37 Smart-Home Gadgets That Makes Simple Tasks That Much Easier

How often do you clean your home? Once a week, twice a week, three times a week? Or are you the type of person who leaves it until you really have to clean? (Don't worry, there's no judgment coming from our end. We're the same way.) Whether you're obsessive with your cleaning schedule or a little bit more laid back, we've all been there. Here are 37 smart-home gadgets that make your tasks so simple. I mean, what's the point in over-complicating things anyway, right?

If you are that person who just can't relax until everything is clean, tidy, and organized, wouldn't you want to make the cleaning process a little easier for yourself? And the same applies to those who are a little too lazy or even rushed off their feet at work, with no time to commit to a cleaning schedule. Well, keep reading...because you might just find the gadget of your dreams!

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This Microfibre Feather Duster For The High Up Corners


Finding it difficult reaching those spider-webs now that it's spider season? Well, look no further.

With over 4,000 reviews at just $11.99, this microfibre feather duster is the ideal gadget to assist you with your dusting duties. No more cobwebs for you!

This Clip-On Food Strainer For Your Cooking Ease


Don't you hate it when you're draining your pasta, and it rolls into the sink or even the washing-up bowl? More cleaning...great!

And if you're a little bit like me, you'll also try to drain the water from the pan without having to use a strainer...extra washing up, right? Well, with this clip-on strainer, you can save space in your kitchen and drain your food with ease!

This Blind Cleaner For The Dusty Spots


This blind cleaner dusts in between your blinds, never missing a spot! And it's only $11.99!

This 30-Piece Washing Machine Cleaner For Those Who Are On The Go


We all know what it's like to be a little too focused on work, no matter what we do. Sometimes we only have time to do a quick wipe-down of the sides, and then we forget all about our ovens, hobs, and even our washing machines!

Well, this 30 piece set of washing machine cleaners is the perfect thing for those who are too busy to give it a good scrub!

It's easy too, all you have to do is carry out the clean washer cycle once your tablets are in!

This Steaming Gadget For Your Microwave Or Oven


These steaming gadgets are non-toxic and cheap! At just $5, they're the ideal thing for cleaning your microwave or oven, and they do it super quick too! All you have to do is add vinegar and water...and boom, the job is all done!

This Robot Vacuum Cleaner For Those Too Busy To Clean


Too busy to vacuum? Constantly having to clean up after your molting pets? Well, this vacuum is ideal for you! And you literally don't have to do anything other than empty it. It's self-charging and can run for up to 100 minutes. Perfect!

This Portable Dog Paw Washer For Your Messy Pups


Now that the weather is getting a little damper, and a lot muddier...I think it's time to invest in this portable dog paw washer so that you no longer find muddy paw prints being traced throughout the house after a walk, or even if your dog has just been digging in the garden.

All you have to do is add a little bit of water into the washer, add the paw, take it out, dry it, and repeat 3 more times with the other paws!

This Electric Spin Scrubber For The Bathroom


This scrubber will make cleaning your shower, bath, sink, and tiles that much easier! You no longer have to get on your hands and knees to clean your bathroom! It can reach areas you sometimes have to break your back trying to reach!

The scrubber is under $40 too!

My question is; who wouldn't invest in this product?

This Spray Floor Mop For A Deep Clean


So, you've got to complete the mind-numbing task of mopping your house, right? Let's get the bleach, mop bucket, and mop out, and off we go...

Or, invest in a microfibre spray floor mop. What's that? I'm glad you asked. This mop comes with a microfibre pad, and all you have to do is add a little bit of floor cleaner or bleach to the bottle, add a little bit of water, shake it up, and off you go!

You might even start enjoying mopping! I know I do now... Gosh, you know you're an old soul when mopping gadgets excite you...

This Cleaning Gel For Your Car Or Key-Boards


Finding it difficult to remove the dirt from your air vents? Or struggling to remove the dust from your computer keyboards?

Well, this gel is only $7, and with over 12,000 reviews, it has made a lot of shoppers happy! You can now collect the dust you couldn't seem to get rid of before! Clean car, clean mind, right?

