60 Insanely Affordable Amazon Products That Make Life A Lot Easier

I'll be the first to admit it: I'm cheap. I like spending money, but not if it's going to send my bank account into the red — that's why I try to do all of my shopping on Amazon. Not only does Amazon have tons of useful products that help solve life's little problems, but most of them cost less than $30! That's right — you can easily grab a few organizers here, some bestselling makeup there, and still have money leftover to go out for dinner.

And don't worry if you aren't into beauty supplies (or if you love living in a messy house) — I've made sure to find tons of other products you'll still fall in love with. With that in mind, be sure to check out #8's neck pillow that helps alleviate pain. Also, don't forget to peep the reusable notebook at #37. The pages wipe clean with a cloth, and you can even upload your written notes to iCloud or Google Drive — seriously. What's not to love?

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

These Magnetic Clips Will Keep Your Cords Organized AF

There are a ton of options for organizing your gazillion cords, and these cable clips are a great choice because they're magnetic — which means the cords will actually stay put.

These Scrapers That Get Rid Of Gunk Without Leaving Behind Scratches

Who knew something so darn simple would be so handy? Scraping gum off the floor, grabbing dust out of corners... it even moonlights as a can opener and label scraper. This is one hard-working little tool your kitchen will never be without again.

These Pillows Are Oh-So-Plush

You can't get a good night's sleep without a good pillow. These plush gel pillows are Amazon buyer faves, rating 4.4 stars by more than 80,000 reviewers. They have 100% cotton covers and are hypoallergenic and machine washable. The gel fiberfill is designed to retain its shape rather than shifting or bunching.

A Kit That Comes With Everything You Need To Weld Plastic

When superglue isn't strong enough, use this welding kit to repair cracked or broken plastics. The built-in LED light helps you see exactly where the heated tip is pointed, and it'll even work on tougher materials like steel, PVC, ceramic, and more.

This Age-Rewind Concealer Is Way Too Popular

Swipe this concealer underneath your eyes to help hide dark spots, or even use it to highlight your cheekbones — it comes in so many shades you can easily use it for both. Plus, the sponge-tip applicator glides onto your skin with minimal blending required.

These Scrubbers That Clean Deep Into Tight Spaces

Grout, shower tracks, window sills — you name a tight space, these brushes can reach deep into it to get rid of grime. The opposite end on one brush features a scrubber blade for extra-stubborn dirt, while the non-slip handles help you hold on as you scrub back and forth.

The World's Best Cooking Spoon

This silicone spoon is sturdy at the tip but flexible on the sides. It includes measuring marks, so you can use it to add ingredients directly to the pan without dirtying another spoon. It also has a bent handle, so it sits up off the counter, making one less spot you have to clean.

A Neck Pillow To Help With Shoulder Pain

Need to relax after a long day? Just lay down on this neck pillow, then relax as the soft foam nubs dig deep into muscles to help alleviate soreness. Plus, reviewers are absolutely in love with it — so you probably will be too!

This Night Light That's Got A Lot Going On

Bedroom space is limited, isn't it? Take a look at your nightstand, if you have one, and you'll likely see a hodgepodge of chargers, books, electronic devices, and a water bottle (or three). This 5-in-1 gadget will free up some of that space. You get a dimmable night light, Bluetooth speaker, mp3 player, digital alarm clock, and wake-up light in one color-changing package. It's so cute you might just want one for every room of the house.

This Eye Cream That Can Help Reduce Puffiness

The worst part of my morning is waking up with puffy eyes — but conversely, the best part is getting rid of them with this soothing eye cream. Not only does it help get rid of puffiness, but the tri-peptide blend also works to help firm up wrinkled skin. Dab it gently underneath your eyes, and its matte finish means you won't have to walk around looking glossy.

This Heated Mug That Helps Your Coffee Stay Warm

You know how as you drink a cup of coffee, you anticipate the colder and colder temperature, and how you take that last sip knowing it will be tepid and unpleasant? Well, the Ember Mug changes all of that. Your last sip of coffee is just as hot as your first and it will blow your mind every day for at least a month while you get used to this new, glorious life you lead.

