37 Stylish And Inexpensive Clothing Pieces From Amazon

Amazon truly has it all. Beauty products, furniture, home decor, groceries; you name it. If there's something you're looking for, there's a very good chance that Amazon already has it. So it's no surprise that it has taken the fashion world by storm. I can't even scroll through Instagram without seeing at least five influencers sharing their favorite Amazon fashion finds. With affordable clothing options to high-end designers and everything in between, they've got clothing items for every person and individual style. From floral dresses to sneakers to bikinis, I've rounded up pieces that are both stylish and inexpensive. So get shopping, because these 37 trendy pieces won't hurt your wallet.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Dress is Such a Good Summer Staple


​Ruched dresses have been in style for a couple of years now, and it doesn't seem like they're going anywhere. I figured I might as well get in on the trend with this dress. It's perfect for summer, especially in blue and pink colors. The ruching is flattering on everyone, too. Dress it up with heels and jewelry for the perfect date night outfit, or pair it with sandals for an effortless day look.

These Sunglasses are Retro in the Best Way Possible


​​As I've mentioned 500 times, history repeats itself. Especially in fashion. These sunglasses look exactly like the ones from the 90s, and they are blowing up on social media right now. For $15, you get two pairs of sunglasses. Talk about a deal. They also happen to look way more expensive than they really are, which is always a plus in my book.

These Sandals Would Look So Cute Paired With a Floral Dress


I am the queen of buying a single pair of sandals and wearing them until they are in literal pieces. This year I'm trying to break out of that routine and step up my shoe game. That's why I have my eyes on these espadrilles. The platform heel is very reminiscent of the 90s, and we all know that's super hot right now. My 12-year-old self would be stoked.

This Biker Short Set is Comfy and Trendy


I may not have gotten this two-piece set yet, but you can bet I added it to my cart the minute I saw it. I have a feeling it's goign to become my new uniform. The green color is my favorite right now, and the oversized tee paired with biker shorts is super popular.

These Shorts Remind Me of the 80s and I Love It


Hi, the '80s called, and they want their shorts back. ​But aren't they the best?! Paperbag shorts are all the rage, so get yourself a pair of these high-waisted mom shorts. You can achieve the ultimate 80s soccer mom look with them, and I am so here for it.

This Bikini Set Looks Way More Expensive Than It Is


When it comes to bathing suits, I try not to spend too much money. Trends change faster than I can keep up with, so I've never seen the point in paying for a suit that you're going to watch to ditch after a year. I've been absolutely loving this bikini ever since I saw a couple of influencers post about it. The top looks so intricate with the wrap detail, and the bottoms are the perfect amount of cheeky. Not to mention the cover-up that comes with it is to die for. But the best part? The price!

Why Spend Hundreds on Birkenstocks When You Can Get These Sandals Instead


These probably look familiar. You've most likely seen sandals like these from a big brand (*cough* Birkenstocks *cough), but they'll cost you anywhere from $50 and up. And while I don't have a problem spending money on something that I know will last me a while, I love finding alternatives–like these sandals. I wear these to the grocery store, the mall, and by the pool. There's no right or wrong time to wear them, really.

These Dainty Earrings are So Dang Cute


I've had my ears pierced since I was 8 years old, yet I never wore earrings that often. They either hurt my ears or I just forgot to put some in. Over the past year or two, dainty jewelry has become a huge fashion statement. After buying my first couple of pieces, I realized how put-together it makes you feel and I was hooked. So whether you're just starting in the jewelry world or you just want to add to your collection, these earrings are a great start.

I Wear This Tank Top Almost Every Single Day (No Lie)


Despite being a pretty small piece of fabric, crop tops like this one are usually priced pretty high at big-name stores. But why would you spend money on something so simple? Especially when you get this one for less than $20. I know what you're thinking–the higher the price tag, the better the quality, right? Not always. This crop top is the perfect example of that.

This Skirt is Perfect for Your Next Date Night


My favorite part about mini skirts is that you can wear them with pretty much everything. Graphic tees, sweaters, bodysuits, tanks, you name it. This midi skirt is great because it's a neutral color, and the satin takes it to the next level.

Protect Yourself From the Sun This Summer With This Oversized Visor


I will forever be a hat addict. You can wear a wide brim hat in the winter for a trendy look or visors and baseball hats to protect you from the summer sun. That's why I love that hats like this visor are in style this season. The brim is oversized and yet foldable, so you can take it with you anywhere you go.

