There's so much out there that's useful for your home, office, hobby, or next vacation that you don't know about but you just may need it. And the items on this list of Amazon products are just that. Need help organizing your hallway or headed to the great outdoors, we got you covered right here. Whether it's a product for you or a useful yet unique gift for someone special, this list will not disappoint. And neither will the price tags on any of these items. We love a good deal and sharing it with as many people as we can. Which is why we gathered all of the most useful products on Amazon for less than $100. Things you'll want and will actually find good use for all for less than $100, fast shipping, and free returns?! You'll definitely want to keep scrolling to check out these awesome Amazon products.

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An Adorable Bistro Set That Goes Anywhere

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This bistro set screams "quaint little brunch outside," and is small enough for even the smallest spaces or a corner of your backyard that needs that "something." With two folding chairs and a table, it has everything you need to build a cozy space where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. And, I mean, if you're going to buy it, do it right and buy it in red, which is just the pop of color you need in your life.

This Ring Video Doorbell with Advanced Motion Detection

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This cool gadget is a wired video doorbell that lets you have a two-way talk with the people outside, all while having advanced motion detection. If you're into high-tech gadgets, then this one is for you. It'll also give you real-time notifications through your phone and Ring Chime, so wherever you are, you know who rings your doorbell.

A Yeti 5-Gallon Bucket Comes in Handy for Chores and Cleaning

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While researching this article, one of the smartest ideas I came across is to use a 5-Gallon Bucket for storing emergency supplies. It's waterproof, durable, and easy to transport. It can also come in a dozen of other uses in your home on a daily basis.

Hello, Hall Tree

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Oh, to have room for this hall tree! I love the multi-function use of this hall tree for a mudroom or entryway. It has hooks for coats, sweaters, or umbrellas, an easy spot to sit down, and shelves for shoes or other necessities. The industrial-chic design will blend easily into any home decor, creating a "hub" for your family's comings and goings and an organized way to step out of the day's coat, shoes, and bags.

This 1960s Lamp with Wooden Tripod Legs Creates Retro Glamor

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This retro '60s lamp will add a bit of glamor to your home without being too overwhelming in the room. A trendy lamp is not only practical, but it's also a great way to add a bit of style to any room of the home. I love having lots of lighting options in any room, because a full overhead light can be overwhelming sometimes. A cute floor lamp is a great alternative when you need some mood lighting.

This Electric Lawn Mower is as Easy to Use as a Vacuum Cleaner


I'm a little intimidated by full-sized, gas-powered lawnmowers. But I like the look of this Electric Lawn Mower! It's lightweight and can be used to mow, trim, and edge small lawns. Customers report that it's easy to use straight out of the box. Maybe I'll finally get around to mowing my lawn.

The Sliding Shelf That Upgrades Any Kitchen

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This sliding shelf was definitely on my mind every day until it finally arrived — and truth be told? It's even better than I imagined. Not only was installation simple, but it instantly makes my kitchen look way fancier than it is. Oh, and did I mention how I don't have to dig around in the back of cabinets for stuff anymore? Because it's saved me a ton of frustration — all for less than $50.

This Stylish Office Chair to Glam Up Your Work from Home Space

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I've been working from home for over a year now and have had to invest in a home office. This has resulted in a whole lot of browsing on Amazon for cool office stuff. I recently found this glamorous office chair to add a bit of flair to my home set-up. I'm obsessed! Not only is it cute, it's also comfortable enough that I can spend my full work day in it. That's a huge improvement.

Get Your At-Home Gym Started With This Dumbbell Set

There's nothing better than lifting weights outside when the weather is nice. You get a nice breeze while you're working up a sweat and you get to enjoy some beautiful scenery. If you have yet to build your at-home gym, consider getting this dumbbell set. It comes with three different sets of weights along with a stand to hold them when they're not in use.

This Flexi Hose Expands to Three Times Its Length

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This is not your mother's old garden hose! The Flexi Hose is designed to be lightweight, flexible, and easy to maneuver. It resists kinking and knotting, and when water flows through it, the hose expands to three times its dry length. The hose includes an 8-function nozzle.

These Sunglasses Record Video When You Are On-the-Go

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Much easier than using a bulky video camera strapped to your head, these sleek sunglasses record all your adventures from your POV! According to reviewers, they're super easy to plug and play, take great video and audio quality, and are a great value. Streamline your recording experience when you pop these on and go!

