49 Genius Products From Amazon Canada Most People Can’t Live Without

We all love a good holy grail product. You know, that one amazing purchase in your life that you go around recommending to everyone? Whether it's a pair of leggings or an organizational bin, we've all benefitted from an amazing purchase like the products below. Holy grail items that Amazon buyers would share with all of their friends and family.

We've written up a list of 49 of them to be exact! And trust me on this, they do not disappoint. From nifty gadgets that make your life easier to clothing products with over 10,000 positive reviews, these are the holy grail products that you need to know about.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Neck Traction Pillow Relieves TMJ, Neck, Shoulder Pain

via AmazonJust looking at this neck traction pillow makes me realize I need to relax more. After working at the computer all day, I tend to have a lot of tightness in my jaw, neck, and shoulders. According to reviewers, this pillow should help.

This Down Alternative Comforter Is Like Sleeping In A Cloud

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Have you ever wanted to sleep in a cloud? Or how about a super squishy marshmallow? Try this down alternative comforter that'll wrap you in softness for the best night's sleep ever. It comes in multiple colors, so you don't even need to use a duvet cover if you choose; just throw it on the bed and snuggle down for an amazing snooze.

These Popular Leggings That I Wear Every. Single. Day

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I'm going to be completely honest with you right now: I own three pairs of these leggings. And I've thought about buying more. I want one for every day of the week. I have an 8-month-old baby, so comfort is my top priority. Not only are these incredibly comfortable, but they also make me look surprisingly polished even when I've only gotten four hours of sleep.

This Distressed Wood 2-Tier Tray Makes a Charming Centerpiece

via Amazon

This Distressed Wood 2-Tier Tray has so much relaxed charm and decorative potential! Measuring 18.5 inches tall, it's made of wood with a distressed finish in your choice of brown, faded black, or cream. It makes a charming focal point as a centerpiece on a table or kitchen island. Some Amazon customers even report using it in their coffee station or inside a china cabinet to display small collectibles. It's earned over 3,000 ratings so far, with one five-star review reporting, "This is my new favorite go-to tray to decorate for the season!! It's large enough to hold plenary of decor and fits well in different spaces in my home. Highly recommend."

This Little Lamp Is Amazing

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This small lamp provides the perfect amount of gentle bedside light, but really you could use it anywhere. The cool part is it can cycle through a rainbow of colors, plus it adjusts light levels for relaxing (lowest level) to reading to the brightest for focusing on crafts or work. It has a 360-degree touch control base so that you can adjust it easily with barely a glance!

These Relaxed Joggers That Are, Well — Relaxing!

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Most joggers feature a tapered fit that makes them tighter than sweats, so think of these joggers as the perfect middle ground — not too slouchy, but not too slim. They're made with oh-so-cozy french terry material that feels heavenly while you're chilling on the couch. Grab them in a ton of fun colors to match any outfit: navy, mint, pink, camo, and more.

These Pillows Are Top Rated

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Who among us couldn't use a pillow refresh? I like to switch ours out every year or so - even with washing, they get pretty unsightly from sweat stains and general use (TMI?) These pillows have over 40,000 fantastic reviews for holding their shape, being a great buy, and being so, so comfortable for back, side, and stomach sleepers thanks to the poly fiber filling.

These Cold Therapy Socks That Send Foot Pain Packing

via AmazonWhen I was pregnant, my feet were constantly bothering me. They were sore, swollen, and always burning up. These cooling socks made an enormous difference in my comfort level, and even after I had my son I've used them almost every day. I just slip them on in the morning, wear them for an hour or two, and I'm oh-so refreshed. No more sore feet!

This Skin Tag Remover That's Much Less Horrifying Than It Seems

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Skin tags are just plain gross, and I've been blessed with lots of them. Also, it seems like every year I wake up around my birthday with a new one. Why me?! I bet Beyoncé doesn't have to deal with these unsightly afflictions!

Luckily, I don't either, thanks to this skin tag remover. Yes, the concept sounds scary, but trust me, it's not. And it really works.

This Antibacterial Kitchen Rug To Soften The Kitchen Floor

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I love the idea of a runner rug in the kitchen, but they end up covered in spilled food and god knows what else. This antibacterial kitchen rug is made from easy-to-clean 100% nylon, so it resists bacteria from raw meat juice spills and stains of all kinds. It comes in a bunch of sizes and pretty colors, my favorite is the geometric gray runner pictured above.