Fill And Shape Your Brows With This Bestselling Pencil

This eyebrow pencil has a slanted tip, which allows you to make more natural, hairlike strokes. On the other end, there's a spoolie you can use to brush your brows into place and blend the color within them. Almost 50,000 Amazon reviewers rate this pencil 4.5 stars. Choose from several colors to match your natural shade.

This Moisturizer Specifically Made For Dry Skin

Thirsty skin is no match for this bio-complex moisturizer! The blend of squalane, hyaluronic acid, and glycerin gives it a silky feeling as it glides onto your skin, locking in moisture for hours — and a little even goes a long way. Plus, it's made without any parabens, fragrances, or sulfates.

Keep All Your Devices Charged With This Dock

Nothing is handier than a fully charged phone or tablet. This charging station dock holds and charges up to four devices at once, so everyone can enjoy a fully charged phone. Each order also comes with shortened charging cables to keep it looking tidy: two lightning, two micro-USB, as well as one type-C.

These Stamps That Deliver Perfectly-Winged Eyeliner Tips

Tired of screwing up your winged eyeliner? Save yourself some stress with these stamps. You get one for each eye with every order, and the opposite end of each stamp features a regular eyeliner pen — just in case you need touchups. And unlike some eyeliner, this one is waterproof.

Stay Connected With These Wireless Earbuds

These wireless earbuds are an amazing deal. They're only $32.99, come in six cute colors, and are rated 4.5 stars by more than 75,000 Amazon buyers. They're waterproof and have more than six hours of playtime from a single charge, with 24 extra hours in the charging case.

This Over-The-Door Shoe Rack Is A Total Shoo-In

Clutter driving you crazy? Tidy up your bedrooms and closets with this over-the-door shoe rack. For less than $25, it holds an impressive 36 pairs and fits easily onto any standard door.

A Pack Of Silicone Spirals To Help Keep Your Cables From Fraying

Tired of discovering your cables have started to fray at the connector? Use these silicone spirals to help keep them intact. They're designed to work on nearly any type of wire — not just lightning cables.

An Outlet Extender That Mounts To Walls And Furniture

This unobtrusive power hub mounts on the wall (or wherever you want it) and gives you three outlets and three USB ports. What a great idea for beside the bed, where you can handily plug in your phone and other devices. And it would make an ideal companion for when you travel since hotels rarely have enough accessible outlets to accommodate modern needs. (Just don't mount it to the wall!)

The Hot Brush That Can Give You A Salon-Quality Blowout At Home

Nearly 30,000 reviewers can't be wrong, can they? The picture above shows a beautiful blowout, but not from a salon. Instead, it's from a $40 Revlon gadget called a one-step hair dryer and volumizer. It's no gimmick, either. This hot air brush has been reimagined from the hot air brushes of the past to deliver both faster drying time and crazy volume. Run, don't walk, to get your hands on this.

Store More In Your Drawers With This Utensil Organizer

Make the most of every inch of kitchen storage space with this cleverly designed utensil organizer. The secret is the stacked, angled compartments that let you put in a LOT more utensils compared to a regular, flat tray.

A Fitness Tracker That Won't Break The Bank

Fitness trackers are all the rage, and this one will only set you back $24. It includes a heart rate monitor, waterproof fitness band, step counter, and calorie counter — everything you'd need to stay on top of your health. Choose from six shades: black, green, blue, pink, red, and purple.

This Holder That Keeps Your Sponges Mold-Free

One way to combat mold and mildew is by making sure your dish sponge or scrubber brush gets completely dry between uses –– and it can't do that while lying in the sink. This sling makes it easier to keep your sponge dry and your home clean.

These Makeup Brushes Are Soft And Shed-Free

You get 16 beautiful makeup brushes in this set -- in your choice of rose gold, champagne gold, green, purple, or silver. "These brushes are perfect. I can't state that enough," says reviewer Anna. Buyer Zara, who's a professional makeup artist, calls these a "must-buy."

