Amazon’s Smart Touch-Free Alexa Soap Dispenser Is at an All-Time Low Price

Amazon has lowered the price of their smart soap dispenser, and Alexa-lovers everywhere are going to want to get their hands under one!

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The new Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser is on sale for the first time right now...


It was released back in July for $55, but is now on sale for $41.24, including shipping.

This rechargeable smart soap dispenser features "variable dispensing," to control how much soap you get by where you place your hand.


You can rinse the smart dispenser in the sink for easy cleaning and even connect it with your Echo speakers to "create an Alexa Routine and have your Echo automatically play songs, jokes, and more when you wash."

It also contains a series of LED timers that light up along the top to encourage the CDC-recommended twenty-seconds of hand washing.


And one charge of the dispenser will last a whopping 3 months, so you don't have to worry about it running out anytime soon.

And at twenty-five percent off, you can't really knock it!


And shoppers seem to love it!

One customer wrote: "So far, we are enjoying using the new Soap Dispenser. It has been a helpful way to remind the kids of the minimum amount of time that they need to wash for, and it is a little less messy than the push-top soap dispenser that we were using before. Would definitely recommend it."

It's the perfect addition for anyone with multiple Alexa's around their home.


Get yours here.