37 Things Basically Necessary for Grown Woman Life

Life’s little challenges come up for everyone, but for women, the list always seems much longer. Even if you’re not a beauty guru, basic skincare and haircare is still a laundry list compared to men’s routines, and that’s just a slice of your day!

Embracing womanhood doesn’t mean you also need to embrace a never-ending to-do list. Reclaim your time with these incredible products that are guaranteed to make your everyday life better, faster — a whole Daft Punk song.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

These Stealthy Pimple Patches

Pimples comes for us all, especially when we need to look our best for a special occasion. This cult favorite patch, at the very least, significantly minimizes pimple size and most pimples disappear completely. The beige patches come in a pouch of 24 and they’re now selling four packs at once, so you can stock up for all those beauty emergencies.

This Potato Masher Fits in Your Drawer

Various potato masher styles definitely get the job done, but they’re notoriously clunky to store. This masher folds on its side when not in use, so you can keep it the shortest of drawers. The curved edges allow you to finally get a consistent mash in your pots and you can toss the masher in the dishwasher to clean all those holes.

This Folding Cutting Board

Transferring cut meat and veggies to a pan usually involves the deft sweep of a knife or the imprecise use of your hands. Stay safe and get every last chopped piece cooking with this foldable cutting board. It lays flat for all your fancy knife work and then bends along perforations to form a chute. With six colors to choose from in this dishwasher-friendly mat, you can match your kitchen or get multiple for different purposes.

This Spill-Stopping Lid

Are you ready to greatly reduce how many spills happen in your kitchen? These lid covers, one large and one small, are the heat-resistant tools you need right now. You can use them on pots to keep water from boiling over, thanks to the concave, aerating design. Get ready to say goodbye to all foods that splatter as well. The silicone lids can provide an oil barrier for frying that’s way easier to clean than those mesh screens and also keep your leftovers off the microwave walls.

This Cat Eye Stamp

Even professional makeup artists have off days when it comes to creating perfect, identical cat eyes. One side applies regular eyeliner while the other, available in three sizes, acts as a wing stamp. Just press and let the waterproof, smudge-proof liner complete your makeup look.

This Drying Rack for Baby Bottles

New moms go through baby bottles like no one’s business and they know they can be a pain to dry. The small hooks on this OXO rack are perfect for those little bottles and sippy cups. A drain grate at the bottom keeps your counters dry or you can rest lids there. Did we mention the trough at the top for the clean pacifiers? You’re welcome.

This Bag Holder for Solo Pouring

Containers are nice, but as you lose fridge real estate, baggies just make more sense. If you don’t always have a helping hand around when you put leftovers away or make snack bags, here’s an extra hand. This stand easily holds one gallon storage bags so you can fill them. Even soups and chili! You really can have it all.

This Digital Tape Measure

Want to install some new shelves? Redecorate your living room? Upgrade your tape measure while you’re at it. This tape measure provides an easy to read digital display that can convert imperial to metric, fractions to decimals, and find the perfect midpoint for that picture you want to hang. For those jobs that require multiple quick measurements, the tape measure remembers short and long term readings so you don’t have to remeasure if you forget a number.

This Aromatherapy Stick for Migraines

Whether its a chronic condition or your neighborhood mansplainer, migraine relief is on the way! This essential oil blend can be rolled onto your temples, forehead, and back of the neck for natural relief from migraines and tension headaches. The stick is less than half an ounce so it’s easy to stick in your pocket, purse, or TSA liquids bag.

These Moisturizing Socks

Is your life hard on your feet? Soothe those calluses and dry heels with these cozy socks. The SmartGel inner lining slowly releases a mix of natural oils, aloe vera, and vitamins. The three sizes of these toe socks should fit most women and keep your feet looking as young as you feel!

These Little Silk Ball Scrubbers

Silkworm cocoons want to replace your face towel. This Chinese beauty secret uses the cocoons to encourage facial hydration. They can be a little rough out of the bag, so it’s recommended that you soak them in hot water. Slip them on your fingertips after washing your face and massage your skin for softer skin.