This Oversized Basket Goes Anywhere

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This oversized basket is so stylish, but it's also one of the most important workhorses in your house for organizing the clutter. I use mine for corralling the kids' toys, but you can also use it as a laundry basket, a place to store throws and pillows in the bedroom or living room, pretty much anywhere you need some extra storage that also looks great!

This Throw Blanket Is Huge

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Know how you wish your super cozy throw blanket were bed-sized? Wish granted - this baby comes in sizes up to 108 x 90 inches, which is bigger than a king-size bed! It comes in 30 colors and gets rave reviews for softness and durability. I'm adding this to my cart immediately for a cozier, comfier bed.

This Towel Set Is So Luxe

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Want luxurious, fluffy towels without the high price tag? You got it. This set of two bath towels, two hand towels, and four washcloths is made of highly absorbent, ringspun cotton, so they'll get you dry while staying nice and fluffy. These guys have over 25,000 glowing reviews for quality, softness, and price!

This Air Deflector To Keep Your Home Cool

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You'd be surprised how effectivethese air deflectors are when it comes to keeping your air conditioner flowing throughout your home, and since they're magnetic you don't have to worry about mounting them to your vent plates. Adjustable from 1o all the way up to 14 inches in length, each one is only $5 — and you'll probably save more than that on your next electricity bill by using them anyway.

This Mascara Is A Total Steal

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This under-the-radar sleeper hit is the only mascara you need in your beauty arsenal. It gives you so much volume it looks like you're wearing false lashes and lasts all day without smearing or flaking. Those 500+ reviews tell you it's gonna be good, and it costs less than a couple cups of coffee at the shop.

This Foot Peel That Leaves You With The Softest Feet Ever

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If you've seen that Baby Foot peel everywhere on the internet, here's some good news for you. You can actually get the same type of product for half the price. As the seasons change, I tend to like to do a foot treatment to get my feet sandal and/or boot-ready. Your feet can develop some gnarly calluses and dry skin over a few short months, so it's good to take care of them. Plus, these peels are so satisfying.

This Butter SaverThat Gives You Fresh, Soft Butter Any Time

via AmazonWouldn't you love to have fresh, soft butter every morning? I know I'm not the only person who has tangoed with super hard butter straight from the fridge, but there's not a lot of options out there if I want to keep my butter fresh. Until now, that is. This unique save keeps your butter soft and tasty, and you can even leave it on your countertop without worry.

This Cozy Sweater Jacket Is A Stylish Workhorse

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I work from home and have a 13-month-old son, so I'm able to spend all day long in the comfiest clothes I own. That now includes this SweatyRocks Women Khaki Hooded Dolman Sleeve Faux Fur Cardigan Coat. It's incredibly soft, comes in a variety of colors, and isn't too heavy to wear around the house.

This Pedal Exerciser Burns Calories While You Work

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Sometimes work's so busy, it's hard to break away from your desk for a lunchtime workout. But you can stick to your fitness resolution with this pedal exerciser that's like a compact stationery bike that fits under your desk! Multitask as you burn calories while you work, indulge in online shopping or read through boring paperwork. It's a great solution for the 3PM slump when caffeine isn't working - getting your blood pumping provides a natural boost of energy and will help you focus to finish up the day strong!

I Recommend These Shower Shelves To Everybody And Anybody

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I've installed these shelves into all the showers in my home — that's how much I adore them. Installation is a breeze using the included adhesive hooks, and the shelves themselves are made from rustproof aluminum. Each shelf also features drainage holes, which helps keep everything clean and mildew-free.

This Clump-Free MascaraThat Truly Stays Clump-Free

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Buying expensive mascara is a true waste of money. Regardless of whether you finished the tube, you should throw it away every three months or do to avoid clumping or infected eyelids from bacteria. Yes, your mascara can expire. So, buying a $20+ mascara makes very little financial sense. Luckily, I found a mascara that I truly love that is less than $10, and this is it. No matter how much I layer it on, it stays true to its promise of being clump-free.

This Stress Relief Toy Is A Great For Idle Hands

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Little stressed out these days? Can't imagine why! Keep your hands busy and your mind quiet with this pea-popping stress relief toy. This little dude is just a really cheap form of therapy. Self-care's never been so adorable!

This Reusable Touchscreen Cleaner Sanitizes on Contact

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This iRoller touchscreen cleaner packs a double punch as it removes fingerprints and smudges while it wipes away nasty bacteria that loves to collect on your screens. It's liquid-free so it won't damage your device and is small enough to take anywhere. It cleans up in a snap - just wash it with water and liquid soap every few months and air dry.