A Phone Mount That Sticks To Your Dashboard

The mounts that clip to your air vents aren't always the most stable, but this version that sticks to your dashboard? It's not going anywhere. You can use it with nearly any type of phone — no matter whether you use an Android or iPhone.

Declutter Your Car With This Compact Trash Can

Sick of driving around in a car strewn with empty water bottles, food wrappers, and crumpled-up receipts? Actually, even if you're typically pretty tidy, this car trash can is for you! It hangs by an adjustable strap and has a leak-proof easy-clean liner inside. Just slide your trash in the rubber slot on top and all the mess and odor will be retained in the bin.

The Absolute Best Way To Store Butter

Perhaps the most heated debate concerning dairy products is where to store your butter: on the counter vs. in the fridge. But, if the fridge people are ever going to be swayed, it will be because of The Original Butter Bell. The butter is completely protected from the outside environment in this ingenious contraption, yet it remains soft and spreadable.

A Portable Charger — Just In Case Your Phone Dies

If you don't already have a portable phone charger, it's really time to get one. There is no reason anyone should have a dead phone battery these days. This portable charger is a step ahead of the pack. This 2-in-1 charger is a portable battery, capable of 3 full phone charges on the go, and a dual-port wall charger. So you can charge your devices anywhere, anytime.

This Hot Tool For Loose, Beachy Waves

The deep barrel design of this heated styling tool makes it easy to create beachy waves. The double tourmaline ceramic technology leaves your hair shiny and frizz-free. More than 20,000 buyers rate it with four stars or higher!

This Backlit Mirror That Helps You Do Your Makeup

This one small gadget has so many features! There are 21 built-in LED lights on this tri-fold makeup mirror. It's got a stable stand with a joint that lets you swivel it 180 degrees. The mirror has three magnification sections for 1x, 2x, and 3x close-ups. It can be powered by USB or by four AAA batteries. Just fold it up and take it with you wherever you go!

This Gadget That Removes Hair Totally Pain-Free

This discreet hair remover is your new weapon in the fight against unwanted follicles. This lipstick-sized gadget uses "Butterfly Technology" to painlessly erase hair by "microscopically paring it down through a spinning head". Happy reviewers say it works on everything from peach fuzz to upper lip to coarse chin hairs. Smooth move!

A Shelf That Adds Storage Space To Your Outlets

Replace your old outlet covers with one of these outlet shelves, and you'll always have a convenient place to lay your phone. It's even big enough to store a small speaker. The best part? It's so sturdy it can easily support up to 10 pounds.

A Gallon Water Bottle To Keep You Hydrated All Day Long

Are you drinking enough water? Probably not — but this gallon water bottle can help change that. And even if you are staying hydrated, this leakproof bottle still lets you keep water with you at all times. Plus, there are even time markings on the side to remind you when it's time to take a drink.

This Portable Utensil Set That You Can Use Over And Over

Camper? Traveler? Germophobe? This portable stainless steel flatware set has you covered times three. They're made from stainless steel, while the travel case makes it easy to keep them clean while they jostle around in your bag. Plus, you also get one straw cleaning brush with each order.

A Bluetooth Soundbar For Your Computer

This Bluetooth soundbar will seriously level up your sound. It's able to be connected with or without wires which makes this unit incredibly versatile. Whether it's connected to your phone, TV, or receiver, you'll enjoy superb sound quality at a very reasonable price.

Help Insulate Your Home With This Draft Stopper

Got drafts rolling into your house? Use these door stoppers to help keep that cold air outside. They're almost too easy to install — just peel off the adhesive backing, then stick them to any door in your home. And since they're waterproof, there's no need to worry about the adhesive wearing off during thunderstorms.