This Shoe Deodorizer

Fix the problem of smelly feet on both sides with this foot spray. It’s safe to spray directly on your feet and acts as an effective moisturizer. The formula also works to kill the bacteria that causes foot odor, so your shoes can smell fresher. Stop living in fear of shoeless homes and grab this spray!

This Reusable Lint Roller

Any lint roller is an adulting essential, but this lint roller will bring honor to your family. The teeny travel roller retracts so the external sheet doesn’t get covered with dust between uses. The roller holds 30 adhesive sheets that will get and dander or fluff off your clothes. With several color options to choose from, it’s easy to get attached to yours, so you can just refill the sheets instead of buying a brand new roller.

This Survival Carabiner

Get your survivalist rocks of with this Swiss Army carabiner. Okay, it isn’t from them, but the gauntlet has been thrown. This lightweight carabiner has a few hang slots that can hold up to 50 pounds, a secret utility blade, a bottle opener, a screwdriver, and a bonafide fire starter. That’s right, get your Drew Barrymore on in the great outdoors with the included spark wheel. Just think; everyone else sees a glorified keychain while you have a palm-sized utility belt.

This Perfect Travel Razor

Get. One. For. Every. Bag. This razor isn’t just great for vacations and business trips; this is your new touch-up solution. We’ve all gone out in a dress or skirt, only to realize that a rogue trail of hair is still on our legs. This wheel swivels through a shea butter stick, a refillable water bottle, and two razor blades to say goodbye to that unhappy trail before any notices.

This Shower Caddy

Stop dealing with rust and old-school designs. This flexible shower caddy can be hooked around your shower head or slung over your shower door/curtain rod. Suction cups on the back can secure it to slick walls while it holds everything you could need. Each level has two holes for upside-down placement of body washes and shampoos. The side has knobs which hold onto your loofah and the band leaves just enough space to secure your razor.

This Clever Key Rack

Instead of boring holes into your walls for a key rack, try these little magnetic screws. They should fit the bottom holes of that light switch by the door. Just swap out the old screws and let these hold any keychain up to 3 pounds. All you need is a screwdriver and a few minutes to always know where your keys are.

These Little Blood Stoppers

From canker sores to shaving nicks, this set of sticks stops bleeds in their tracks. This set gives you 60 sticks that use aluminum sulfate to keep bleeds under control and off your clothes. Simply break one off, wet it, and dab it on the wound to watch it work its wonders.

This Stylish Shoe Rack Bench

Get those shoes in your entryway off the floor and into this cute rack that comes in four stain colors. You can use all three tiers for your shoes or keep the top, thickest rack free so it also works as a bench. The rack holds up to 264 pounds so you can get in and out of your shoes without hopping around.

These Adorable Slipper Mops

Make mopping fun with these ultra cute, machine washable slippers. With several sizes and over a dozen color/animal variations to choose from, you can add some quirky fashion to your cleaning routine. Spray your favorite floor cleaner, turn up your favorite jams, and boogie your way to sparkling floors!

This Easy-to-Install Screen Door

Stop entertaining bugs while still allowing the free flow of air, people, and pets. This mesh screen comes in three different sizes that attach to the door frame with Velcro. Down the center, a magnetic seam allows even kids and pets to pass through, and the seam will automatically close behind them.

These Hanger Upgrades

We all acquire a hodgepodge of hangers over the years, but it’s time to get some nicer ones that want to treat your clothes right. This 50-pack of velvet hangers can hold onto even the silkiest tops and each fully swivels so you can hang outfits on doorways. Don’t let their thinness fool you; they can hold up to 10 pounds!

This Futuristic Nail File

Your nails are about to be decadently smooth. Those scraggly nail files and emery boards need to be tossed right now for this glass nail file. The etched glass creates smooth edges, and when used to buff the nails, it can help your manicures last longer without chipping. Unlike other nail files, this won’t start to fall apart and you can easily sanitize it between uses.

This Garment Steamer

There are so many reasons to add a garment steamer to your life. It’s a quick alternative to ironing, and this travel-sized steamer can fit in your gym bag so your work clothes can look as polished as your weight-lifting form. It only takes about a minute for this handheld model to heat up, so you’re less than a song away from wrinkle-free clothes.

