37 Things You Don't Need, But Will Probably Want

Sure, plenty of products solve all of life’s little problems and worth every penny in exchange for practicality. But don’t you love getting weird, fun trinkets and gadgets? They might have hyper-specific, novelty uses, but they definitely know how to put a smile on your face.

Treating yourself to something silly or offbeat doesn’t even have to be expensive. In fact, we found dozens of affordable products that will spark some joy no matter your individual taste. Go on, treat yo self!

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

These Helpful Stress Eggs

Stress balls were the original fidget spinners and they’ve certainly gotten better with time. This colorful set contains three balls with progressively different levels. The egg shape fits neatly in your hand for 20, 30, or 40 pounds of resistance. For the practical types, rock climbers and powerlifters will especially benefit from these muscle training eggs.

This Stylish Hygiene Tool

Let’s face it, dental hygiene is hardly most people’s favorite activity and even the reasonably vigilant don’t do much about their tongues. A toothbrush can only do so much, but these copper tongue cleaners can bend to fit your mouth and reach all of your tongue. Save yourself (and your gag reflex) with these copper cleaners that remove bacteria and stops bad breath in its tracks. They’ll never rust or get moldy so you’ll never need to buy another one!

This Extra Hand for Those Difficult Zippers

All those dresses with hard-to-reach zippers, rough boot zippers, and even those funky canvas bag zippers are no match for this gizmo. The Zipuller works on just about any zipper, big or small. It attaches to the base of the zipper and you can use the lanyard end to tug your way into or out of any zipped item.

These Steel Acupressure Rings

How’s that song go? If you like more energy and focus, then you should’ve put a ring on it? Okay, that might not be the catchy Queen Bey anthem we’re all familiar with, but it’s an accurate pitch for these stainless steel rings. The five different colored rings slide on and provide just enough pressure to perk up both your fingers and your mind. Whoa oh — ahhhhh.

This Plush Cat Is on the Case

Pusheen, beloved internet icon, takes a turn as a detective in this Sherlock Holmes outfit. Unlike the copious Pusheen GIFs out there, this cat is in fluffy 3D. Can you team up with this whiskered friend to uncover the cuteness culprit? There’s plenty of clues in that little face alone.

This Creepy Money-Hungry Bank

You know how you always think “piggy banks are so boring?" Well, someone heard you and made this weird bank with an animatronic face. Enjoy making eye contact as this banks noms on your coins. The eyes respond well to light, so avoid the mood lighting if you want the best show.

This Legendary Flask

This cartridge canteen will take you way back to your NES days. Fashioned after a Legend of Zelda game cartridge, this flask holds about five ounces of your favorite beverage. You can fill it up with an included funnel and straw, and a spill-free cap will make sure you don’t lose a drop. If you really love the adventures of Link, you can use this flask as decor and keep it in its collectible box.

This Tissue Holder for Bibliophiles

Add some old world charm to your home or office with this old-timey tissue dispenser. This hollow, wooden stack of antique books can actually contain rectangular tissue or napkin boxes. If you love books and hate ugly tissue boxes, this coffee table addition is a no brainer.

This Pupper Peep Hole

Got a curious pup and a solid fence? Give ‘em a peek at the outside world with this surprisingly easy to install window. Instead of just a flat cutout, this large acrylic dome gives them a great view of the street so they can politely greet the postal officer. Let your dog get a slice of the world while remaining safe in your yard.

This Lil’ Macbook Has a Gorgeous Wallpaper

You can never have too many compact mirrors, right? This addition to your collection looks just like a MacBook and fits in the palm of your hand. For even more fun, they randomize which version they ship: silver or classic white. You won’t be able to catch up on any emails, but you can get spinach out of your teeth in a jiffy.

These Tablets Makes Your Bottles Look Brand New

From calcium deposits in your water bottles to lingering coffee stains in your thermos, it can be hard cleaning your reusable bottles. This pack of 12 tablets will clean them all with practically no effort from you. Just fill the container with water and drop a tablet in. It will fizz away any stains and odors without the use of harmful chemicals. You could just use some elbow grease, but where’s the fun in that?

