine Stopper

Lots of people own wine stoppers, but for most people, that stopper doesn't take the form of a silicone banana! It's durable, and despite the stopper's unorthodox shape, it's still designed to seal in your wine and keep it fresh and clean. So don't be afraid to go bananas over these cute wine stoppers.

Fulfill Your Love of Beer With a Bar of Beer Soap

I know some people say "it's five o'clock somewhere," but that really doesn't apply when it's 7 AM and you're trying to get ready for work. But beer-lovers don't have to satiate that love only by drinking beer; take this beer soap, for instance. It's made with real beer, orange peel, crushed oats, and hops. And because beer is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids, it's genuinely good for your skin!

This Hilarious Giant Bread Pillow Redefines the Term "Comfort Food"

Do you know that old saying "you are what you eat"? Maybe, in this case, it's more like: your home decor is what you eat. If you know a bread-head who can't even go a day without those sweet carbohydrates, here's the perfect thing to send them: a plush pillow in the shape and design of a baguette.

Chomp Down On Your Paper Foes With This Dragon Stapler

It really is fun to add little touches of personality to your office that tells everyone around you: this is who I am. This is what I like. And for those with a soft spot for high fantasy and magical creatures, this crazy cool stapler will do just that. Novelty gadgets like these turn items that should be plain and flavorless into things that genuinely make you happy to own, and that's why they're special!