This Sheet Set That's So Luxurious

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No one should be without at least one set of good sheets. Frankly, you should have several. This set is made of soft microfiber that gets softer every time you wash it, so there's no worry of getting scratchy, worn-out sheets after a few months. It also comes in solids or a pattern, like this one, so they work with practically any decor motif. Not to mention, the price makes them a total steal. No wonder customers swear by these sheets.

This Food Warmer That's Perfect For Hot Lunches At Work

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Remember how I said it's probably a good idea to stop spending $15 on lunch every day? Now it's easier than ever to do it with this food warmer. It's great for soups, stews, rice bowls, or even just transporting salads, and the lid locks down in order to help prevent accidental spills. You can also use it to keep dips warm during dinner parties, plus one Amazon shopper wrote about how you can't smell the food heating up inside, making it perfect for the office.

This Vitamin C Serum Clears Skin

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You'd expect to pay a lot more for this Vitamin C Serum that works fast to clear and smooth skin, but the good news is it's under $30! It contains superstar ingredients like hyaluronic acid to moisturize and vitamin E to provide anti-aging benefits. So basically, this serum does everything you'd expect from a countertop full of products, but in one dynamite bottle!

A Fountain So That You Can Relax To The Sound Of Trickling Water

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Add this trickling water fountain to your bathroom, and every visiting guest will be so impressed at what a fancy home you've got. It also lights up — just in case you need a night light — and unlike other fountains, this one is made with a super-quiet pump.

This Frosting Bulb Kit For Easier Decorating

via AmazonBirthday cakes, celebratory cupcakes, all the cookies--we do a lot of baking and decorating in my house! I'm excited to try these new frosting bulbs, which are silicone containers that let you easily squeeze frosting through the interchangeable tips. This set includes two bulbs and six piping tips.

The DRIVE Bin is a Garbage Can For Your Car so Your Whole Car Doesn't Have to be a Garbage Can

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There are two kinds of people in this world: those who keep their cars spotlessly clean at all times, and the rest of us who drive around in embarrassing motorized trash cans. The DRIVE Bin is for the second set, because we all know the first set of people don't allow food in their car anyway, so they don't have the problem of accumulated wrappers, straws, coffee cups, etc.

This Computer Monitor Memo Board Makes All Your Reminders Friendly

via AmazonTo-do lists and reminders are so much more palatable when stuck onto this panda-riffic computer monitor memo board! The acrylic memo board simply attaches to your monitor with included adhesive (don't worry, it's easy to remove without causing damage) and reviewers say sticky notes stay on the surface extremely well without obstructing your view. Teachers and receptionists in doctor's offices get constant compliments on this cute but functional gadget!

These Candles That Cast A Romantic Glow

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These candles not only come with batteries included, but they'll cast a romantic, relaxing glow wherever you put them —especially in your bathroom. The flickering LED bulbs have a lifetime of up to 10,000 hours, while the batteries provide more than 100 hours of light before they need to be swapped out.

This Desk Is Perfect For Working From Home

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Student? Work from home? This desk seems to have it all, won't break the bank and is stylish. This is a perfectly simple option for anyone who's interested in a home office desk. I know I use my desk all day, every day!

These Oven Rack Shields Prevent Nasty Burns

via AmazonEven when I'm wearing oven mitts on both hands, I seem to somehow burn that sliver of skin not covered by my sleeves or mitts. And those red-hot oven racks leave nasty marks that take forever and a day to heal! This set of 4 oven rack shields are a klutzy person's dream and your arms will thank you come warmer weather. Plus, they come with handy mini mitts!

Sometimes You NeedA Little Jar For Little Things

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You know those little knick-knacks on your vanity that don't really have a spot of their own? Just put 'em inside these cute apothecary jars. They look just like real glass, but are made from tough shatter-resistant plastic — so don't even worry about knocking them over on accident. Use them for Q-tips, cotton swabs, Bobby pins, and more.

These Mason Jar Lights That Are Too Cute

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I probably don't have to tell you how cute these Mason jar lights will look hanging in your bathroom, as their antique appearance sets a cozy ambiance that's perfect for helping you relax after a long day. The silk hydrangea in each will never wilt — and they're available in two colors: brown or white.

This Moroccan Oil Dry Texture Spray Resets Your Hair

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This is the Swiss army knife of hair products. Moroccan oil dry texture spray does it all, from smoothing frizz, boosting a flagging blowout, or prepping your hair for an updo when you're having a bad hair day. The brand is famous for its trademark Argan oil, which is bottled into this little miracle to keep my style looking glossy and stops your hair from feeling chalky.