This Stapler Never Runs Out of Staples

That’s right, never buy staples again with this cool little stapler. It uses the paper itself to create a neat little tab. You can fasten up to five sheets of paper together and not have to worry about forgotten staples getting caught in a shredder. The stapler also makes your documents easier to recycle, so you can also say goodbye to staple removers!

This Ice Maker Is Also an Ice Bucket

A little late for The Ice Bucket Challenge, but this ice maker is still awesome. With the smaller cylinder inserted, simply fill the gap between it and the outer silicone rim with water. The bucket makes up to 120 ice cubes that you can just squeeze into the center once you take the smaller cylinder out. Pop it back in and you have an ice bucket!

This Goth Toilet Paper

Don’t you just want everything in your life to be black like your heart? Complete the goth look this luxuriously black toilet paper. Let the 3-ply softness contrast against its brooding aesthetic. Of course, black bathroom decor is having a trend moment, so you don’t need to listen to The Cure to fall in love with this TP.

This Super Satisfying 2019 Calendar

Most people love popping bubble wrap, but it’s being used less and less in packaging. To get your fix every single day, get this bubble wrap calendar.  This poster has a bubble for every day of the year that you can pop. And since a few months have passed, you’ll get a ton of instant gratification by popping entire months. Just don’t get carried away; this has to last all year!

This Shower Curtain Lets You Keep Your Phone Close

This transparent shower curtain wants to make getting clean more productive and fun. With a variety of slots, the curtain can hold any tablet or phone horizontally or vertically. In addition to not missing a second of the new show you’re bingeing or listening to a podcast, you can do practical things like watch a baby monitor. You can even play games or scroll through the news without getting your devices wet.

This Cat Bonding Tool

This weird toy is purrfect for cuddly cats. Made out of silicone, the mouthpiece is comfortable for you and the rows of soft bristles will share the love with your feline friend. You might feel a little silly when you use this grooming tool, but you’ll be closer than ever to your cat!

This Brownie Pan for Those Living on the Edge

Some people really love brownie corners. Personally, the gooey center is brownies shine, but to each their own. This pan is perfect for making uniform brownies for bake sales and parties. The batter snakes its way across to make sure every brownie has at least two caramelized edges and will slide right off the nonstick sides and base.

This Caddy for Your Shower Beer

Whether you unwind with a long, hot shower or a relaxing bath, it’s always nice to bring a little alcohol to the party. The SipCaddy can hold your shower beer or glass of wine with ease via its powerful suction cup. It can also fit some coffee mugs, if you’re not into drinking and splashing, to start your day off right.

These Invigorating Coffee Pods

You wouldn’t think that off-brand Nespresso pods could live up to originals, but Woken wants to prove you wrong. Arabica espresso is pressed out of these compostable pods for a delicious cup of java with a nice crema ring. Woken takes their name pretty seriously, so these pods have a little extra caffeine than the Nespresso ones. If you need more of a jolt in the morning, get a pack (or crate) of these for your Nespresso machine.

This Massager Makes Shampooing Your New Favorite Activity

Get the salon experience at home with this scalp massager. The handle nestles between your fingers like a popsocket so the silicone teeth can work their magic. In addition to feeling incredible, this massager helps you even distribute product and get a nice lather with greater ease. This deep clean can help diminish dandruff and make hair washing more effective for those with curly hair.

This Aluminum Pan Has Michelin Vibes

Who doesn’t have that basic sheet pan from their local supermarket or Ikea? Well, just having one doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a better one. This pack of two aluminum baker’s half sheet can do it all. You can roast veggies and meats without worrying about any leakage spilling over. These pans really shine when baking because aluminum’s conductivity helps goods bake evenly. You have a few other options when it comes to size, but this set is by far the most versatile.

This Little Dumbbell for Swole Babies

Does your baby even lift, bro? This lightweight dumbbell is actually a silly rattle. For fitness loving parents and relatives, the rattle makes for a hilarious gift and endless Instagram content. The rattle only weighs about 2 ounces, so you don’t have to worry about your little tyke pulling a muscle.

These Killer Thigh-High Boots

Bring your “Pretty Woman" or “Kinky Boots" fantasies to life with these amazing boots. These affordable thigh highs have a suede-like exterior and a faux fur lining to keep your legs warm. Lace-up and zipper enclosures give you practical and stylish ways to get in and out of the boots. The chunky heel is the absolute cherry on top for rock-solid support.

