Jennifer Lopez Keeps Wearing This Stylish Reusable Face Mask

According to Hollywood rumors, Jennifer Lopez apparently swears by a 3-layer reusable facemask and now, you can follow her lead thanks to Amazon! Scroll on to check it out...

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The Henry mask is the go-to mask for the biggest celebs around the world...


And there are 6 different groovy colors to chose from including black, burgundy, grey, orange, purple, and white.

The origami mask is designed to fit on the bridge of your nose without a wire and you won't smudge your lipstick as the material won't touch your mouth, giving you all the breathing space you need...


And Henry also makes masks for kids, allowing you to mask up together and send the little ones off to school, knowing they'll be safe all day long.

With over 400 ratings and a 4.7-star review, shoppers have fallen in love with the comfort of wearing a mask!


​"My husband and I have about eight or nine of these masks each. This is so far the only mask that does not fog my glasses, does not touch your mouth or nostrils, so you can talk and breathe freely. It never slides down over your nose (like many masks do). It's quite comfortable, stays in place, and there are three ways to wear it, which is unique from most masks. It comes with its own filter, but I also added an additional filter. Although the directions suggest hand washing, I have washed ours numerous times in the washer on Delicate cycle, cold water, inside a lingerie bag. After, I lay them on a towel to air dry (I wouldn't take a chance putting them in the dryer), and they have maintained their shape," one person wrote.

​"These masks are comfortable, they are easy to breathe in, love that you have 3 ways to wear them which allows them to stay put. You can talk without the material getting in your mouth. The only downfall is that they can get a little humid inside as the weather changes, which is expected, but I also live in a hot area. Overall, I ended up buying 4 more," another wrote. 


"I absolutely love this mask. Breathable. Quality made. Nice design. Lightweight. Very fast delivery. I immediately ordered another one. Plan to order more soon," more reviews said.

We think it's safe to say that people can't get enough of these cool masks...


Most reviewers always wind up wanting more, so here's where to find them!