37 Things That'll Take Your Ride From Drabulous to Fabulous

Boring old automotive accessories are a dime a dozen (well, technically more expensive than that). That's why we've tracked down 37 fantastic, ingenious, utterly un-boring inventions -- from slimes that'll keep your dash spotless, to incredibly affordable head's up displays -- that'll turn your boring old ride into a mecca of gadgety convenience.

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Stop Losing Everything to the Abyss Between Your Seats with the Drop Stop

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It's a simple concept but so very, very clever. The Drop Stop fills the gap between your seat and the center console so you won't ever again lose your phone, keys, or french fries to the gaping chasm. One size fits most vehicles.

These Headrest Hooks Keep Your Things off the Floor

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Easily pop them onto your headrest poles and voila! You now have the perfect place to hang your handbag, trash bag, or umbrella until the next time you need it!

This Car Trash Can Attaches Directly to Your Center Console

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It's a handy place to put candy wrappers and water bottles, plus it includes several mesh pockets for storing various items you use in your car like tissues, wipes, or hand sanitizer.

Dash a Little Dusty? This Microfiber Duster Will Fix That

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A simple swipe from this duster and the dust will disappear from your dash, cupholders, or seat pockets. This particular duster has more than 1,000 Amazon reviews!

For Smaller Jobs, We Recommend This Detail Duster

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It fits easily into your A/C vents to remove dust. The small brush on the other end is ideal for hard-to-reach nooks and crannies throughout your vehicle. (This is a set of three, so you could also keep one in your home to clean your blinds!)

This Air Freshener Will Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh

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...No matter how much fast food you're eating in it. It's filled with activated bamboo charcoal which absorbs food, smoke, and other odors from the air. Simply hang it on the back of your headrest and you're good to go.

This Magnetic Phone Mount Is a Serious Game Changer

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Clip the mount onto your A/C vent, then place the included thin metal plate in your phone case. Whenever you're driving, simply pop your phone onto the magnetic mount and it's held in the perfect position for hands-free calls and navigation.

This Head Up Display Will Make You Feel Like Iron Man

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This brilliant tool reflects GPS navigations directly onto your windshield so you don't have to look away while you're driving. (You can still see through it, so it's totes safe.)

This Cleaning Slime Is the Most Fun Way to Clean Your Car

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Forget the vacuum cleaner. Wouldn't you rather use slime to clean out your car? Of course you would. Now you can.

This Anti-Slip Mat Keeps Your Stuff from Falling off Your Dashboard

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It's made with an extra thick anti-slip gel that will keep your phone, keys, glasses, coins, or whatever else secure while you're driving around. With this handy mat, you won't have to buy any special mounts or take up your precious cupholder space.

This Bluetooth FM Transmitter Will Also Help You Find Your Car

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This handy gadget actually has several uses. First, it's an FM transmitter and charger — it has two USB ports and can play music or calls over your radio. Also, when you download the app on your phone, you can use it to locate your car in a parking lot. Brilliant!

This Aux Cable Is Both Durable and Lovely

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The nylon wrap allows the cable to remain flexible and also keeps it from fraying like these things tend to do. Available in 1.5, 3, and 6-foot varieties.

Check Your Tire Pressure with This Digital Pressure Gauge

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Maintaining the correct tire pressure is essential if you want to make the most of your tires (and stay safe!). The notches on traditional pressure gauges can be a little tricky to read, but the digital readout on this handheld gauge is unmistakable.

This French Fry Cupholder Is Everything You're Wishing For

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Look, you eat fries in your car often enough to warrant a fry-specific cupholder. Keep those pesky cardboard packages from slipping around and spilling all your hard-earned fries!

This Tiny Garbage Can Is Ideal for Straw Wrappers or Receipts

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It'll fit perfectly in your other cupholder (the one you're not using for fries). It's super easy to pop out and empty next time you're at the gas station in order to keep the trash from piling up in your sweet ride.

These Blind Spot Mirrors Are a Godsend

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The concave design drastically cuts down on your blind spot, making it much easier to change lanes and drive with confidence. They can be easily installed with the included adhesive tape.

This Seatbelt Cutter Is an Important Tool You'll Hopefully Never Need to Use

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In the event that you need to get out of your car but can't reach your seatbelt, this tool could be a literal lifesaver. It can also be used as a hammer to break your car window if necessary.