These Cat Paws Don’t Want to Damage Your Stuff

These adorable chair socks want to make your chairs even cuter. The knit covers slide over most chair legs to keep them from scraping up your floors and making grating sounds when you sit or stand. The tabby cat covers bring your furniture to life while saving your security deposit.

This Prehistoric Taco Holder

You could have boring taco holders or just put them on a plate and hope for the best. Or you could let this T-Rex hold your tacos for you! Food safe plastic makes sure that playing with your food won’t hurt anyone. This Jurassic helper holds two tacos so you can just focus your Taco Tuesday energy on devouring your meal.

These Stretchy Shoelaces

We all love the ease of slipping our sneakers off without untying them. Putting them back on is another story. These stretchy laces create nice, short loops that don’t drag. Once their tied, they have enough give to let you put your shoes on and take them off without tying them. You may never tie a shoelace again.

This Dinner Set Encourages Playing with Your Food

This DJ dining set might be made for kids, but anyone can get in on this action. The turntable tray base holds a concave record plate that holds sauces well, even while you're spinning the hits. The needle arm is actually a spork and knife combo utensil, and the other knobs move to provide a full experience.

This Plug Is Smarter Than Your Outlet

Plenty of smart plugs exist, but you ultimately want them to talk to Alexa, right? Amazon listened (probably literally) and made its own smart plug. It only needs to connect to WiFi via a phone app and you can set up just about anything with a plug. Make your dumb electronics smarter by powering them on and off via the app or Alexa. You could even set, say, your coffee maker to turn on at a set time each morning. Living in the future is pretty grand.

This Travel-Sized Candle

Capri Blue is known for their decadent candles and this decorative tin could easily fit in any carry-on. Take the tropical scent of fruits and sugared citrus with you to help you relax in a new, unfamiliar destination. The colorful tin yields about 35 hours of soothing burn time.

This Bourbon Lip Balm

Tasting bourbon all day long without any of the side effects? Where do I sign up? This lip balm from The Little Flower Soap Co. infuses an all natural lip balm base with bourbon. There’s even a natural sunblock included making sure your lips don’t get chapped. So “whiskey your whistle" with this moisturizing lip balm or gift it to a bourbon lover in your life.

This Super Cool Epsom Salt Alternative

Epsom salts, or magnesium sulfate, have been the rulers of bath time relaxation for far too long. These magnesium chloride flakes have a similar effect on your aching muscles and can be absorbed better than Epsom salts. The release of tension and stress stays with you for much longer than after an Epsom salt bath, so the Epsom salt industry better watch its back!

This Completely Portable Karaoke Mic

This rose gold microphone connects to your devices and speakers via Bluetooth for on-the-go karaoke experiences. With the various apps and karaoke Youtube videos out there, you don’t actually need to go out to belt your favorite tunes. The mic has built-in speakers and a variety of onboard buttons to help you sound your best and navigate a song catalog. You can even use it practically as a recorder by adding a micro SD card.

This Cute Desk Vacuum

This little ladybug wants to clean up all the crumbs from your desk. Roughly the size of a tall computer mouse, the vacuum can clean up small messes and your keyboard in a flash. The ladybug runs on AA batteries (not included) and cuteness, probably.

The Runner You Keep Saying You’ll Buy

Runner rugs always seem to fall to the wayside of decorating, but they can really brighten up a hallway or narrow room. This vintage-distressed medallion rug comes in eight different colors to match your style. The price varies from color to color, but for about $20, you a four-foot-long rug. Not a bad deal for such an eye-catching statement piece.

This Fluffy Pet Bed

This marshmallow of bed is about to be your best friend’s best friend. The walls are filled and higher than most pet beds, so cats and small dogs can really get cozy. The high-low rim design works wonders on their joints and provides great head support. The waterproof bottom protects the floor from any accidents and the whole bed is machine washable. Throw the bed in the dryer and your furry pal has their clean bed back! Now, if only they made this in a human size...

This Life-Changing Neck and Back Massager

This pillow is a portable shiatsu massage! Your muscles get the double whammy of 3D kneading and tension-relieving heat. You can strap it to your car seat or desk chair to get some relief where you sit the most. The kneading action changes automatically every minute to release all those knots. You know what? *Adds to cart.*