And it just makes it so much easier!

This Kitchen Bowl Palm Scrubber


Make your kitchenware clean and shiny with these palm scrubbers! Adding just a little bit of washing up liquid to the scrubber, you can ensure your pots, pans, and dishes will be squeaky clean.

This Grocery Bag Dispenser


This grocery bag dispenser can be the ideal accessory for those who have way too many bags, and nowhere to put them.

It's also a great thing to have at your front door so that when you do go shopping, you'll be able to grab a bag and head off out! Let's save the environment together.

This Steamer For Clothes


This clothes steamer is the ideal thing for perfectly ironed clothes, and it's only $30! Take a look at what 1 shopper said:

"Cannot express how much I love it. super easy and convenient to use and does a great job. It works particularly well on cotton clothes. I used it for shirts and suits, results are pretty good too."

And with over 52,000 reviews, you really can't go wrong.

These AirWick Plug-In Scented Oils


Imagine walking into your room to the scent of fresh apples and cinnamon...Ahhhh, relaxing, right? Well, with these ten refills, you can do just that for only $19!

This Vent Cleaner For Your Home


With over 17,000 reviews, this vent cleaner kit is ideal for cleaning the dust and any build-up residue from the vent of your dryer!

This in turn will prevent fire hazards in your house by preventing the build-up of lint in the cloth dryer vent pipe. A safe and clean home? Yes, please.

This Cleaning Scrubber For Windows


With this microfibre cleaning combo scrubber, your windows will always be squeaky clean from now on! You no longer need clothes, tissues, or any other cleaning product that takes hours to ensure a perfect shine on your glass windows or plastic panels!

And for just $16.99, it's definitely worth having around the house!

This Grout Cleaning Kit


Coming with 4 brush heads, 1 large brush, 1 grout cleaner brush and 2 multi-purpose brushes, this grout cleaner kit is ideal for kitchen features and appliances that are in need of a powerful clean! You'll find it so easy that you won't even think you're doing chores.

This Spice Carousel For The Kitchen


This spice carousel machine not only helps keep your kitchen top tidy of the numerous spices you usually have lying around, but it also measures the exact amount of spice you need for the perfect flavored dinner. No more mess!

It's literally the perfect thing for those who are always in a rush, and those who just hate guessing.

This Odor Eliminator Sends Smells Packing


Keep getting a weird smell invading your nostrils? Well, you can stop that now with this zero odor-eliminating spray for just $20. It is ideal for eliminating odors and leaving no scent at all!

This Broom And Dustpan For Your Home


This broom and dustpan set is ideal for those who have pets, and have a lot of fluff and dust to sweep up daily. And there's nothing that bugs me more than when my dustpan and brush fall over when I'm not using it...So, with this flat-surface dustpan, you won't have to worry about that at all!

These Sleep Headphones That Play Music


Having trouble sleeping? Don't worry, we've got you with this sleep mask that plays music. All you have to do is connect it to your Bluetooth and you're good to go! And it's super comfy for those who sleep on their side too!

This Touchless Sensor For Your Sink


Want to save water? This sensor might just do that for you. With 2 different modes, you can choose to leave your water running until you wave your hand near it for it to stop, or to continue only while products are near the sensor! What a fancy way to wash up, right?

This Touch Screen Control For Lights


This 1 is for those who feel a little lazy, or even just want to modernize their place.

These touch screen panels have a built-in Alexa, and enable you to control all of your devices from 1 standing point in the house! You can now control your lights, music, temperature, and even the intercom! You'll definitely turn some heads with this 1.

This Charging Station For Multiple Devices


A household with many devices and not enough plugs? Well, this charging station is the perfect solution for your problem. It has 6 different slots, and 6 USB ports for your devices...And that way, you're not leaving wires around your house!

This Wireless Charging Lamp For Your Convenience


This wireless charging lamp is ideal for those who need to charge their phone, and read a book at the same time! The lamp also has a USB port. So, if you don't like wires getting tangled up around your room, this might just be the new way to go when it comes to charging your devices! 2 in 1.