This Anti-Fog Spray Is A Total Necessity

Not only does this anti-fogging spray keep your glasses clear while wearing a mask (glasses-wearers know the constant struggle), but it also keeps your windshield fog-free while driving. Might as well keep a bottle in your glove box — just in case!

Lock Up Your Shoes With These Laces

Raise your hand if you've been walking or running and had to stop at least once to re-tie your shoes? We've all been there. These lock laces will stop all of that, whether you're 8 or 80. These elastic, no-tie laces come in a variety of colors and fit any type of sneakers. Originally designed for triathletes to decrease transition time, these will transform your tennies into slip-on sneaks.

This Notebook That Wipes Clean So You Can Use It Again

Don't waste your hard-earned money on paper notebooks — grab this reusable one instead. The pages easily wipe clean with the included microfiber cloth, and it's designed to work with any line or marker in the Pilot Frixion line. Each order comes with one pen, and you can even upload your written notes to iCloud, Slack, and more.

One Of The Best Dry Shampoos That Money Can Buy

Refresh your hair between showers with this bestselling dry shampoo. This one is in the original clean-and-classic scent, but you can choose from a huge array of other options as you scroll the Amazon page. There are even dry shampoo formulas with a slight color in them, giving you twice the freshening effect.

This Seat Cushion That Takes The Pressure Off Your Back

Whatever your at-home work set-up, there's a good chance you're making do with conditions that aren't exactly typical. Don't let that be a reason for end-of-day aches and pains. This gel seat cushion is totally affordable and takes the pressure off your spine. Take it with you wherever you're working in the house. More than 38,000 Amazon buyers rate it 4.4 stars.

This Liquid Lipstick That Won't Smudge

This liquid lipstick from Maybelline now has a cult following due to its wide variety of colors and its 16 hour wear time. That's right, sixteen hours — so go ahead. Chug that coffee and eat that burger because your lips are staying put all day long.

This Miniature Iron That Can Make More Than Just Waffles

If you have any doubt about how much people love mini waffles, take a look at the 55,000 Amazon reviewers who rated this iron 4.7 stars. With this package deal, you get this buyer-fave waffle iron in red, plus a book with 80 delicious waffle recipes and a set of heart-shaped measuring spoons -- all for just $29.99!

These Electronics Wipes That Work Miracles

Have you ever noticed how much dust electronics attract? These electronics cleaning wipes do a great job of getting all the dust and debris off screens. They're safe for TV screens, smartphones, laptops, tablets, cameras, and more and come with their own microfiber cloth for drying off after the wipe.

A Telescopic Broom That Attracts Pet Hair And Dust

When there's pet hair way behind your couch, the telescopic handle on this broom can help you reach all the way. The built-in squeegee edge is great for cleaning windows, while the rubber bristles attract dust and pet hair.

You Won't Believe How Effective This Callus Remover Is

A quick soak in warm water and then slathering on this gel completely cures cracked, callused feet. If you're the type of person who gets a kick out of squeezing blackheads, you'll love scrubbing off all that dead skin. So gross, yet so satisfying.

These Dip Clips For Eating On The Go

Have you ever been secretly eating fast food in your car and realized you have nowhere to store your dipping sauce? With this dip clip by Saucemoto, you'll never have that worry again. Coming with a plastic universal mount that can be attached to your car vents, providing plenty of dipping options.

This Stand That'll Work With Any Phone

Not only is this stand designed to fit any model of phone, but it's so sturdy that it can also handle tablets. You can adjust the height between 7.1 inches and 8.5 inches for easy viewing, and the angle is adjustable between 5 degrees and 85 degrees.

This Balance Board That Targets Your Stabilizer Muscles

Doing planks on this wobble board will activate nearly every muscle in your abdominals. It forces you to balance yourself so that your secondary stabilizer muscles activate in addition to your primary ones — and if you're not into planks? You can also do squats on it for some extra booty burn.

