Amazon Is Selling Dill Pickle Ice Pops and People Actually Really Like Them

The Internet is full of crazy little treasures, and it only ever gets better too! Amazon is selling Dill Pickle Ice Pops for just $7.99, saving you $2!

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Bob's Dill Pickle Pops are selling fast on Amazon as people want to find out what all the fuss is about...


The Dill Pickle Ice Pops give a little bit of energy for those playing sports, or even just when you're chilling in the hot weather.

And you can drink it on the go as well...


The pickle pouch has been designed so that it is super easy to rip open wherever you are!

Shoppers can't get enough either...


With 4.2-stars some reviewers were raving about them: "I hosted a pickle-themed party and I got these to use as frozen pickle backs for whiskey shots. Actually, they were great! Super funny and surprisingly better tasting than expected. I don't really see a need to purchase them again, but who knows?!" one delighted customer wrote.

"An odd, but loved gift," someone said.


"I purchased these as a gift for my stepmom as she LOVES pickles and pickled flavored anything. She thinks they're great and shared one with another friend who then ended up buying her own," they continued to explain.

"These pickle pops are by far the supreme option out there. No other pickle pops compare and all others just taste like watered-down versions of Bobs Pickles."


​So, I think it's safe to say that the pickle pops went down a treat for the Amazon shoppers out here! And you can treat yourself too, and find out what all the fuss is about! I know you want to...