Ice Cream Maker That Only Costs $20 Is Out-Selling All Other Ice Cream Makers

For just $20, you can enjoy one of the best things in life: homemade ice cream. Create one-of-a-kind flavors or creations as often as you want.

It's called the Dash's My Pint ice cream maker and thousands of shoppers are now enjoying crafting frozen treats right in their own kitchen. In just thirty minutes, this neat gadget can whip up custom and personalized pints of gelato, frozen yogurt, and ice cream.

Don't have that creative edge? Don't worry, it comes with a recipe book with all the flavors you'll need to get over your ex. There are lots of different styles, like vegan-friendly, gluten-free, or protein-packed varieties, or even put in some peanut butter cups, some chocolate chips, or some caramel swirls.

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It's no wonder it's received 2,600 five-star ratings and that it's Amazon's top-selling ice cream maker this summer.


The pint-size tool is just a bit larger than a bigcoffee mug and comes in three colors: aqua, pink, and white. The tiny machine has an electric spoon that churns your mixture for 30 minutes once you fill it up and tap the start button. The only prep required is chilling the bowl in the freezer.

Owners of the Dash's My Pint ice cream maker adore its small footprint, affordable price point, and versatility. Finally, those who have food allergies or lactose intolerance will finally enjoy all kinds of flavors that stores might not stock. Just look at the product review section to look for creative ideas and recipes including oat milk, Greek yogurt, cream cheese, and more. Some even use it to make granola-ready breakfast soft serve using protein powder, Greek yogurt, and fruit.

Most users prefer the taste of fresh homemade ice cream over store-bought and other ice cream makers on the market thanks to its easy-to-use design and small size. "Move over Halo Top, Slim Twin, and Enlightened. You have met your match," one reviewer wrote. "I had previously tried using my family's Cuisinart ice cream maker that is way too big for me, takes up way too much room in my freezer, and makes way too much at a time to store. This Dash is a little ice cream dream come true!"

"This one couldn't be easier to clean or store," another reviewer wrote. "Unlike those big makers that require so much acreage in your freezer, this fits perfectly in the bin on my freezer door."

So forget about your ex, and buy this ice cream maker and you'll have all the best ice cream you could wish for to create some of the best most creative flavors in no time at all.

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