A Small Bamboo Tray For The Back Of Your Toilet

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This small bamboo tray is the perfect size for the back of your toilet, but don't be fooled — it'll look great just about anywhere you put it. Keep it on your nightstand to hold jewelry and loose change, or even set it out on your vanity as a cute place to stash cosmetics.

This Toilet Cleaner Does Your Dirty Work

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Cleaning the toilet might be the worst household chore, ever. I loathe it with every fiber of my being, but love when the toilet's clean. What to do? Get this toilet cleaner that attaches inside your toilet's water tank and bleaches the toilet every flush, is what! It comes in blue (so you can see it's working I suppose) or bleach types, and it sends a little bit of cleaning solution every time someone uses the toilet to keep it sparkling fresh. You probably have to scrub really stubborn stains (gag), but for everyday freshness, I'm getting this asap.

This Eye GelThat Will Give You The Brightest Eyes

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I was so delightfully surprised when I found this eye gel. I used to be one of those people who thought eye gel was too expensive, but now I'm a believer. This gel is like a miracle worker. It reduces dark circles, fine lines, puffiness, you name it, just like an expensive formula would, but it's way more wallet-friendly. Now that I'm no longer 22, I've turned to this gel to keep my eyes looking bright.

This Bar Keeper's Friend Gets Great Results

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This Bar Keeper's Friend cleaner does amazing work on pots and pans, but I use mine to clean our porcelain farmhouse sink every week. It's the only thing that deep cleans and removes all the stains from tomato sauce, eggs and whatever else ended up stuck to the sink that week. It's also great for stainless steel sinks, any kind of metal kitchenware, bathrooms, outdoor furniture and more. Basically if you need something clean, get this stuff.

This Maybelline Falsies Mascara Speaks For Itself

via AmazonIf a picture's worth a thousand words, then I'll just let this before and after pic speak for itself! Maybelline's Falsies Mascara makes it look like you got eyelash extensions with just one coat - the results are dramatic judging by happy reviewers' selfies. It creates so much believable volume instantly. The best part is it costs less than a trip to Starbucks!

Protect Your Devices With This Rotating Surge Protector

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Having a surge protector is a surefire way to save all of your devices against power strike damage. This rotating surge protector includes 2-outlets and 2 USB outlets and rotates 360 degrees so that you can fit it in even the tightest spots.

This First Aid Kit Is A Necessity

via AmazonIf you don't yet own a first aid kit, what are you waiting for? Get on this deal real quick-like! This kit has everything you need for minor boo-boos to gorier injuries. I have one in my home as well as my car.

These Jogger Pants

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Athleisure is my go-to for days off, and these comfy joggers look good and feel even better. Working from home? Running errands? Going out for a super casual date night? I've found any and all excuses to wear these.

This Liquid Lipstick Lasts Basically Forever

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This Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick comes in a jillion colors and lasts just as long as the expensive versions, for a quarter of the price! It goes on smooth, won't leave your lips dry and flaky, and lasts up to 16 hours. The reviewer pics are so gorgeous I can't even. If you're looking for lip color that lasts, meet your match!

This Gooseneck iPad Holder That Lets You Watch Your Devices Hands-Free

via Amazon

I work from home, so I like to watch things on my tablet while I write. The only issue with this is that I have to either awkwardly prop it up somewhere or just watch it while it sits flat on my desk.

This gooseneck tablet holder makes it easy to watch my favorite shows and movies and takes up hardly any space on my desk. Score!

This Smart Vanity Mirror With Adjustable Lighting & Built-In Speaker

via AmazonEver since remodeling my master bathroom, I've been on the hunt for the perfect vanity mirror. I've finally found it. The iHome Vanity Mirror has wrap-around LED lighting with low/medium/high settings. It also contains a Bluetooth-enabled speaker, so it doubles as a bathroom speaker to play music or podcasts while getting ready. Plus it comes with smart assistants so you can ask Alexa or Google to play whatever you'd like!

This Dog Drying Towel Sops Up All The Water

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We're getting a puppy soon, and one of the things my kids are looking forward to is giving it a first bath. Unclear whether the puppy will be as excited about that, but the good news is that he'll love drying-off time with his very own dog towel! It's made of super absorbent microfiber fabric and has a pocket at each end so you can get a good grip on your wiggly pup. Bonus points that the towel's machine washable and quick drying, so no stinky breeding grounds for bacteria in sight.

Another Pair of Leggings, But These Are Customizable Yoga Pants

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Look I know. I'm obsessed with yoga pants. But these yoga pants are customizable - need I say more? You can choose from three waist styles, three lengths and two colors to make your perfect pair.