This Wood Plant Stand Can Be Used Indoors or Out

Display potted plants and ornaments on this Plant Stand, which is made of natural wood treated with a transparent coating to withstand sun and rain. It's earning high ratings from Amazon customers, who write that it's "beautiful" and "easy to put together."

This Weeder Tool Has Been a Gardening Favorite Since 1913

Invented in Seattle in 1913, this Weeder Tool features a 45-inch bamboo handle and 4-claw steel head designed to remove weeds at the root. It earns consistently high ratings on Amazon, with customers calling it "the best weeding tool ever" and "the ultimate weapon against weeds."

This Classic Coffee Table with Oak Finish for a Town and Country Look

For a cozy home and country feel in your house, this classic oak-finish coffee table is the perfect touch. With this price tag on Amazon, you'll get quality without spending too much.

These Frames Transform Your Walls to Pretty

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Trying to come up with the perfect gallery layout can be tricky. Trust me; I've tried (and failed) one too many times. This 7-pack of frames comes with a variety of different sized frames, so all you have to do is put in the artwork or photos and hang them up. It requires very little planning or thought process on your end, which is the best way to do things in life, in my opinion.

Make Exercising Fun With This Trampoline

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You most likely grew up with a trampoline or grew up wanting one. Why not make your childhood dreams come true with this portable trampoline for your backyard? I know what you're probably thinking–what does a trampoline have to do with fitness? But trampolines are one of the easiest (and most fun) ways to burn calories. Once you jump on, you're not going to want to get off!

Pair This Umbrella With The Tiki Torches and Every Day Will Be a Vacation

Remember how I said that I am trying to turn my backyard into a literal getaway? Well, this umbrella was another item that I added that helped add to the aesthetic. You want as much shade as possible especially during summer, so this has been heaven-sent. It helps that it's also cute too. It has paired with my inflatable pool and tiki torches perfectly.

A Crafty Storage Solution for the Office, Garage or Study

Where are my crafters at? Whether you a scrapbooker, jewelry maker, or Cricut professional, this scrapbook cart with organizer top has dual functionality to keep all your supplies organized. As a rolling cart, it can be positioned anywhere that's convenient and, if you have to take your supplies on the go, each organizer drawer pops out for easy portability.

Storage Above and Below in This Desk

It's hard to find a desk that is both storage-friendly and not humongous. This one, which includes a hutch and a bookcase, accomplishes both tasks. Save storage space while enhancing your storage options for right around 100 bucks, which is a great deal. The desk surface is especially large at 47 by 22 inches, and the placement of the bookshelf is both useful and well-placed.

This Tower Fan That's Small Enough for Your Desk

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My home office runs hot, and I mean hot. That's why I've always got three fans running — though this little desktop one definitely does the best job. It's the perfect size for cramped desks, and the wind speed is adjustable up to two levels. Plus, it can even oscillate.

Handy Storage Drawers to Hide Everything Away

When I first saw these wooden storage drawers, I thought "advent calendar," and while you could definitely use it for that, it's best served as a whimsical storage option. Whether you use it for makeup, jewelry, art supplies, crafting materials, or toys, the various-sized drawers offer space for numerous things. If you're especially talented, you can finish this unfinished wood in the color or stain of your choice.

Add a Little Privacy Just About Anywhere

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Not all of us live in multiple acres where our nearest neighbor is football fields away. In fact, some of us live way too close to our neighbors and, while that might be nice sometimes, sometimes we also just want our own space. This artificial ivy privacy screen lets you keep prying out off of your porch or balcony and gives you some secluded space you can truly call all your own.

Bite On this Mosquito Repeller

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This is a step up from that bug spray your parents used to coat you in. This mosquito repeller is rechargeable and covers an area of 20 feet while chasing away biting pests that can ruin your outdoor plans. The unit functions for 12 hours on a single charge and uses a scent-free protectant that responds to the heat of the battery to chase mosquitos out of your personal space.

This TikiTunes Bluetooth Speaker Lights Up the Night

Want an outdoor Bluetooth speaker that does more? Try these TikiTunes speakers, which double as lights to keep the party going after dark. Whether you're hosting a big bash or a more intimate evening al fresco, these up the ambiance as well as provide excellent sound for any event.