This Eyelash Curler Gives You Dramatic Results In Seconds

If you've had painful run-ins in the past you may be wary to trust again, but reviewers are in love with this non-pinchy eyelash curler and its eye-opening results. This one's well-made comes with extra pads and the manufacturer gets rave reviews for excellent customer service. If you want painlessly curled lashes that stay that way even without mascara, get this. (It even comes in a pretty rainbow metal color!)

The Bluetooth Headphones You Can Comfortably Sleep In

Listening to music while trying to fall asleep is incredibly relaxing, but you know what's not relaxing? Big, chunky headphones digging into your head — so grab these Bluetooth sleeping headphones instead. They block out light so that you can easily sleep during the day, on planes, or practically anywhere else, and the speakers are removable so that you can easily wash them if they get dirty.

Bow Down To This Brow Gel

You can better define your brows, fill them in and thicken them with this waterproof, smudge-proof, and transfer-proof gel that comes in five different shades. It provides a natural-looking alternative to brow pencils, thanks to the hair-like bristles on the applicator wand.

A Toothpaste Dispenser That Helps You Save Space

Squeezing your own toothpaste is so old school. This fancy toothpaste dispenser applies the perfect amount of toothpaste while fitting neatly on your bathroom wall. This device isn't just super handy; it also saves lots of much-needed real estate on your bathroom counter. If you're sharing a bathroom with a roommate, spouse, or children, this needs to be your next purchase.

Indulge In Delicious Coffee With This Milk Frother

This little milk frother will transform your cappuccinos, frappes, matches, and hot chocolates with very little extra effort. Truly, you won't miss your $5-a-day habit — and after a few days, it'll even pay for itself!

The Universal Socket You Can Use On Any Bolt Or Nut

Tired of digging through your socket collection just to find the one that fits? Then throw all of them away and switch over to this universal socket. The metal rods on the inside adjust to the size and shape of your screws, nuts, and bolts, plus it'll even work on stripped nuts. And if you're worried about its durability, fear not — it's made from extremely durable chrome vanadium steel.

This Interactive Toy That'll Keep Your Pup Occupied For Hours

Pup getting on your nerves? Throw this wobble-wag-giggle toy on the ground to keep them amused for a few hours. The noisemaker on the inside doesn't require any batteries — all your dog has to do is nudge the ball, and it'll automatically start making sounds.

This Paper Shredder That Can Handle Up To Eight Sheets At A Time

The amount of personal information that's printed on your mail and other paperwork is mind-blowing. If it gets into the wrong hands, you could be looking at weeks to months of hassle — so get yourself a shredder like this one. More than 60,000 Amazon buyers rate it 4.4 stars.

These Knives That Are Plated With Sharp Titanium

Made from tough stainless steel with ultra-sharp titanium plating, these knives at a touch of class to any kitchen. They're resistant to scratches, as well as rustproof. Plus, there are three colors to choose from black, bronze, or white.

The Dropper That Helps Clear Away Earwax

Clogged ears are no match for this dropper, as the gentle microfoam solution gently softens up the wax so that it drips out your ear — no poking or digging required. "After using this, I was able to hear my kids yelling 'Mom!' again," wrote one reviewer. "Product worked well, unfortunately."

A Small Cabinet That Fits Next To Your Toilet

You know that tiny space between your toilet and the wall? It can now be home to a wealth of storage thanks to this small bathroom cabinet. Keep cleaning sprays, extra toilet paper, and beauty products inside.

This Organizer That Fits Into The Corner Of Your Kitchen

Kitchen counters are tough to decorate since you need a blend of function and style. This bamboo countertop organizer is an easy way to add a healthy dose of both form and function to the kitchen! It's adjustable, so it can work in a corner or straight against a wall. Four hooks on the end are perfect for scissors or other tools.

A Foaming Cleanser That Gets Carpets Super Clean

It's a scientific fact that a clean car drives better ... and by science, I mean my own personal opinion. Regardless, you'll always find me at a car wash just before I'm headed out of town. A clean car is a happy car. This foaming citrus cleaner works on the inside of your car — cloth, carpet, and upholstery — to lift stains and remove odors.