Get Your Jewelry Collection Started With These Gold Hoops


​If it were up to me, this entire list would be jewelry, which is funny since I never cared about accessorizing. While these hoops are simple, they are such an easy way to pull a look together. Wear them with sweaters, dresses, rompers, plain tees, graphic tees–the options are endless.​ I wear mine every day, even when I have no energy to look cute.

Wear This Dress on Days When You Don't Feel Like Getting Ready


I'm here to tell you that cute clothes don't have to cost an arm and a leg. This dress is such a good closet staple and costs less than $30! It's the perfect dress for brunch or a lunch with the girls, and it comes in a ton of different colors, so there's something for everyone.​

Have a Vacay Coming Up? Rock This Crop Top


This crop top is proof that basics can be both simple and sexy! On days that you're feeling a little spicy, pair it with patterned pants or a mini skirt on days when you're feeling oh-so-sweet. Because it comes in 15 different colors, your options are truly limitless.

Comfortable Sweat Shorts You Will Never Want to Take Off


I've been working home full-time for over a year now, which means the chances of catching me on jeans is slim to none. I wear strictly comfy clothes. Luckily, going out in public in sweats is acceptable these days. That's why you need these sweat shorts. There are no buttons to dig into you, the drawstring waistband allows you to tighten them if needed, and you can fold the waist to adjust the length.

These Biker Shorts are Great for Working Out and Lounging


I absolutely love the biker shorts trend because they're edgy and sporty, all while being comfortable. Baleaf has made a name for itself in the activewear industry for a reason. Their products are high-quality, affordable, and cute. These biker shorts are no exception. They're an inexpensive option for anyone who has yet to own a pair. Once you put them on, you're going to want to wear them every day (trust me).

This Bamboo Bag is Unique for Any Day or Night Look


​Bamboo is the ideal material for a summer handbag, making this handbag an absolute must-have for the upcoming warmer months. It would look cute with literally every outfit on this list, and it's surprisingly spacious. Carry all of your necessities in style with this one, and watch the compliments roll in.

This Crochet Top is the Perfect Combo of Flirty and Fun


Because I live in the desert, I get to wear tank tops pretty much all year long. So, of course, after seeing this crop top on Instagram (I really need to stay off that app–it's bad for my wallet), I had to have it. The crotchet is totally trendy right now, it can be worn with almost every bottom imaginable, and it comes in different colors and patterns. And I could go on for hours about the adorable criss-cross back.

This Graphic Tee Looks Like It Came from Urban Outfitters


If you've ever purchased a graphic tee of any kind, then you probably already know how overpriced they can be. Why spend so much money on a t-shirt? This tee is proof that you don't need to spend $60 at Urban Outfitters to get a high-quality yet cute tee.

This One Piece Bathing Suit Looks Like a Bikini From the Front


If you prefer one-piece bathing suits but still want that va-va-voom appeal, this one-piece is for you. It's the perfect mix of sexy and sweet. It looks like a bikini from the front (with a little extra coverage), but when you get to the back, you find a super cute lace-up cutout. One Amazon user said, "Love, Love, love it! I think women of all sizes can wear this suit. It's so flattering and sexy, without being vulgar."

This Workout Set Went Viral on TikTok and Instagram


As someone who has a smaller chest, I'm all about pieces that give me as much cleavage as possible. A girl can dream, right? So it's no surprise that I love this workout set. It shows off just the right amount of chest without being over the top, and the fabric is thick, so it'll hold you in while still being squat proof.

This Skirt Has Me Craving an Oceanside Dinner


Wrap skirts will forever be one of my favorite closet staples. They'll never go out of style, and they're such an easy way to get dressed up. They also happen to be crazy comfy. Wear it with a tank top for a casual look, or pair it with earrings and heels for your vacation dinner out on the town. One Amazon user said, "This was an amazing buy! I loved the fit, style, and color. The fabric is soft and still stretchy. It doesn't wrinkle easily which I loved."

This Tennis Skirt Looks Cute On and Off The Court


Tennis skirts are super cute right now, both on and off the courts. If you're not working up a sweat passing the ball back and forth, you can wear this tennis skirt with a sweater vest, oversized sweater, or graphic tee and chunky combat boots for a preppy yet grungy look.

These Go-Go Boots Have Me Drooling


If you have any social media account, you may have seen that 60s and 70s fashion is huge right now. I mean, at this point, what decade isn't popular? One of the biggest trends is the groovy printed dresses and crotched tops. If you've got these pieces in your closet (or you plan to), it only makes sense to get these go-go boots to go along with them. While they may feel a little out of your comfort zone, I promise you that everyone is going to ask you where you got them.