These Stretchy Lids

For all those little drinks and foods you want to come back to, this multipack of lids can keep them fresh. The six different sizes of stretchy lids can save a glass of orange juice you didn’t have time for or fit around half-cut fruits and veggies. The silicone lids are safe for the freezer, microwave, and dishwasher, and now your leftovers are safe too.

Your New Favorite Cleaning Wipes

This massive tub of wipes is worth every penny. Each wipe can handle heavy duty stains as well as gentle surfaces like rugs. Wipe down just about anything that needs cleaning, from your car to the masterpiece your kid drew on the wall. Despite being so powerful, these wipes aren’t as harsh on your hands as other brands.

This Affordable Bidet

It’s weird that bidets aren’t more popular in the U.S. They don’t have to be these symbols of European opulence; this model is effective, affordable, easy to install. The remote features two knobs that let you adjust the water pressure and clean the retractable nozzle. A refreshing spritz of water is especially pleasant during your period, but you might have to adjust the way you sit a little.

This Hair Remover for Your Not-So-Secret Facial Hair

The vast majority of women at least have some peach fuzz on their face. This lipstick-like hair remover glides through the fine and coarse hairs alike for a smoother face. Plated in 18K gold, this handy tool allows your makeup to go on more uniformly and it won’t hurt you in the process.

These Wool Dryer Balls

You might have seen those cute little animal dryer balls, but if you want less plastic fumes in your life, there’s an alternative. These dryer balls soften clothes, reduce wrinkles, and speed up the drying process. This all-natural laundry day accessory is a must-have for people trying to live a more eco-friendly life.

This Broom Snags All the Pet Hair

There’s an episode of one of those home improvement shows where a couple opts for a lighter, clashing floor color to hide all the dog hair. This was not personally understood until I dog-sat some very shed-happy pups. This broom natural rubber bristles to attract pet hair, so you don’t have to embarrass yourself in front of the Property Brothers. A telescopic handle helps you get all the way under the couch and dining table without breaking a sweat.

These Colorful Trivets

If you just had to Google “trivets," you need to buy this. These silicone mats protect your countertops from scalding hot cookware in eight different colors. Each set comes with three, intricately designed mats that are as easy to hand wash as they are to throw in the dishwasher.

This Zipper Solution

Trying to get into your zip-up bodycon dress all by yourself? How’s that working out for you? Next time, try the Zipuller to get that hard-to-reach zipper up. It fastens onto the zipper base and then you can use the lengthy lanyard to zip up or down. Though this is most commonly used for dresses, it’s also a lifesaver for difficult boots and old canvas bags.

This Safe Travel Umbrella

Want a dark umbrella that keeps you safe at night? This wide travel umbrella can cover two people while a reflective rim lets drivers know you’re there. For added safety, the handle includes a rotating LED flashlight to help you navigate puddles and sketchy sidewalks. To make things even easier on you, there’s an auto open and close button as well a carabiner for quick hanging storage.

This Flat Iron Holder

Odds are high that your heat styling tools don’t have kickstands. This little holster can hold up to two tools and the silicone can handle the heat. The pouch can be suctioned to any clean smooth surface so you can stow your various irons or a blow dryer.

These Impromptu Rain Shoes

If you’re always getting caught in the rain in your favorite shoes (and without a pina colada) these covers can help. The waterproof shoe covers are portable and protect everything from your canvas sneakers to your leather booties. The traction on the bottom prevents you from sliding around; save that for after you’ve had a few pina coladas.

This Arms Length Insect Trapper

Whether you just don’t want to kill bugs or you can’t stand the idea of touching one or both, you can keep them at a distance. The Critter Catchers uses long bristles that are soft enough to keep the insects alive and sturdy enough to trap them so you can release them outside. Or flush ‘em. No judgment.

These Heel Protectors

Have a fancy event in the messy outdoors coming up? Find the right heel protector size for your shoes and brave the muck fearlessly. These clear protectors don’t distract from the shoe’s design and a flower petal base provides more stability. They also go up the heel a bit so it can avoid the trauma of walking through gravel or cobblestone streets.