This Biossance Squalane & Peptide Eye Gel Banishes Dark Circles

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The dark circles underneath my eyes are genetic; my entire family has them. And since I'm not willing to get fillers, I'd kind of resigned myself to living with them — until I tried this gel. And boy, does it really work. Not only does it help get rid of puffiness, but it's also made a significant difference in my dark circles after just one month of using it. Seriously, if there's only one thing you buy from this list, make it this.

This Custom Star Map is a Unique Birthday or Anniversary Gift

Affordable and personal, this Custom Star Map is a lovely way to commemorate a special date, such as someone's birthday or anniversary. Customize the date and other information, and your unique map will be printed on high-quality paper and shipped flat.

This Globe Whiskey Decanter With Glasses is a Work of Art

This whiskey decanter is made of hand-blown glass with an etched globe design and an antique ship inside. It's a truly unique item to display on your bar. And it makes an amazing gift for the cocktail enthusiast in your life! The two glasses that come with the set have a matching globe pattern etched in them. The gold stopper for the decanter is the perfect final touch.

Have a (Bocce) Ball

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Whether you're trying to relive your glory days as a high school athlete or you don't have a single athletic bone in your body, bocce ball is the addition you need to your backyard fun this summer. This set can be enjoyed by two to eight players and includes eight bocce balls, one white pallino, a measuring rope, and a carrying bag. Best of all, bocce ball is fun and easy to learn at any age.

Need Easy Access to Your Shoes? You Can With This Portable Shoe Rack

​I love love ​love ​shoes. They're such an easy way to dress up an outfit. What I don't love is trying to store them all. I have a pretty small closet, and while I do have a shoe rack, half of my shoes live under a bench in the doorway. To say that it's less than ideal is an understatement. This portable shoe rack not only houses up to 48 shoes but also has small doors that cover them up, so they're not a constant reminder of your addiction.

These Bestselling Hiking Boots Under $50

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Sturdy and waterproof, these hiking boots are a fantastic value at under $50 a pair. They feature rubber soles, a cushioned footbed, and a mesh lining for breathability.

This Tech Kit Makes the Perfect Gift

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Looking for a great gift for your techie family member or friend? Try this all-in-one tech gift that includes a mouse, power bank, stylus pen, a 3-in-1 charging cable, a USB storage device, and some cable savers. This is a truly thoughtful gift that'll get a ton of use! Also available in black if gold is not your thing. If you get an extra one for yourself, I promise I won't tell.

Protect the Indoors Outdoors With This Video Doorbell

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Can't stomach the cost of the more popular video doorbells? I hear you. This one, from battery big boy Energizer, is an affordable option that has all the features you're looking for with a price tag that won't break your piggy bank. This video doorbell uses your existing doorbell's wiring with two-way audio, night vision, local and cloud storage, and a convenient smartphone app.

This Fire 7 Tablet for Videos, Music and Reading

This tablet has a tremendous amount of internal storage, so you can have up to seven hours of reading or watching videos. I have connected it to all my favorite apps, from Netflix to Instagram and TikTok, plus there are way more awesome apps through the Amazon App-store. If you want a smaller, easier alternative to your computer, this tablet is it.

Bringing the Laundromat to You

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Have you ever been on vacation, and you needed to wash a top (or a pair of pants, or underwear, or whatever), and had no idea where the nearest laundromat was? Same. I got this little wash bag for my last vacation, and it was so worth it. I can wash whatever I bring with me, so I can even back lighter … but I probably still won't.

This Bracelet Watch is Absolutely Timeless

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I have gone through phases in terms of watches. One minute I love them, the next minute I could do without. I'm currently in the loving them phase because of watches like this one. There's something so classic about the bejeweled face and gold band, and it happens to match a lot of my other jewelry perfectly.

Flex On Your Friends With This Smoker Gun

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Invite some friends over for dinner, then break out this smoker gun — it'll be sure to impress even the toughest crowd. The smoke level is adjustable up to two levels, and each order comes with a bag of applewood chips to help you get started.

This Capture the Flag Game Glows in the Dark

Get everyone off their screens and inspire some outdoor fun with this Capture the Flag Set. Up to 20 people can play with the light-up components (batteries included, thankfully). Customers give it high marks for being tons of fun!