Your Tush Will Thank You for This Memory Foam Cushion

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Give your backside a break! People seem to really love this particular cushion — it has more than 3,500 Amazon reviews! It promotes healthy posture and features an anti-skid bottom so it won't slip around on your chair.

And Your Neck Will Thank You for This Memory Foam Neck Pillow

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While you're making your car comfier, don't forget about your neck! This cushion attaches to your headrest with an elastic strap. Best of all, the cover is machine-washable.

This Dash Camera Is a Smart Investment

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(And at less than $37, you don't even have to invest that much!) Pop this dash cam onto your windshield and rest easy. It'll record full HD video whenever it senses movement (even if the car itself is stationary).

This Road Kit Provides Great Peace of Mind

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For times that your car isn't working exactly as you'd like it to, you need to be prepared. This 42-piece kit includes booster cables, a flashlight, an orange safety vest, and several other items that would definitely come in handy if you find yourself in a predicament.

And of Course, Every Car Should Have a First Aid Kit Inside

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This one has 299 pieces, including bandages, medicine, and several different tools. This is one of those things you'll be glad to have purchased before you need it.

Keep Your Papers Organized with This Insurance and Registration Wallet

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The next time someone asks to see your license and registration, get ready to wow them with how organized you are. They're sure to be impressed. (So impressed that hopefully, they won't give you a ticket!)

This Jumpstarter Plugs Right into Your Cigarette Lighter

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You know how if you clip the battery terminals in the wrong order with traditional jumper cables, you can ruin your battery forever? Well, this thing eliminates all the guesswork. Just plug one end of the Easy Quick Jumper into your cigarette lighter and the other end into someone else's cigarette lighter. In 5–10 minutes, your battery will be charged. You don't even have to pop your hood.

This Swivel Tray Is a Little Extra, but We Love It

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OK. Do you need your food served to you on a tray as though you have some kind of fancy car butler? No. But you want it, right? Yes.

This Car Seat Organizer Holds Just About Everything

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Water bottle, map, tablet, writing utensils, wipes, diapers — pretty much anything you (or your kids) need to use in the car can be stored in this convenient organizer that hangs off the back of your seat.

Keep an Eye on Your Kids with This Baby Mirror

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(Or your pets!) The mirror's wide angle provides a full view of your back-seat buds. Simply attach it to the front of the back seat and you're all set.

You Can Never Have Too Many Microfiber Cloths

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Here's a pack of 50 for less than $20! Dust off your dashboard, clean fingerprints off your mirrors, or use it to wash the exterior. These wipes are machine-washable (just don't use any fabric softener on them!).

This Sun Shade Will Make Your Car Feel as Cool as It Looks

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Nobody loves sitting in a super-hot car. Pop this collapsible sun shade under your windshield and it'll keep your car much cooler. No more burning hot seat belts or steering wheels!

This Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Has a Built-in Light

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It even sucks up liquid spills! We also love that it comes it with its own handy carrying case so it can be easily stored in your trunk.

This Air Purifying Bag Will Keep Your Ride Smelling Fresh

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It's filled with activated bamboo charcoal, which absorbs whatever odors lurk in your vehicle. Toss it in the back of your car and forget about it — along with all the smells it's eliminating!

This Bluetooth Transmitter Is Perfect for Anyone with a Phone

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You have a phone, right? Then you'll get a kick out of this device. It transmits calls and music over your car stereo, can be used to charge your phone, and can also help you locate your car when you download the accompanying app.

Keep Your Stuff from Slip-Slidin' Away with This Sticky Pad

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It holds your phone (or other devices) without the use of magnets or adhesive. Basically, it just uses magic.

This Air Humidifier Plugs Right into Your Cigarette Lighter

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Add a couple drops of essential oils and enjoy a spa-like experience while you drive. This is especially great for those times that you're stuck in traffic.

Keep This Battery Pack Charged and in Your Car Just in Case

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You never want to be stranded with a dead phone. Keep a power bank like this one charged and in your center console and that won't happen to you. It can hold enough power to fully charge two iPhones.

Protect Against Pet Hair with a Car Seat Cover

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The hammock design creates a comfy zone for your animals and protects your seats from scratches, spills, and fur.

The LifeHammer Escape Tool May Just Save Your Life Some Day

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Use it to cut through seatbelts or break through glass in the event of an emergency.