This Romper Can Be Dressed Up or Worn Casually


While I love wearing dresses and skirts, wearing a romper is just as fun because you don't have to worry about flashing your goodies, but you still look just as cute. This romper is great for summer, thanks to its lightweight, breathable material and neutral color. And the tie detail at the waist will make you look snatched!

This Bucket Hat is the Best Accessory for Pool Days


So I have to admit that I was totally against the bucket hat trend when it first began. It reminded me of something that I would wear if I were 8 years old. It still kind of does, to be honest. But the more I saw people wearing them, the more I got into it. I bought this bucket hat for a trip to Florida a month ago and have worn it multiple times since then. I love wearing it when I'm tanning in the pool to protect me from the harsh AZ sun.

This Crop Top Will Get You So Many Compliments


Puffy sleeves are one of the biggest trends this year, but with one Google search, you'll find that pieces can be kind of pricey. However, Amazon's got you covered (as always). This crop top will have you gathering your besties for a picnic in the park, complete with wine, fruits, and fancy cheeses.

Don't Blow Big Bucks On Sneakers. Get These Instead


Much like clothes, I tend not to spend a ton of money on shoes. While it's nice to have a couple of expensive staples that will last years, I change my mind too often. That's why I love these sneakers. They go with virtually any outfit, and they are super comfortable. They also happen to look like a big-name brand you may know.

This Tank Top is a Must Have Basic Piece


​​Another basic tank on the list? One can never have too many! They can be worn year-round on their own or paired with a jacket in the winter. This tank top is the ideal basic layering piece that can be worn with anything and everything. Throw it on with sweat shorts when you're running out of the house for errands, or pair it with jeans and layered jewelry for a more dressed-up look.

This Two-Piece Set is Ideal for a Girls Night Out


I may not go out to the clubs like I used to, but I still know how to party. Whether you go clubbing once a year or every weekend, having a good outfit is a necessity. This two-piece set is the perfect example of a look that will never go out of style, and it's sexy enough to wear while you hit the town with your friends. Plus, it's comfy af, which is a must when you're getting down on the dance floor.​

Feel Comfy and Look Adorable With This Cover Up


If you've got a beach trip coming (which you most likely do since we're facing insanely warm temps this year), then you are definitely going to want this cover-up. It's super lightweight and an easy way to cover up in between dips in the water. Oh, and did I forget to mention that it comes with two, so you can switch them out depending on your mood.

This Watch is Totally Timeless


I go through phases when it comes to watches. I'm currently in the loving them phase because of watches like this one. Can you blame me?! It looks like something my mom would've worn in the 90s. There's something so classic about the vintage-inspired look, and the gold matches the rest of my gold jewelry perfectly (cough like the other gold jewelry on this list).

How Chic is This Shoulder Bag?


This shoulder bag may easily be one of the chicest purses that I have ever found on Amazon. It looks like it's designer, no joke. I can't get enough of it. It's very similar to the 2000s purses that I loved as a middle schooler–which have made a serious comeback recently. While it may look small, it can hold a wallet, phone, and more.

This Skirt Can Be Worn So Many Different Ways


Mini skirts always have been and always will be all over my Instagram feed. So when I started putting together this list, it only made sense to add this mini skirt. It's casual thanks to its drawstring waistband, the subtle ruffles are the perfect amount of girly, and I can't get enough of all the patterns it comes in.

Rock Your Favorite Initials With This Layering Necklace


As I mentioned earlier, dainty jewelry has become a fashion staple in the last few years. And that includes layering necklaces. If you don't have any pieces that you're in love with (or you're looking for a great gift for someone special in your life), this necklace is a great place to start. Get the initial of your name, your dog's name, your significant other; you name it.

This Wrap Dress is So Flattering on Everyone


​I've been obsessed with dresses this year, which is totally new for me. I'm usually the kind of girl in jeans and a graphic tee 24/7. So when I came across this wrap dress on Amazon for under $30, I knew I had to have it. The floral pattern is sooo popular right now, and the frills at the bottom are fun and playful.

Catch Me Rocking This Anklet All Summer Long


I know what you're probably thinking–why would you buy a piece of jewelry that people aren't really going to see? But hear me out. This anklet is so stinking cute. It doesn't have to be something you wear every day (unless you want to), but it's a fun accessory for pool or beach days. If you're showing off skin, why not dress it up a little?