This Electric Wine Pourer For A Little Extra Spice


This wine pourer will make your date nights that extra bit special, and you'll feel like you're at a fancy restaurant, even when you're on a budget!

This Mini Vacuum Cleaner


This mini vacuum can clean your car, sofa, keyboard, and more! It has 3 different nozzles to chose from to reach whichever area you need to clean.

For just $40, it's definitely worth having around your home, especially because it is USB charging, so you no longer have to plug it in and face having to tangle yourself up in a web of wire. Awesome, right?

This Ultrean Air Fryer For Your Kitchen Counter


Wanting to ensure that you don't cook all of the juices out of your food? Well, this air fryer is the ideal solution for that at just $70. With over 20,000 reviews, this air fryer is perfect for making sure your meat still tastes amazing, while also ensuring you live a healthier lifestyle, using less oils, and fats.

And what's better? All you have to do is pop your food in, set the timer, sit and chill until it's ready!

This Multi-Function Window Cleaner For Faster Cleaning


Have you pictured what heaven looks like before? Well, you'll feel like you're there with these cleaning gadgets.

This multi-functioning window cleaner has a microfibre sponge and a function so that you can squeeze your window cleaner from the bottle!

So say goodbye to smudges and streaks, and hello to shining windows.

This Air Purifier For Cleaner Air


Want to be able to breathe in the air knowing that your house is fresh and clean? We want that for you too. So, why not think about this air purifier, eliminating odors, pollutants, and cleaning the air you surround yourself in.

And, what's better? You won't hear it while it's running! So, if you're working from home and need minimal distraction, this is the purifier of your dreams.

Or, Even Better, This Smart Phone Purifier


This smartphone purifier allows you to control the speed in which your air is purified from the click of a button, and it also let's you know exactly what charge the purifier has left! Getting rid of dust, pet fur, pollen, mould spores, and other bacterias lying around your home, this purifier will have you feeling like you're in heaven!

These Laundry Scent Booster Beads


Always trying to find the best products to make your clothes not only feel fresh, but smell fresh too? Look no further, because these beads last up to twelve weeks from the wash until you wear your clothes! And they smell so good too...

Here's what someone said:

"I freaking love this stuff. It smells amazing and the scent actually lasts on my clothes. It's funny because my boyfriend teases me because I legit do the same things that the people do in the commercials when I use this."

If that doesn't convince you, then I don't know what will.

This Hand-Held Groove Cleaner For The Difficult To Reach Gaps


For just $5, this groove cleaner is ideal for reaching those spots that are a little stubborn to get to properly! And with over 7,000 reviews, it's definitely making a lot of clean freaks happy! So, if you know that there's been a corner bugging you for quite some time now, here's the tool that will help with that!

This LED Toilet Bowl Night Light


The difficulty of trying to go to the toilet in the dark is just so unbearable... But with this night light for your toilet, you're definitely not going to miss, whether you're 3 or fifty!

It also has 5 different brightness levels, and fifteen different colors! Cool, right?

This Dicer For Vegetables


For just $50, this dicer is a more than great investment, making chopping your vegetables so much smoother than before.

It's designed to keep your hands and fingers away from blades, and can slice your food in any way you like! And if it's not for you, it would be a beautiful wedding or new home gift for your friends or family...At least I know I would be excited to receive this dicer.

This Keyless Entry Door Lock


Even the simplest task of locking and unlocking your door can be tricky sometimes, but not with this biometric door handle...all you have to do is scan your fingerprint as you open the door, and boom, like magic, you're in!

And what's better? It can add up to twenty different fingerprints too! Say goodbye to losing your keys, or dropping them in the bottom of your bag.

The new way is most certainly the way forward!

And This Magnetic Wrist Band For Your Tools


When you do attempt to do-it-yourself, do you end up losing your screws and other tools?

This magnetic wristband sounds like your kind of thing!

And if it's not for you, it can be a perfect Thanksgiving or Christmas gift for someone else.

I'm almost certain that by scrolling through this list of gadgets for your home, you would have found something that caught your eye...but if not, there's plenty more where that came from. So, browse Amazon today!